Glad to see some of you are waking up to this scamfork.

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..others are still blissfully asleep. In this thread will will laugh at those who got scammed.

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Jesus Christ I thought people here were fucking dumb but this is a whole other level

>Guaranteed to be $500 EOY

Well why don't you buy it up at $40?

>Went all in prefork.


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TLDR Bitcoin cash holders are scared of BTCP

fungibility in may we don't give a shit about anyone at this point.



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>We just need a bigger exchange, THEN people will want to buy our shitcoin!
the absolute state of btcp cultist bagholders.

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Shilling after the fork was hilarious, I don't even know if they were serious or just trolling. I hope everybody who fell for this scamfork gets burned hard.

>pls sir can you be doing the burning of the token and inflate the price so i can sell sir

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Any bitcoin fork that burns satoshi's coins should be nuked from orbit.

How can it be secure when BCH has the most secure network in the world with an army of SHA256 miners behind it

These idiots could have avoided poverty and retained privacy with ONE SIMPLE TRICK.

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Srry OP i wont go lower then 300 dollar, but if u want to buy it right now u can have mine for 290 dollar

I'll do 280

You know Btcp is huge when bcashies are constantly spamming fud threads. It’s over for bcash, it was over even before btcp.

The FUD is severe with this coin. Funny how it starts right when Bittrex releases the fork, like someone turned on the water. almost makes it look like OP and his team are FUDDING it down so they can BUY IT.

BCH already has privacy features and I think there are more coming in the future. BTCP is unnecessary Segwit garbage. If you want real privacy with a strong team and community see

Are these people serious or just retarded?

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>Any bitcoin fork should be nuked from orbit


>bcash has privacy “features” too! It’s THE REAL btc and not a scam unlike every other fork! My fork is special even though it offers virtually no advantage over regular btc and has consistently lost value even in bull markets!

I hope it tanks even lower so all the people bitching about it sell off

Who bought this without planning to hold for a while? This is just a way to brand zclassic so when governments start hammering down on crypto there will be quick usage through this coin for those who are screwed

It does though, but the main point of my post is XMR exist and this Segwit fork is basically retarded.

BTCP holders might be the most retarded people in crypto.
>real issues brought up
>muh fud, muh btcp flippening
>muh bess privuhsee coin
>muh amazine team

Kys idiots. This shit is dumping to below $10. Cap this.

>no segwit support confirmed from day 1

People still bothered with it. lol

>real issues
Reddit threads, Veeky Forums shilling, and tweets aren’t “real issues”

kill yourself pajeet

Remember you Fucking faggots, Always do the opposite of what biz says. Why would these Cucks care if you truly held a shitcoin enough to post and ask/tell you to sell kek.

>Who bought this without planning to hold for a while?
Most people considering the dread and panic they are going through. Most assumed it would be $500 at this point, instead it is $50.

>Any bitcoin fork should be nuked from orbit

agreed, pls nuke segwit

Nice “real issues”
You’ve been exposed worthless shill.

Who cares about measurement in $$?

That thing that is beginning it's hyperinflation curve?

>monetary 12d chess
not even linkies are this deluded

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