Why is racism and sexism allowed here when it is totally not tolerated in the work place?

Why is racism and sexism allowed here when it is totally not tolerated in the work place?

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well the reason is actually quite complex kys

this isn't a workplace
you make money in a workplace
we do the opposite here

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Kys nigger

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Coz no one here has jobs. Also we get a lot of spill over from that festering shithole pol. Kinda sad really... bunch of retarded burgers barking about their orange chimp

weak b8

Freedom from censorship

What the hell is a weapons sweep?
And how has this guy come up with such chump shit?

Because normies don't question or examine life and believe in trotskite magic words

group mentality makes people turn feral

because of women tbqh

>gay niggers

Women just follow the lead, it was men who started it. Women just bow to social pressure easily.

Who wrote that for you, you dumb fucking nigger cunt?

lmfao, straight from /pol/

i suppose it was the men who fought for womens right to vote too

To have an unfiltered discussion you must allow ideas that you don't agree with. Stop being a little fucking bitch or get off Veeky Forums.

>we do the opposite here

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>womens rights
divide and conquer tactic of the powers that be

Women nag their way to short term success and destroy society in the long run.

Le white knight detected.
>inb4 /pol/tard

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Reminder that liberal ideals only exist under extreme censorship

Take hike jew!

The 2010's aesthetic is so fucking shitty. Every time I see this minimalist pastel colored bullshit played over by ukuleles, xylophones, and whistling I want to blow my fucking brains out.

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Women didn't want or need rights until some men told them they did

cause it's way more doper here

oh thank god, I thought I was the only one.

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Huh, I never noticed it until you pointed it out, all our company training videos use the same shit.

Because everyone's thinking it you dumb nigger

That's precisely what happened you fucking retard. Just because you say it didn't happen that way doesn't make it true lol
You are actual human garbage

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I think its a matter of hierarchy, in here we are all equal, there is no authority, thefore someone saying he hates X people, X people can just ignore, because this has no effect on their salary/career.

In the wordplace its not the same, we are not all paid equally, and some people have higher rank, so if they shit on lower rank or only promote fags on race, then it's not tolerable. in the worplace only the work talks, people who work their ass off deserve a promotion, those whho don't can get reked.

but promoting people only based on race is simply not just.

why are you allowed here when you're obviously a soyboy faggot?


Hello new friend. Please go through the proper channels and start by lurking /b.

When you are ready, submit your application for immediate rejection.

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OP, racism is tolerated in the workplace. So is sexism. As long as it's directed towards white males. So we come here and get to act like everyone else acts. Are you suggesting that brown skinned people don't get together in their free time and bash on white folks?

Those drive me mad and they're absolutely everywhere nowadays.


>calling someone new
Brb smashing my head in the refrigerator door until it bleeds

because /pol/ keeps invading all the boards I wouldn't blame them for knowing that 1 guy from /pol/ influences only a group of 34 idiots to come on one board sharing the same opinions as on another which I would say why cant there be a board invade /pol/ but no.
or it could just kids being racist who knows.

Speak for yourself. If anyone heard me say the word faggot I'd be fired on the spot

t. Non-white

they 'sweep' a penal facility or something like that, whereby anything sharp will be used as a weapon

What would act like if they had the power of anonymity? What would 90% of people do if they had invisibility?

>i suppose it was the men who fought for womens right to vote too
The absolute state... of course they did

Anyone can be anonymous. But antifa snowflakes and dumbasses (like troublemaking women and dumb blacks aka cunts and niggers) get called out because we're free here.

Enjoy your slavery, LARPer.