So, is bunny token a scam? I'm a sex worker myself so I wouldn't mind supporting it a bit just on principal...

So, is bunny token a scam? I'm a sex worker myself so I wouldn't mind supporting it a bit just on principal, but it's concerning to think that money might just vanish into the ether, even if it is only one or two hundred dollars.

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do you have discord?

sex worker is cope terminology pushed by dengerates. we all know what you are.

There's already spankchain
You might be able to get free tokens from them

Hm and they have the same narrative as bunny token, now I'm even more confused. Maybe Ill hold off and wait to see which one of these if any seems to be making progress before I buy in

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Saw a JewTube ad for this yesterday.

So it's basically crypto for porn? I just don't see the point. Why not just use BTC or any other crypto? Most importantly, who the fuck is spending money on porn anyway?

>Selling point is privacy
But its an ERC20 token and just fucking highlights what your token is for.

That image is making me want to have sex with those bunnies

What the fuck is wrong with me

Those were my initial thoughts also. I presume (though as far as I can tell they don't directly state) that they're gonna have features like the ability to tip camwhores in bunny. I do feel like it's not solving a problem that conventional crypto currencies already solve, which is another reason I'm skeptical about it. I want to be proven wrong though, cause anything that's good for the sex industry is good for me, but yeah the more I think about it the more the whole thing seems kinda eh.

I agree.

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>like the ability to tip camwhores in bunny
Could be done with ETH, BTC or preferably XMR (privacy).

The only XXX-crypto I found rather interesting is - didn't invest in the ICO, but I'll watching this.

pinkdate sounds interesting, though it wouldn't be legal where I live I don't think. Independent sex work is legal here, but its not legal to pay someone for someone else's sex work here for some obscure reason. Still, I'll keep my eye on it and I may end up using it anyway cause fuck the police.

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are you a girl?

Where do you work?

I've always been fascinated by sex workers.

Someone needs to answer me this about this coin and all coins related to catering to a specific market:

Why the fuck would anyone use this over BTC, ETH, LTC or even the USD as a form of payment? Is there any reason you could possibly think of?

>are you a girl?
There are no girls on the internet user, don't be silly.

>Where do you work?
South Australia

>I've always been fascinated by sex workers
It's just a job, like any other. To be an escort like me you just need to be open minded enough to screw around with fat old men and have fun with it. Of course, there is a dark side to the sex industry, as its often something that people resort to when they feel like they have no better option, and that's not a good place to be. Admittedly, I do feel like this is the best use of my resources right now, but not in a desperate, need my next heroin fix kinda way. Just in a this is the most profitable use of my time kinda way. I enjoy it, too.

>Is there any reason you could possibly think of?
Because the mascots are cute?

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how is this different from XMR?

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nvm, scam token. this is their entire section on guaranteed anonymity in their whitepaper

Due to the Ethereum based blockchain platform, digital currency transactions will allow
guaranteed anonymity.

Guaranteed anonymity
Anyone who is uncomfortable with a billing statement related to
any form of adult content or products will remain anonymous when making purchases with

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>South Australia

mfw i am from South Australia ^_-

Probably the most fun had in Adelaide

I mean, I'd totally sell my body for money. It's more along the lines of it being banned here so it's mysterious.

Is it good money? how are the hours?

>Is it good money?
Yes. I charge $200/h for full service, but I could easily raise that to $300 if I wanted.

>how are the hours?
Varies. I only have one add up and if I wanted more work I could make more, but I'm pretty happy just getting the occasional new client here and there and being primarily supported by my base of regulars. Sometimes I'll go a week and only see one person, sometimes I'll get three or four. I generally only see one person a day.

I know that a lot of sex workers take it much more seriously than me and take three or four clients a day, and travel around a lot. I'm pretty happy with my relaxed approach though cause it allows me a lot of free time.

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Just to clarify, I don't always see people for one hour of full service, looking back on what I said it made it seem like I earn an average of $400 a week, but its much more than that cause I have a regular who frequently has me to himself over the weekend. I give him a discounted rate cause he's good to me and we just cuddle for the most part, but yeah needless to say I make a decent living.

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>just cuddle for the most part

Most of the sex industry coins are scams. Eros, LUST tokens, etc. Don't bother or do and lose your money and deserve to lose your money.



Intimacy is one of the big reasons a lot of guys hire escorts. It's not all about sex, you know.

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Not to mention profiting off of sex trafficking is serious offense in most countries

As a general rule of thumb: if there's another coin that can do the same thing, it's a shitcoin. Yes, this applies to a lot of coins in the market

gay for pay 200 an hour?

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Most interesting thread on biz for a while

When you say 200$/hr, do people pay just 200 or do they tip as well? If they do tip, how much do they give on average?

This is why I think this coin is a scam. But knowing my luck it'll be up %3000 in 3 months