What is her endgame?

What is her endgame?

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complain about everything and call you sexist

To marry a jewish man

Overseeing implementation of the J.P. Morgan ChainLink Oracle that will be utilized with Quorum

60 nigger cocks


If her endgame involves me nuzzling and sniffing her clean hair and skin just behind her ear then I’m all for it

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She wants you to sell your bitcoins for 4K

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I'd fuck the shit out of her

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The wall street chicks in """"crypto"""" are almost as insufferable as the wall streets guys.

Srsly, can we gas them off. Those faggots think they're cool because they "got into crypto" in 2013 or something.

fuck off, that doesn't make you better than anyone else trust fund bitch

She looks gross and wears 5 layers of makeup.

>Purple hair
>Those piercings

Are they trying to throw their money away?

Please let it be daddy issues!

Her endgame is bait le sexist post on le evil Veeky Forums so she can write an article about how crypto is racist, sexist and mean. Too bad Bancor jewess beat her on that department already months ago

this post gave me a boner

would you date her just to get some inside info?

how much fucking JP morgan cock does she get from upline Veeky Forums?

fucking diversity hires jesus CHRIST

trips.. well it is business culture I guess

Yea I’d date to get inside her

Sucking my LINK-rich dick

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She's sharp, that's certain. most likely also unstable, like all women in cutting edge tech.

hardly a diversity hire.

t. femoid

all women in tech are diversity hires

Don't lie, you'd hit that

given that you think that she's just a coder, one can simply assume that you're a moron.

oh sorry didn't realize FANG companies hire morons now