VeChain "already in talks with some pharmaceutical companies both in China and in the US" - Kevin Feng, COO

VeChain "already in talks with some pharmaceutical companies both in China and in the US" - Kevin Feng, COO


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What will happen to the price on the 20th?

Everyone expects a dump.
Just like everyone expects a moon after announcements, rebrand etc.

The opposite will happen. Get in now.

"Talks". No major pharmaceutical company is going to announce anything with VeChain.

I'm leaning towards this direction too, I'm thinking hold past March 20 when all the VEN is locked up. See pic related.

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baked in already

I work in the pharmaceutical sector. I don't think you realize what partnerships PwC has with Pharma giants hahahaha.

It can't be baked in already you brainlet no one knew about it.

>bitcoin will never be $X

Holy guacamole

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fucking chinese scam coins, all chinese coins are scams. don't give them the benefit of the doubt. eventually they will all be exposed as scams.

haven't you degenerates read pharmabrahs posts yet? this is the year of amb/ven boys.

seeing as how PWC and DNV serve as ambassadors for VeChain (their words), they will most definitely be getting into pharma. They already work with pharma lmao you brainlet

>Everyone expects a dump
Why? if people dump they lose the premium of locking their shit

I think there will be a dump. A lot of people are holding a ton more VET than the 6k you need to preserve their X-node and they don't want those extra funds locked up for 2-3 months before mainnet.

no can you share please?

So did they leased or rented a BMW?

>did they hur door englash
fucking pajeets man I swear.

they aren't locked, you just lose the node status if you sell

If we change the amount of VEN in our node the maturity period starts over and starts counting AFTER mainnet release. Read the announcement, the penalties are severe, up to 180 days of waiting. I'm not missing out on all that THOR generation to play daytrade games, especially with a rising price due to VET scarcity after lockup. I think THOR price estimates are way too low. NEO's gas is about 1/4 the price of NEO and the demand for THOR will outstrip NEO GAS needs, in my opinion. NEO has almost no real world uses right now.

Prepare for the dump

That Google docs partnership

>tfw bought in last week
is this what it felt like to be in crypto in december? just constant gains with no breaks?

i'm putting 16k ven in mew and keeping the other 10k to trade with

demand would also shift boyo, I reckon downward shift in demand > decrease in supply, most likely dump but not too much $3-4 range.

Their BMW partnership is literally shit.
Cant you see this is marketed to retarded people?

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You dumb fucks know nothing of the actual BMW partnership and I am screencapping this to post once an detailed announcement is made to rub it in your retarded fucking faggot faces

Fuck of salty walty. Screenshot this post. VEN will not dump on the 20th. Quote me on this because I'm never wrong

Can’t wait for this to make me a millionaire