Anons...I was digging into the domains owned by sergey himself. I found a bunch of stuff that maybe is new? One thing that popped out at me is that sergey bought on 6/16/17. You can see he owns that by doing a WHOIS search. has a hidden owner from WHOIS data BUT IT WAS BOUGHT ON THE SAME DAY. (See pic) also DNS data shows these connections between sergeys owned domains. (See links below). I don't know anything about cryptlets other than it is microsofts version of smart contracts on Azure? What is going on here guys? Am I on to something?

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Sergey mentioned cryptlets/microsoft in an older video.


My heart is going to explode at this rate

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You are on to something
> I don't know anything about cryptlets other than it is microsofts version of smart contracts on Azure?
Not knowing anything about Cryptlets, I would double check this claim if I were you. It could all be a wild goose chase otherwise.

46:13 - "We are also working with Microsoft on their bletchley cryptlets offering..."

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ok. old news...he still owns the domains though.


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The domain has nothing on it

relax user. stop digging. if you hold a decent amount u will make it. just be patient.

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And noone has yet mentioned the microsoft azure dev that worked on the github today.

Aleksey Klintsevich

You are on to something but i dont know what

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his last name seems like some kgb torture technique


ChainLink is partnered with Ic3 (this was confirmed on the r/chainlink subreddit a couple days ago)
Look at who ic3 is partnered with

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I don't know if you guys have LinkedIn but I checked him out earlier and he is a legit Microsoft employee.

forgot pic

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"Cryptlets, a new building block of blockchain technology, will enable secure interoperation and communication between Microsoft Azure, ecosystem middleware and customer technologies. Cryptlets function when additional information is needed to execute a transaction or contract based on a date or time and providing market data. They will become a critical component of sophisticated blockchain systems, enabling all technology to work together in a secure, scalable way."

coder chad


I forgot Johnny wrote that on reddit.

>couple days ago
its like youve never visited their website since november

Hmmmmmmmmm really makes you think huh?

>the partner of my partner is my partner

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I wonder if connected organisations will hear about each others successful technologies.

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SherlockLink was right???

Yes, and why are you acting surprised.

It would have literally took you 2 seconds to open the github and then search for his name on google.

Instead I'm spoonfeeding you. Oh that's why

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From this logic, the whole world is partnered with everyone, dumb shitcoin poster.

Is there any chance Microsoft is using and not chainlink? This may sound stupid (i know it does) but what if smartcontract the company is working with these companies meanwhile chainlink is that possible?

For example, imagine microsoft paying to implement a "similar" service like chainlink which will not need to use the link token...

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I would have suspected that if Sergey and the team thought that the concept would work without a token, then they would have given up by now and have been bought over by microsoft already to implement the system you are presuming.

Also the repository he worked in was the 'chainlink' repository, although this is far from definitive proof.

Sherlock said Sergey was going to have an article on Lawyers before tomorrow's presentation. And it never happened.

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>I don’t have the skills to evaluate what you wrote but I appreciate it and hope it is correct
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