Dreams Thread

Post what you'll do once you make it

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eat something, maybe sleep in a bed

is this a dubs thread?

Drugs and mmorpgs 24/7

I just want to be able to travel around for months, renting nice cars and staying in nice hotels without worrying about budget.

You homeless man? Storytime?

I love crypto, and this board is a true treasure trove.

I am the Globglogabgalab; The schwabboldabblewabble gabbleflebablabablab.

I'm full of schwibbleglibblekind; I am the yeast of ETH I mine.

Schwabbledabbleglibbeglabbe schwibbleschwabglab; Dibbledabble schwibbleschwabble glibbleglabschwab.

Schwabbledabbleglibbeglabbe schwibbleschwabdab; Dibbledabble schwibbleschwabble glibbleschwabglab

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The happiest time of my life was 420 burning crusade with my college friends.

gonna buy me a farm and a boutique for my wife

Honestly I just want a nice apartment, and maybe a nice S-Class coupe. Then throw in some other stuff like some expensive bottles of wine and a mini-fridge full of champagne. Finally, i would get an AirBNB from January 1st to May 1st every year someplace warm and tropical, then go back to nyc for the summer and fall.

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Don't worry OP
I know where we are going

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If the MMO scene comes back to WoW-tier awesomness, it's gonna be a great future

become a hikkimori

buy a fuckload of bees and sell my honey/make mead

>Letting the roastie drive
This usually ends badly

I'd probably take up sailing or car/bike racing. I'd also like to have a private little cabin retreat innawoods that's off the grid.

i've already got it all planned out. as soon as i make it im on the first thing smokin to hawaii and i ain't ever lookin back. gonna live out the rest of my days sitting beaches. surfing. scuba diving. drinking in tiki bars and hiking through jungles.

it's possible to live on a boat even without making it. you just need to buy a cheap sailboat and some solar panels. all you need is clean water on board. the sea will provide everything else you need.

Fuck I came here to say I'd become a beekeeper and sell honey.

Why does uncapping frames full of honey look so satisfying?

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I would be next Soros, leading humanity towards post scarcity or something.

what about vegetables

you cant live on fish

i sure as shit wont have any broads driving my yacht

well i mean yea. goes wthout saying. you can stock your solar powered fridge with whatever you like. but as far as income goes your all set. ain't gotta pay no rent. at least 80% of your food is free.

I'm screenshoting this post so if I ever get into a position of being able to, I'll find out your IP and get you

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Donate it to a Children's Hospital.

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move to the countryside, drive around on a f150 raptor, farm, hunt, fish and live an upper class redneck life with my wife and kids. When I start missing the city life I'd book a nice hotel weekend or maybe do a holiday in NYC or something... In addition I'd start a hydroponic vertical farming business with fast growing gmo crops and make a few more million while simultaneously solving world hunger... you know... stuff like that.

Buy a gt86 and a tacoma, live in a comfy small house I build somewhere close to the edge of the city, buy cars on craigslist to fix and resell or just fuck with

500k - 4 mil = live like a middle class neet and reinvest into traditional investments and crypto
4 mill - 10 mil = move to america and live like a middle class neet, preferably near a decent city but not an expensive one, reinvest like above

I don't intend to do a lot of traveling or buy an expensive house or car, at most I'd buy a new pc and new guitars, that's enough to satisfy me.

I already have a house that I'm renting out and I live with my mom so my biggest expense is already out of the way unless I move to another country.

> solving world hunger

Worthless faggot wants to help worthless people. You will never learn, stay poor.

>playing WoW in college

how much of a nerd were you?

move to an american island or territory. then you'll have all the benefits of being a burger without actually having to live with them.

Surprise my parents and brother with a nice trip to somewhere warm, ultra chill with friends, try to start living independently.

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Take a week long trip out of country every year
Fuck a wife
Have no kids
Train Runecrafting

>he doesnt post with a proxy

two chicks at the same time, man

>gonna buy a boutique wife and farm her

Buy a hobby farm in Japann with chickens and goats and blueberries or some shit. Raise my kids with my wife.

