Why does vechain need to make every piddling little "partnership" they get into a huge publicity stunt...

Why does vechain need to make every piddling little "partnership" they get into a huge publicity stunt? Did they seriously print and hang up a banner for this photo op like they're fucking signing the new NAFTA or something?

this and the viral marketing with CCK, the fake partnership with BMW, etc are making me think I should go ahead and dump ven desu. this project seems to be more interested in hype than in creating a product. I should sell in order to acquire more anti-hype coins like oh i don't know c h a i n l i n k

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yes very shady thing i'm sold and buyed LINK

Very shady indeed. Just look at this marketing! I wonder how much they paid DNV GL to bring Sunny's "working product" along. Very shady.

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I don't understand why they need the hype. The banner was unnecessary. If the connections are there and corporate customers are going to be purchasing the token then why does heavy marketing like this matter? Seem's like insiders will make extra cash on the side selling pumps. I don't like it and makes me wonder what the future will hold. I think they have figured out that token price is irrelevant to usage and they're pulling shit on the side.

>Why does vechain need to make every piddling little "partnership" they get into a huge publicity stunt?
Because their main concern is the price of the token, not the development of the actual project.
In other words: stay the fuck away.

absolute brainlet idiot
you think you're being smart being skeptical and have it figured out but think again really hard

vechain is OMG 2.0. all hype, little to no substance. dump it

no effect on the market.


Does a brighter red flag than this exist?

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Tell me you're joking.

Then give a proper explanation instead of insulting me and being so emotional. Tell me why token price matters to the adoption or usage of the product?

>no substance

i am triggered

The price matters because Vechain insiders are playing the market. We all know it's true. Since the beginning this coin has been manipulated as fuck, pumping just before news is released and dumping once everyone FOMOs in.

>OMG 2.0

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Because it's a Chinese pump token, they're completely shameless

>trust in every link
>every link
link it is

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sir, i bought ven and mad 100 rupees to helped my famly. ven good coin sir. blessed

You have seen

No one would tolerate such chicanery from a white crypto team

People thinking their centralised nodes are actually going to do something for the network. It was purely a stunt to move price. What’s the point of having all these nodes locked up if they all have to be validated by VEN’s own servers. That makes modifying customer data a big concern.

only the highest tier nodes serve as validators. The lower ranks still generate THOR. Stop trying to sound smart when you haven't done an ounce of research into this

do they have a white paper yet?