ITT: OP is looking for to raise investment capital for a contemporary pop art / jewelry project from Veeky Forums

ITT: OP is looking for to raise investment capital for a contemporary pop art / jewelry project from Veeky Forums.

Will be answering questions on this thread.

I am a second generation goldsmith. I have 15+ projects that need materials and labor covered, ranging from $5-30k in expenses. Including collaborations with large skate brands.

Offering 50/50 profit split on any project.

Jewelry generally has a minimum 3x return.

Literally would be the funniest shit if I found investment on Veeky Forums.

Being as I don't want anyone to impersonate me later in the thread, my contact is: [email protected]

Want to do (very well executed) ridiculous things with some of the most valued materials on Earth + make a lot of money and contribute to contemporary pop art?

Let's do it.

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Also will be answering any questions in the thread, feel free to ask away.

Forgot to mention: Investment in this area is low-risk as 80% of any project is materials costs, and obviously gold and diamonds hold their value.

>Example: I would like to make a white gold and pavé diamond necklace that says HENTAI. This has a production cost of approximately $3,000, an insured value of about $15,000 and a sale price of roughly $10,000.

I have a list of these ridiculous ideas, and the ability to execute on them beautifully.

> Second Example: Remake a TAMAGOTCHI, but out of white and rose gold and diamonds. Keep it functional.

Whats the best way to get into the trade user? I went to all the goldsmiths and blacksmiths in my town but none of them needed help or extra workers.

I have no advice here, I was born into it.

Correction: Best way to get into the trade is right now, by investing in it.

>(((Born into it)))

Literally I am 8% Jewish, and I only just found out because of

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What country you from?


Dude, fucking Patreon. Are you a total hermit?

Nobody is going to send money to a complete user on Veeky Forums.

Welp there goes my investment. No bucks for cucks.

Is that made of Chainlinks?

Patreon isn't for investment. Will provide any needed information via my email, which I included on the first post.

That is a $300,000 necklace which belongs to the rapper Lil Uzi Vert. It's made of white gold and approximately 100 carats of vs quality diamond melee.

Lol. More of a bull than a cuck.

have fun getting scammed Veeky Forums

Not even kind of, I'm fully willing to provide any and all needed details via email.

Any other questions?

I'll be happy to answer any and all questions.


>Will copy and paste random information into an e-mail

Lying to someone to get a small initial investment makes no sense. Literally need someone to continuously finance these projects.

I will provide detailed, identifying information, as well as any specific project and audience information for due diligence. Not playing around.

Post your inventory and tools with timestamp or larp

I'm at home and not in my studio presently.

It would be the stupidest waste of time to larp any of this. I'm about to move to my phone while I grab some food so my ID: will probably change.

OP here. On my phone. New ID.

Guess the ID stayed the same.

Eating late lunch. Still available to field any questions.

Lol. Now my ID changed. Weird.

Realized I was wearing a ring I made. Other one sold at Sundance Resort for $4k. Timestamp at lunch.

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Terrible picture but whatever. No macro lens on phone.

op do you work with 3d/prototiping?
3d modelist here

Yes, I regularly employ various model makers, both hand carved and computer generated modeling.

My team is exceptional. The wax-carver I employ has been specializing exclusively in wax articulation for the last 40 years.


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>fuck off with your antisemitism
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Keep bumping thread please.

Help me understand this.

You have a trade skill (jewelry making).

You need funding because you can't afford the raw materials?

But you have faith that you'll be able to sell whatever multi thousand $$$ piece you make?

You have a pretty cogent understanding of it. I need funding specifically to move into a different bracket within the industry, and I have faith that the pieces will garner enough attention to sell them directly or to generate custom work over it.

Do you have a portfolio to show what you're able to produce?

Yes, feel free to email me to follow up on that. The only caveat is that I've been restricted by capital, so the pieces in my portfolio presently aren't necessarily representative of the work that that this would go to fund.

>[email protected]

Where do you sell OP? Etsy? I’m not a jewelry person myself but A.I. do love looking at some unique pieces and I do appreciate the skill many people possess.

The majority of my business has been at Sundance Catalog and Resort in Utah.


haha i recognized that as uzi's chain. have you done any chains for rappers?

I haven't that's the community I'd like to break in to. I'm intimately familiar with my competition there, and I know what would get attention from the audience. In fact, occasionally we work with some of the same specialized craftspeople for particular steps.

so like ben baller johnny dang type shit, that's cool. always wondered how people got into that.

Johnny Dang makes shit that makes me want to vomit.


Bumping this thread.

MODS please ban this degenerate and post results, OP if you need to come to Veeky Forums to beg for capital, you know deep down that your idea is worthless, more worthless than the ovum and sperm that created you. Fuck off.

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Also check em

I skimmed the rules and felt like this was probably toeing the line. But you're probably correct, and if the mods feel the need to ban this then I'm comfortable with that.

But insulting the idea on the basis of sharing it with you guys is ridiculous.

I didn’t insult the idea, only your shilling of it here, shitposting aside I hope you succeed in making profits and great jewellery, but if you successfully raise capital here others will follow like cancer

Fair enough - and thanks. I suppose I'll take up the odds and take it to /b/. Ha.

10 years on Veeky Forums coming up and thought this would make a fucking hilarious story if it pans out.

>Protip: It is.

How is this thread over 5 hours old and you still haven't posted any proof?

Because I'm not going to drive an hour in LA traffic to get to my studio. What proof would this taking a picture with some tools provide anyway?

More than happy to provide any requested details short of my SSN over email.

There are plenty of boards suited to shilling pop culture merchandise here user, and look around on plebbit to pluck the low hanging fruit

Oh, I'm not trying to sell any pop culture merchandise. I'm looking for a financial partner in producing it.

What if I was only willing to invest a small amount, say 1k max.. Would you do business with me?

Unfortunately that's below the production cost of any of the pieces. To do that would mean organizing multiple sources of capital and diluting them.

I understand. For what it's worth, I think your idea is cool and would love to contribute to the creation of some high quality chan culture related pieces, but I'm a plankton-tier poorfag at the moment.

T. guy who owns a "HENTAI" hoodie

Ha! Appreciate it. Wish we could work together.

And glad to know it's being well received.

Cheers, everyone. Thanks for the good thread.

This is a 14-karat gold hand-carved Calla Lily necklace.

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An 18-karat rose gold and pavé set diamond ring, with hand engraving. The counterpart of which was sold at Sundance Resort for $4k.

Again, my current portfolio is not necessarily reflective of the future direction.

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> Necessary, don't let the thread die bump.

> Before bed bump