What will be next world-changing tech with possible to jump on first? any ideas?

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what the fuck I literally made this OC several years ago and totally forgot about it
why does it have a watermark now

what was your inspiration user?

crack and a lonely life

loneliness, depression, I posted this on r9k during the peepeepoopoo phase

its also missing a panel, it was 3 sections, not 2

someone posted it on 9gag on coments here 9gag com/gag/aV3YMdO

are you still depressed
give some updates on what happened in your life since then user
did you /makeit/ on cryptos?

I'm not depressed anymore
since then I started my own business
got a gf, 2 years anniversary in a few weeks
finished university
started lifting and dieting
got into crypto early 2017, I didn't make it yet but hopefully soon, I'm all in
also got a drivers license and a car
I think these are the major points
I feel great and alive, I'm 25

cool man. post original meme then

nice, good job user
legit happy you made it


I try to find it but I've switched computers 2 times since then

CRISPR stocks you can buy right now on NYSE:

then re-make it, faggot

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Probably bio eng./ gene modification

I found the middle panel kek
I'm still looking for the whole comic

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>several years ago I was almost done with my chemistry degree, was extremely fit and my brother was alive
>I'm 25 now, lost ~20 lbs of muscle, working a shit furniture delivery job and living with my mother after dropping out of uni
>also still a virgin

at least I made an extra 93 dollars out of my initial 350 dollar crypto investment

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im sorry man
cant you go back and finish your degree?
or put more money into crypto?

i was in that thread, i made a gif.
the torso bothered me because i didnt align it right

I saved that gif but I cant find it either

to think about, is Veeky Forums really just 10 people shitposting and pretending to be 1000s?
what the fuck are the odds for us to meet again in this thread, this many years later?

If I rose above in life, another would fall - probably you. The universe demands balance. Just as one would invest a small amount of money in crypto and come out the other side with a fat stack, others had to enter with the stack and come out as a pink wojak. Appreciate the sacrifice and cherish the other half of the coin.

migration patterns prob.

Pretty big since you people are 24/7 lurking and shitposting

CRSP already mooned, why buy now at the top? It will come down over the next month. XXII is a good buy right now

>when the anime have character progression

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I found it

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I have also found the gif

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Thanks OP I'm going to replace your watermark with my own and spam this everywhere


I knew there was a reason I stayed

I wonder if someday I'll see my own OC in a thread years from now?

What's wrong with his penis?

I will make a red wojak version someday.

Nothing you lesbo

its not my watermark, I stole it from 9gag

Never change Veeky Forums

why did you make this

can you explain


i love it

This is an amazing thread

/r9k/ comes good

with added mid story OC suprise

love it

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>to think about, is Veeky Forums really just 10 people shitposting and pretending to be 1000s?

it's just us 3 and that other guy

>Not depressed
>bought after the height of crypto
>give it time

fuck off I am not your friend

are you implying I should be depressed because I might not make it with crypto?
I have a pretty good life now, and I make a hilarious amount of money with very little work, so I'm good either way

ok, buddy