Now I realize that invested in Santanisn.

I do not want to participate in any sacrifice, today I sell all

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narcissism + borderline + autism

I woule be more worried with symbol in top left corner

Why the people who endorse anarchism the most seem to be the ones that would get culled first if it ever came to be.



>hammer and sickle meshed with faggot unicorn gender symbol
... the pentagram is the only thing that's a red flag in that image? really?

>pathetic mortals discrediting Bringer of Awe and Derision with their anarcho communism bs
dump it
and then dump it more

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can anyone unironically justify to me why chainlink can't be valued above cardano RIGHT NOW

i lean pretty left, but this identity politics bullshit is killing any hope of actual progress

divide and conquer

comfy with my kringles, ada can fuck itself

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>actual progress
What do progressives believe they are progressing to?

Well put, user

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culled by who?

Looks like LGBT Communism

God damnit they need to reel this fruitcake in


a society that one can live comfortably in.

Because sergey is an autist virgin and Darryl is a demon god.

unironically I'm going all in ADA.

"anarchists" will be culled by Ancaps

that settles it. he's just an edgelord that never had to grow up due to intense sheltering.

Have you seen what their policies have done to inner cities? Its horrifying and it is the future they want us to live in by force.

people tired of their demands of special treatment. that's what anarchy is all about

He hasn’t been to detroit

Are you comfortable with Satanist's sacrificing children? Are you comfortable with mass starvation due to communist policies?

Because they are failures that wanna die

ancaps are anarchists

how were those policies the direct result of that. why aren't they considered a tampering factor of what happened.

>having such a dearth of arguments that you have to recall mass genocide from another continent from a dozen decades ago

How's your colonialism/capitalism treating you. opium wars were fun I remember.

Sorry but trannies and the like have a mental disorder. They should be locked up in a loony bin.


Nahh they should just be exiled.

That's the beauty of liberalism. THEY CAN NOT.

If the fire him now he will hammer them into oblivion, saying they fired him bc of his sexual orientation.

This is way when you find one these freaks on a interview you act politelly, tell them you'll consider their profile and then burn their aplication, only problems are waiting for you if you hire these freaks.

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Cardano "trannie" is a non-binary. basically a reconstruction of the catholic priesthood


precisely this. spbp

Yes fighting wars across the world was as devastating as watching your own neighbor stave

Go live in Venezuela

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>advocate for minimum wage
>get compared to a mass murderer
full autism

those trips tho. Darryl is Satan confirmed

>believing in jewish fairy tales

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What the fuck does that even mean

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Because the body count on the south side of Chicago didn't start becoming a thing until these policies were enacted, dumbfuck. That's the problem with you pukes. Complete lack of objectivity and common sense. Do us a favor and kys

bought 100k

implying there's a difference

can't wait to put 100k$ on this coin for it to be redistributed with the less fortunate.

Hence the quotation marks I suppose. In my opinion, Ancapism is the only consistent form of anarchy, even fucking Proudhon agreed in the end. What do “anarchists” want exactly? Down with the authority, except for a state that will rule everything?

>gender-liquid anarcho-communist satanist

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>mfw as an ETH holder EOS gets BTFO eternally by JO
>mfw as an ETH holder ADA has a tranny dev and the dude who looks worse than luke-jr
I'm going to be fucking rich

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xe is seriously a disaster holy shit
this guy fucks

Because they aren't even close to the same thing?
>tell me why a frog can't be as big as an ox RIGHT NOW

stop bullying this woman

if you had the ability to do that
you would have done it
not be waiting for it to get more expensive
stop larping

They don't shit to FUD as far as the project and the tech goes, so they latched onto a particular programmer's personal life. That person is entirely within their right to do what they're doing in their personal life, they're not Brock Pierce or anything.

those ADA bags feeling heavy user?

It's been on an uptrend for the last few days.

>Literal red flag

and the public is entirely within its rights to laugh at it, being a public figure

You made me re-check Proudhon vs Bastiat letters.

