Does anyone else totally not care about crypto and is instead totally focused on buying assets that sustain themselves...

Does anyone else totally not care about crypto and is instead totally focused on buying assets that sustain themselves? I built a really basic spreadsheet that does this with multi family rental properties. So far Ive identified a couple of towns that the model works in. Looks like itll take me ~25 years to build 100k annual passive income, it sustains itself pretty early on too. Thats if I buy property thats completely finished in a beach community in California and charge reasonable rent. So pretty liberal estimates all around. I can post the spreadsheet if you guys have any interest.

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Do whatever you gotta do. There's a billion ways to make money.

25 years...? Thats a long time, 5 years do or die.

landlords take from the poor and give to themselves. They're literally worse than niggers. At least niggers take from the rich. Fuck you for even being the type of person who would CONSIDER being a rent seeker.

Yeah I mean its pretty impossible to build a 6 figure passive income taking on little to no risk with no assets in 5 years. Im 19 and want to retire by 55 with 100k of passive income that I can dump back into assets expanding the passive income and so on. I feel that this is one of the best ways to reliably leave behind millions of dollars and be able to live like a king and surf 300+ days a year in the 21st century

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I can care less about crypto. I studied it, it's a shit form of transfer of wealth.
People only buy it, thinking they will sell if for more. Not for its functional use, hence it's a bubble. 10 min plus to transfer funds is crap. Volatility, funds are not backed by fdic, pure shit. Sad. Kids are gonna lose their allowance.
My portfolio is close to 500k, I'm 30yo.

Socialist, paying rent. Get your shit together snowflake. Make money, stop blaming the world for your problems

Also looking into muni bonds. I have factored in capital for renovation, in this case 25% of the listing price, and an additional 12k per year for maintenance to avoid being a slumlord.

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>100k of passive income
If it's 5 percent return, you will need 2mil. Good luck user, stay away from crypto. When the bubble busts, everyone will lose everything.

Hey if its so shit feel free to send me your portfolio faggot

>10 min plus to transfer funds is crap. Volatility, funds are not backed by fdic
btc is not the only crypto

where is this place op

Do your own homework homo, or you can keep trying on these pump and dump ponzi coins. Ask other fags for a crypto tip, they are vocal.
They are all shit. A wire is instant and costs nothing. Fdic insured and a account of transfer, with confirmation.

Crypto is a scheme. Blockchain is already incorporated into modern banking software, there was no patent.

Im calculating around 5.5% which is 50 BP below the 6% rule. My moms a residential RE agent and my dads an account director for commercial RE for a health care company. I agree though, Im operating under a couple assumptions: people will only get richer, and having a beach house will never go out of style, and white dominated conservative communities are less likely to be bad tenants, hence my focus on towns in CA, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

Thats Snapper rocks in Australia, its really overcrowded

I see crypto as a currency traded as a commodity. I had opportunities to buy at 400$, 700$ and 900$ a coin and didn't, I regret it heavily. I dont understand the obsession on this board with it, seems like the "get rich quick" aspect suckered a lot of people into actively trading it. Beats me. I like buying things that generate money without me having to do anything or get lucky consistently.

Your mom's in re, and your dumb was wants to gamble on the ponzi coin debacle. Do you really want to be the last idiot holding the worthless chips?

The only assets that will sustain themselves are gold and silver. The transfer of wealth will be the biggest in human history when these cheap money fueled asset bubbles in the stock market, real estate market, and bond market... implode.

Promise you anons... 3-5 ounces of gold or a couple hundred ounces of silver will buy you a mansion after the currency crisis/reset happens.

If that's your plan I'll root for you, friend. Crypto is currently a decent way to gain some of the capital you'd need though, and I'll try to understand if you write it off, but I wish you'd ride this train to an easier life with us for a bit.

Muni bonds LOOOL


You fucking morons need to buy REAL constitutional money before the deflationary collapse of all asset prices.

Get 10 ounces of gold and 300 ounces of silver and you will have a harem of former well do to housewives hot milfs all wanting you to get them pregnant becUse their husbands were too uneducated to protect their families with REAL money. Gold.

If you missed the crypto thing and don't think it will keep going up... then your last chances is to buy gold.

YouTube trump "all currencies will be on an even level"

>all cryptos are currencies

None of them are, they are all shit. They create new ones every day....
>copy paste software
>insert 3 letter acronym

LOL love how everyone here is afucking brainlet and bearish as fuck on crypto

.... newsflash. this is the ONLY way to build wealth in the next 3-5 years.

