EOY $1k

EOY $1k.

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chainlink 1000eoy

Where my link senpai at?

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Could be OMG nah?

>hurr i found the next 1000x but i wont tell you
sounds like the average biz shill, and of course its the one (you) are holding



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I want to buy more but I also want it to moon

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>Pinned Tweet
$10,000 EOY

It's this.

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holy shit.

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The subtlety of this shill is truely amazing. Most (99%) people won't get this at all. If you do congratulations, your in the 1%.

That could be quite a few coins.

Honestly I don't think he's talking about Tether or TrueUSD. Probably talking about JNT or something similar.

Most likely talking about LINK since he was involved in the LINK white paper.

Could be 0x or kyber.

In my opinion we will probably hear something about each of those.

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how was he involved in the whitepaper?

he's talking about xlm

He is thinking about the wrong Ari (Juels vs Paul)

I own 35k LINK, but he obviously talking about REQ.

Ah I'm an ass he wasn't, it was Ari Juels. Ignore everything I just said.

Awesome cryptopia pump is going down tomorrow and you're invited!

discord gg/4gQsHam

That's Ari Juels.
Ari Paul definitely has clout within the crypto community though and has strong connections and background on the derivatives and institutional trading side of things.

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whos that fag?

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I really like that font. what is it?

He probably just found coinbase

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its waves you fucking morons

Explain it to me senpai

Reminder that Sergey personally called Ari Paul after his oracles tweet.

Link 100 eom,

1b users EO2018

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Oh shit, thats right.

More and more I feel the singularity is coming near.

Nice attempt to piggyback shill in a link thread

>confusing some male twitter whore with the godfather of cryptography
>the absolute state of stinkies


where are my linkies?

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Why is link being shilled so hard?

Yeah I thought the exact same. He's probably alluding to ChainLink but keeping it cryptic because it hasn't actually released a finished product

I own LINK but this doesn't match up at all. Why would LINK be used by a billion people? This makes no sense. Surely he's talking about another project for use by John + Jane Doe

what about swift?

Will father sirgay forgive me?

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Cringy ass faggot


Remember to report all meme tweets under 'spam'

>being this rude.
>being french.
pick both.

LINK is the thing that everybody uses but nobody *really* knows about, like packet switching and the internet.

Sad attempt.

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He said "the project that will bring CRYPTOCURRENCY to 1 billion users" not the crypto that will be used by 1 billion people...
If Chainlink accomplishes its target -making smartcontract mainstream- a lot of business will implement their own blockchain solution, bringing new users and starting the oracle bubble era

think about it. something that brings in real world data used by billions of people across the planet onto the blockchain. gee I wonder.

it's probably "copperplate gothic"

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Anyone who doesn't put even 100$ into LINK right now is beyond saving.

Stop being deluded


well wtf do you think it is. XLM? lol

I'd shit a brick but not holding my breath. Seems like a bit of a stretch. It's probably one of another 1000 shitcoins

>calling people newfags on twitter

I cringed, you are the newfag, newfag.

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It scares me how many people on this board lack basic reading comprehension.

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Sorry guys, it's not LINK

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OMG possibly? I do think it's link tho

If dubs I tweet MY DICK?

>Being cringy but also kind of funny at the same time.
Good job.

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tweet your dads dick if i get dubs

>What comes down but never goes up?
Literally REQ confirmed


>complaining about me talking about grammar
>when I didn't say anything about grammar

You have the same problem I just pointed out, read more comic books.

What does he mean, I nedd to know REEEEE.
The classic answer is rain, but thats obviously not it.
Why does he have to speak in tongues RRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEe

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Read the thread he gives a clue, What comes up but not down, rain. Could be skycoin or storm

I'll tweet my asshole if i get dubs


Maybe this. Its ticker is RAIN

>People can be this dense
It was a joke, Req has been bleeding for a while now

If he honestly says that chink scam coin he will lose all credibility.

Free nigger coin you mean

he was literally joking



He's trolling us!

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Smart thinking, but the project seems utterly useless.

It's an obvious joke, dummies. In the comment right above it he says that no one gets his twitter jokes, and it turns out he's right.

kek doesn't wan

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Nazarov tits.




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>Confusing Ari Juels with some random kike

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Keg wans ur dig :D

yeah this doesn't even have a fucking whitepaper yet.
Anyway this Ari kike is either retarded or trying to accumulate LINK. Either way he can't hide his newfaggotry

Link has been higher than it is now and just went up a few cents, finally, hours ago. It can be Link with that hint.

What the fuck is rain

I'd reply 'your wife on my dick' if i had a twitter




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>1 billion users

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>Probably talking about JNT
Please, be true.


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