But what I really want is:

Fuckin A


Are those places any good? The main things I want are decent internet, decent places to eat, easy access to amazon and other online stores, relatively low crime and no crazy weather to worry about like constant hurricanes/tornadoes

Right now all I really have is decent internet but everything else sucks; online shopping is a hassle, the fast food joints suck and they don't even deliver plus there's not a lot of neat local restaurants like america has, crime is rising and I get hit by hurricanes every year

The only reason I haven't moved is because I have no contacts in america and I don't want to consider moving there unless I'm rich

>Drugs and mmorpgs 24/7
Between this, booze and first person shooters, and hard liquor and grand strategy games, we've probably got the correct answer for most of the anons here.

I'm going racing around the world. I'm good enough to race in European Le Mans series or Porsche SuperCup.

I could wipe the floor with the 'gentleman drivers' in BlancPain GT and the Ferrari Challenge, I just need money to get started, then let sponsorships pay for my rides.

Pic related is for shits n gigs, because who doesn't want to drive that?

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You better mine with those!

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Are they at least browsing Veeky Forums?

hmm, I just got a job interview for an "adventure guide" at a mountain ski resort village type thing in the summer they have all these other things too, think I should go for it? It's like an hour drive but honestly right now I'm fucking drywalling and it sucks ass.

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Literally my retirement plan and has been since before bitcoin existed. I realized back in high school that human interaction is completely overrated and I'd rather raid for virtual goods while not giving a single fuck about the outside world.

Fuck me, that does look satisfying.

Also an Impala fan. Do you like the 64 more than the 62?

literally this. a gaming rig + have a power cage in my house so i can get in some skqatz bench and diddlies while waiting for raids, etc. also a music room if only for my drum set and guitar/bass. a small house on a small plot of land so i don't have to see people and these things is all i need

>wanting to feed niggers, chinks and pajeets who cannot feed themselves, but given unlimited food aid, will continue to breed until the world is overrun

>solving world hunger
you misspelled "making it worse"

because of you learn to love and appreciate the bees man, harvesting spring honey in a few months and im so excited

I am absolutely terrified to think that there may be a day, when our dream of "making it" is taken away. And we realize, that its not going to happen. Thatll most likely be the same day i kms. Wagecucking is not living.

I want a large house with a comfy porch with a huge yard and really big old trees outside.

move to Maine and die in a blizzard

>t. Sim racer

>relatively low crime
oof. find a white people area in the virgin islands and you should be ok, just be prepared to deal with hurricanes

>finally make it
>ww3/economic collapse/bioplague happens, rendering all above surface life dead

Soo fallout shelter it is

escape my office job hell

i want out so much anons, goddamnit. this isn't life.

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Smoke a cigar on a yacht, in the middle of an ocean, nothing but the sun and bitches

I wan't to launch rockets

Dont be racist user

buy me a country, break it down into several feudal territories in the state of war. assemble peasants into an army and take them to war with other landlords. impale people when bored

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GF. Workout. Give my family a card with my phone number on it.

Buy some property and build a farmstead. Nothing too big, 15-20 acres is enough. Plant lots of fruit trees and other crops. Small farmhouse and a nice sized garage. Couple tractors, couple trucks, couple guns, couple kids. Live simply while preparing for the upcoming war.

Videogames, drugs, whores and a gym. I don't need anything else.

I don't need much, maybe only 50k passive income per year. I want a small plot of land halfway between the sticks and proper suburbs. I want to be a neet who spends lots of time on my hobbies. Swimming, skiing, rock climbing, paramotoring, riding my motorcycle, smithing, fishing, golf, hunting. I would have a great garden and grow some nice fruits and veggies. Wife loves traveling so we would probably do that for 1 month out of the year.