Im 22 with a 400k portfolio, hit 800k in the bull run. have fun with your faggot bonds and 30 year plan faggots, there is still time to retire for life if you play it right in the next year or two. get your head out of your asses.




Yes, it's called buying cash flow and it would certainly make you the smartest person on /biz. If you want reading material check out "Rich Dad Poor Dad". He's a total snake oil saleman, but makes a lot of valid points.

Ive read it, and I dont value kiyosakis opinions after some MLM retard had me read one of his other books. I came back with a measured and logical counter to the books passages on loyalty and why MLM is silly and was met with derision. Thanks for the reminder to check up on the representative, Im betting hes quit by now.

>>.... newsflash. this is the ONLY way to build wealth in the next 3-5 years.

Such a stupid statement....

I definitely have more research to do before writing it off, its still very interesting to me, Im just completely unwilling to enter a market so vulnerable to manipulation like the crypto market. Now people will say "but user you want to enter the real estate market, how is that any different?" cash flow son, cash flow. Also Im looking at property that would retain value and provide cash flow through a housing bubble. Do you have any resources you could point me to that might help understand crypto speculation or the markets better? Im certainly willing to learn.

>this is the ONLY way to build wealth in the next 3-5 years.
Check back in 10 years, your "portfolio" in quotes lol, will be worth less than monopoly money day.

I'm a no coiner with a big ass safety net.

Do you have any assets that sustain themselves on your spreadsheet that are not real estate property?

Im interested in interest income
-CDs, savings
stocks and bonds
-Growth industries, industries that cant go anywhere, and muni bonds

Ive been told to look into venture debt funding, p2p lending, RE crowdfunding, and writing an eBook as well.

Im also interested in turn key businesses, laundromats, smoke shops, franchise restaurants, car washes, etc

also known as a massive faggot.

Interest rates are shit, invest in real business that's not a fad. Something people always will need, food, clothing, housewares et,

Found anything interesting?

Keep crying basement dweller. Your ads will be crying more in a few years

kys no coiner faggot. i have investments outside of crypto. i am a retard like you to discount this opportunity. the picture is you.

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I like food, hardware stores, and cemented industries. Steve schwarzman gave a talk a while back where he listed the industries his company has money in in China, and I liked what I heard there. Utility companies, basically stuff that the population relies on and not gambling on the success or business prowess of the Chinese

I sell stuff on amazon, once your products are in FBA it's completely hands off passive money. Hardwork in the beginning so you NEETs won't have much luck.

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Also, what ever happened to pics or it didn't happen? Why would I believe anything any of you are claiming without evidence. Every post is just larp

Any advice on identifying and devloping a product that would produce sales like yours has? Unfortunately for me my dad and I devised a business years ago, did nothing with it. that business now exists and is partnered with paypal. the other version got offers on Shark Tank. super depressing but inspiring as well.

Actually yes, use google trends to find cheap shit that people are trying to buy. Download an app like junglescout to get an idea of revenue.

Let me clairify about trends; if you search "silicon" a generally cheap manufacturing material, you'll find products people are looking for. Silicon reusable bags for example. source that shit on alibaba and sell em up (don't actually do the bag idea it's oversaturated).

What was your business idea? I had the "idea" for twitch in 2006

I'm thinking about doing FBA, what kind of stuff do you sell?

>Looks like itll take me ~25 years to build 100k annual passive income

Making 40k annual passive income in a down market off masternodes NOW, why the fuck would I want to wait 25 years for slightly more than double that user?

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Doesn't matter what I sell, everything sells on amazon.

So Junglescout is worth getting? I wasn't quite sure if it was worth paying for.

The business became Acorn and CoinOut respectively. I think the CoinOut name is stupid, I would have gone with ChangeUp.

You wouldnt. Please point me in a direction to learn about masternodes, or I will have to google it and learn myself.

Does anyone want to see the spreadsheet? I thought that would have been requested by now

I payed for it only because I knew I was going to follow through and use it. Cheap alternatives are fine and sometimes better. It's helpful for giving you an idea of if you're on the right track, won't make or break you though. Trust me, when you find a product, you'll feel it in your balls.

Do you just sell one product or do you have a couple on there?

Sell one product line in different variants