Realistic Link prices

Let's play:
1. What coin rank will link achieve?
2. What will the total crypto mcap be?
--> Look up link price on the table

Post your answers and reasoning. inb4 you can't predict prices with mcap, of course you fucking can't this is just a thought exercise.

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Why the total market cap needs to increase in order to increase link value? i don't see any correlation.

1. 50
2. 1 trillion
because of all the hype

This assumes the distribution of money will remain the same. If this was done in early 2017 where bitcoin was number 1 and had 86% of market cap, It would not predict end of 2017 where #1 had 36% of market cap

It doesn't. Link just increases in rank then, heading downwards in the column on the left. Just for simplicity we're assuming the coin price distribution by rank stays the game, which is wrong.

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No shit. This is just an attempt to place somewhat realistic constraints on price predictions instead of muh 1000 eoy

Best-case scenario I just can't see LINK ever getting in the top 3. I believe that will always be reserved for
1. Bitcoin
2. Ethereum
3. Jewcoin

So assuming we make it to rank 4 this year we will need a ~7 trillion market cap to make it for $1,000 EOY.

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Link should be top 20 EOY, and I'd probably say 2T total mcap by EOY.

Next year? Top 10 coin and 5T mcap.

Let's turn this #pennycoin into a #Dollarcoin!!!!!

Sounds pretty reasonable

I flushed but here’s a previous work of mine

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Good thing my calculations say 8.25T market cap by 2021

I think $20~30 is probably the most we can expect this year. With a realistic price of $10, assuming btc doesn't do another 20x this year.

That would put it at ~9b mcap and in the top 10 pretty easily. That might be ATH around fall/winter timeframe, but then you obviously have to account for the following price correction. I can't really account for geopolitical bullshit. For all I know the stock market could crash this year and 1000 EOY might be possible, or the SEC stocks could be traded on the blockchain, but otherwise I think my estimates are conservative but within a reasonable range.

I don't know how the remaining 550b stinky linkies will enter circulation but if that happens quickly then divide my estimate by 2~3.

Still a good turnout based on current prices. $1000 could probably reasonably expect to turn into $55,000 pending anything crazy happening.

Well that's a very conservative estimate considering that's almost 3 years away. Even if we stay in a bear market for most of those 3 years we only need two good runs to make it to that marketcap which is entirely reasonable. It's also worth considering 3 years is enough time to iron out POS smart contract blockchains which should scale well and drive mass adoption.

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Oh look another person who doesn't understand market cap.

Right now there is about $10-$15 billion in fiat that is in crypto. How is crypto worth $398 billion if there isn't that much fiat in it? The thing is we don't need $10 trillion in fiat to enter the market to raise LINKs market cap.

50 bucks probably, 100 afterwards then road to 1000

Where on the chart did I make any statement about fiat inflow required to reach these market caps?

I plan on selling at around $50

>the ranks will always remain proportional as the total marker cap grows
Yeah no, sorry user. As the mcap grows money will be consolidated into fewer and fewer coins/tokens, meaning the top 10-20 will have extremely high market caps, and the rest will be relatively very low


why does everyone feel the need to point this out, of course the proportions will change