I have around ~500k people following me on instagram

I have around ~500k people following me on instagram.

I want to shill chainlink to them but i don't want to make it too obvious, can you guys help me out?

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why its a shit coin
you should shill something good instead

Why are you so popular? Are you a YouTube star, a singer or something?

Just post the fiverr screaming child video

print out some of the chainlink cubes and have them in the background of some photos you post

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have you shilled any products to them in the past?

share this with them OP

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Pump and dump again, ponzi coins. Sad

write about mcdick.or fat belly problem ..ppl will figure it out

Post this video with some annotation like #crypto or somethinfg

Chain link got the bllicky

photo with the chainlink cube printed out and cube-ified in some unassuming place at the background of the photo.


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Like I'm gonna believe that some Veeky Forumsanon has 500k followers on instagram. I've seen practical goddesses with less followers, and hot grills are what gets the most followers. Unless you are a famous actor or Dan Bilzerian I'm calling bullshit.

500k isnt even that much faggot, theres clothing pages and meme pages with that much. Granted, its still powerful if used properly.

Shill it to them all you want, but stop doing it here. Sage.

Post a picture of the chainlink cube and write some click-bait-ish text like:

>This little cube right here, will probably make me more money than I will know what to do with in the next year and a half. The few of you that know what I am even talking about, keep your lips sealed. Stay strong and let the magic happen on it's own. Facebook didn't become a 50 billion empire overnight, but those that saw potential knew their stock was worth gold. Sit back, enjoy life and wait for the big announcement when it's time!

Or some shit like that.

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Its likely a meme page retard.

And OP go back selling fake watches fag, no one is going to give you more than .5 seconds of attention unless its something funny. You're not going to pitch fucking link to normalfags and stacies . Unless you say its the new bitcoin or something its not going to work

post the american psycho chainlink meme

This but only post a cube, let normies DYOR. If you give the info for free no one takes it seriously but if you make them research and they feel smart they actually might buy it

Post this

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