Proudhon was a hypocrite moron with 0 economic understanding and Bastiat wiped the floor with him. It's unbelievable people could adhere to an ideology after him

Fucking red flag and I don't even give a fuck and only own BTC.


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It's a public figure as much as anyone who has a social media account I guess.


that doesn't mean shit dude. it will still amount to nothing. only ETH and BTC survive bear markets, and they longer they go, the closer everything else will get to zero. until they have a working mainnet that physically outperforms ETH in real time, it's a shitcoin.

>works at what is basically a financial institution
>thinks xe wouldn't just be sent to a gulag along with all the other freaks under communist regime

Thanks for the free keks, bagholders.

>thinks xe wouldn't just be sent to a gulag along with all the other freaks under communist regime

yeah nice delusion
being a developer of a crypto kind of distinguishes him as being a little more of a public figure than any given dumbass just consuming shit

its a public figure that feels its ok to be a satanic commie


Loads of people have their face in the employee section of their company's website. That's what's happening here, developers, even crypto developers, don't count as public figures, with the exception of those who are the "face" of the various projects. That person is definitely putting themselves out there, so sure, people can laugh, but they're about as much a public figure as sminem

I don't give a fuck if a tranny works in development. Good for it. You shouldn't care either. You're all faggots inside too. At least it had the balls to admit it.

Now onto the real topic. WTF, ADA? I sold a baby for my ADA. A white baby. And one of it's white kidneys for this coin. Will i ever be able to buy another white baby again??? I can't settle for black babies, because... you know... once you go black.

my sides

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nah mate being a face of a development team of an internationally backed project is a little different from having your facebook holiday snaps disseminated because you have a weird face

its a public figure
if it doesnt want a public judgement
then its free to make its twitter private
and to go anonymous as a dev
but it didnt
because it wants to be known
deal with it

Cool - like I said, good on him/her. I don't care.

Let's talk about ADA. Is there any hope??? How many transing developers do we need to hire to make this moon?

i wonder if btc would have mooned at all if satoshi was a known figure

nothing wrong with satanists. Commies on the other hand..

Dont really care about the shitcoin m8
just having a laugh at a SATANIC COMMIE

t. some stupid fuckwit

Antifa faggots are a CIA psyop to associate anarchism with communism to all the brainlet right of center flag sucking muricans. Anarchism is capitalisms final form period. Not knowing this in 2018 is kind of sad desu.

>until they have a working mainnet that physically outperforms ETH in real time, it's a shitcoin.

so like in June

Why? They symbolize the same thing ultimately

confusing neoliberalism with actual progressive movements.

look i can generalize too. all conservatives are racist misogynists trying to bring us back to a simpler time that never really existed.

Weird. We had one of those until we took in millions of illegal beaners funneled into the country by a cartel puppet state, rapefugees for Europe. We’re going to discount the niggers already here and what they do because that’s not even necessary to get my point across.

So, is a multicultural communist system populated by leeches a society you feel is one people can be comfortable with? Communism didn’t work for white people; what makes you think it’s going to work when run by 80 IQ brown people? Care to elaborate?

Some of the dumbest posts I’ve ever read. You’re either really, really, really fucking dumb or you’re 16 years old and don’t know any better.

No u fagit

What’s funny is Stalin would probably hang trannies and faggota

Well actually just starve them out or send them to aiberia

>anarcho fucking communism

Sell all the ADA you have.

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Loooollllllll you want to see us all eating zoo animals like in Venezuela. Your idealized world is a literal hell because you don’t actually want to be alive.

If only we could go back to the 1810s when every man was a king and every woman was a lady.

Get your head out of your ass. Things were just as bad in the past as they are now, and nothing human society does will change the world except to raise the average. The present standard of living is higher than in the past, quash that patriarchy boner you're sporting and realize that you would never have been part of the aristocracy

>in $currentYear we hire mentally ill as """devs""" instead of giving them the proper treatment they need.

>yfw satoshi is an enbie

3 months is a long time in cryptos user :^)

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