Short robin hood

guys get on the waitlist for robinhood for options. it's basically like coinbase compared to bitmex.
let's get rekt together.

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what a qt

This. Sauce.

The absolute state of western women.

>posts image more appealing than the thread
girl a cute

Why doesn't she have a dick

this bitch is like 35 now

as much as i'm a gay faggot she is better with no dick
who cares

>No woman even half as attractive would want you

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Nigga i'm 33 so it sounds good to me.

>still on 3chan

kill yourself grandpa

this. i'm nostalgic for an era I never lived in when females actually had modesty and were not just attention whore camsluts.

kek this

sorry you have to be 18 to post here newfriend

we built this place chief

I know hypnosis. No, really, I can get the hottest girl to suck my cock. I've become bored of it. pursuits of the flesh are boring. while having sex I will think about dwarf fortress or trading bitcoins or shitcoins. I'm a hopelessly broken human

nah I was just fucking with you I'm also 33

actually lived in NYC when people were trying to knock over the cardstand if you guys remember that one and create the short lived "be there in 30 minutes" meme

Is shorting stocks usually better?

TY for this master builders

someone make this the V chain logo

I'm gonna be on Veeky Forums until I die

her face is gross shes a 7 at best my gf is hotter and I don't say that about many of these thumbnail roasties


Literally every faggot thinks their girlfriend is more attractive than they actually are.

my wife is actually a very charming woman


li'l jimmy is on it

>being into girls in 2018

better be good lil jimmy

I'm 46 and I'm not going anywhere you little faggot.

that swimsuit is photoshopped on

unironically its sad. but none the less true

thanks guys just made 100k on referrals. spread the love!

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Go play with your tinker toys while the grown ups talk about our fake internet money.

good times user. that fucking cardstand guy picking it up and shaking it was peak Veeky Forums. back when nigger was said for chaostic nihilism and not meant literally by 16 year old naziboos

she's not that cute just very naked. get over your addiction to flesh my son. please, for your own health.

I want to unironcally fuck she

I noticed that to. I just want to know why? Why the fuck would someone take the time and effort to do that? They actually did a fairly good job. WHY?!

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That cardstand happening was one of the best things to ever come from Veeky Forums.

that was before 'it's happening' was even a meme or /pol/ was even created.

I was sitting in my room in harlem getting drunk as fuck on my day off and everybody was bullshitting about the cardstand. I had every intention of going down and knocking it over so I told /b/ I'd be there in 30 minutes. I didn't go and kept getting drunk and 'be there in 30 minutes' became a really popular catchphrase for a while.

I looked it up on know your meme today and they say the OP of one of the threads created it but I distinctly remember coining the phrase myself because at the moment I made the post I was gonna go knock it over and was a 30 minute trainride away.

>Why the fuck would someone take the time and effort to do that?

Because she's like 14.

Ah... Moralfags. I see. Makes perfect sense but I fucking hate it. Who cares if she's 14? If there's grass on the field, play ball.

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If there's no grass on the field, play in the mud.


This nigga gets it

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pic is fake

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