How do I turn 3k into 1 mil in a year in crypto?

how do I turn 3k into 1 mil in a year in crypto?

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You'll have better odds getting on ur knees

Double it 8.5 times

100% in *insert shitcoin here* moon soon

Go all in on 2-3 low market cap coins and hope they explode. If it’s were me I’d split that 3k in between theta token and pillar.

ICO's and then lucky 100x when we go on a bull run to 2 tril market cap

why must you mock us

Obvious telcoin

Buy 6,000 link right now

Link seems like its just going in circles with p&ds

Because the mainnets not out yet user

go back in time to January 2017. Invest in Ripple. Sell at EOY. You are millionaire whether you like it or not.

When mainnet?

Unironically buy link

>how do I turn 3k into 1 mil in a year in crypto?

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Not OP but I have like a 115 IQ. Can I even do this shit properly?

You buy it

sucking 997.000 dicks for U$1 really fast

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Thanks. I only steal the best.

I don't know if it can be done my way but I started with 2500 in August and I'm over 100k 7 months in. By my percentages, I should be over a million in 5 or 6 months so pretty close to what you're saying. Note that my strategy didn't really coalesce until January so it's really fair to say I started then with 10k. That's a 10x in a couple of months. Can I scale? So far, yes.
Here's what I do. I buy low as fuck and sell high. That simple. I day trade. I don't care about the news, the devs, or anything else. Low price and high volume. That's what matters. Good luck.

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Dog. You have no place investing if this is your attitude towards link.
The fucking main net isn't even out yet.
I would recommend getting a 9 to 5 job
and never trying to think again.

thanks for the insight

best exchanges?

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HitBTC, Right amount of volume, volatility, and newbs.

what kind of ranges do you look for and do you buy on relative low prices (compared to history) or actual low prices

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