I'd also like 2 properties in different states, such as PA and AZ (so I could alternate between them as the seasons change. Both my wife and I hate the cold), but it's difficult to raise a child spending 6 months in state and 6 in another

10/10 whores available 24/7.

i just want my own house so bad, i don't even care if its a piece of shit ill fix it up

same i'm putting every penny i make from wageslaving into crypto, i genuinely hope everyone on here makes it

Watch out for those gorillas tho boss.

My dream is to be a Shakespearean academic. If I had endless money, I'd go back to school (25, was constantly depressed when I went to school so didn't do very well), eventually get into programs at Yale, Oxford, &c., and continue studying at my leisure until I decide to kill myself (a Roman suicide; maybe a Robert Burton-esque suicide if I don't have the stamina).

Your mom.

Do you even have 23 friends to knife you in the back?

Work per diem at the job I enjoy (hospice work) for the rest of my life and likely take off a few weeks occasionally to travel or visit friends. Play vidya, work out and get better at handstands in my free time. I don't need a huge fancy house or anything like that

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Lets build a village.

earthships are cheap to build and power.... also affords us time and money to build the town up and take on projects as a community

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I have a friend who could speak my funeral oration, but no, not quite there yet. My dream suicide is to follow late Ulysses' venture to the seas (& find the great Achilles, whom we knew &c), but I need to be in incredible shape for that - to survive at sea alone until there is nothing left but to succumb.

Alternatively this (minus the drugs). If I could loop Classic - Ulduar over & over until I die, I'd leave all vanities and do so.

This is my plan.

Drowning is a horrendous death and as a lifeguard I would not recommend

A realistic “made it” for me is 100k.
I’m a mechanic by trade and I don’t need much.

>pay debt
>pay mom back
>hook up some friends
>buy a nice steak


>go to the slums of philly
>find the most cracked out totally Fuckin spazzed up shit show hobo I can possibly find
>the type of person who screams at shopping carts and does that zombie walk
>give him 10k in cold hard cash
>hire an MTV style film crew to follow his adventure until he spent it all
>he wants to buy 72525 rolls of tinfoil to make a house? Fuck it, drugs? I don’t care, he wants to help others out? Whatever
>sell that pilot to Netflix
>they order a season for a few mil
>the people get crazier and the money gets bigger
>live the dream

death should be horrifying, be the greatest struggle & endeavor of one's existence. If one has any say in their death, and I believe we largely have this in our capacity, then how we die is the mirror of our life: and what does it say of one's entire life if we're to die in luxury? numbed, removed from the vivacity of living? should one mollify themselves at their end, afraid of what's to come? What I'll feel when I'm truly near death I can't say, but I hope to hold some romantic idealism to the end; how much of the world has died in remorseless misery, what kind of man am I to deny myself the same end?

Lol you're a weirdo. You'd fit right in with permanent academia. I hope you make it

This sounds like something that would do great on YouTube. You wouldn't even need to spend a lot of money on professional camera crews either that way. Set up a patreon and monetize the vids so you can keep making them without giving hobos your own money.

fuck a different escort every single day. single life is great.

>gives hobo $10k cash
>hobo immediately starts stabbing u thinking u have more cash on u
bumfights cannot be resurrected

buy a house and car, live moderately, have children, pass on the wealth to them.

What coin is this?

He's not wrong though.
How does allowing those that have no compulsion control to breed endlessly solve world hunger?
Overall, and in the long run, it just creates more hunger, suffering, and corpses.
Taken to an extreme, it could lead to the wholesale destruction of our species.
>find a way to magically create infinite food
>give it to Africa
>less than a decade the world pop is over forty billion and EVERYONE is starving or eating eachother
But go 'save the world' if you feel you must. My ass is going to space.

This was my dream, until I realized smoking weed is actually pretty addictive if it's all you do all day. Not sustainable in my experience, you get to a point where not being high feels abnormal and is really uncomfortable.
Now the dream is to compose music, play video games, travel and fuck foreign hoes, and work only if I feel like it. Maybe settle down with a thicc white/mixed Brasilian girl one day. I'm a Chad, thank christ, so the world would be more or less my oyster