ERWORLD FIRST: C223 Token NOW Mined Through Proof-of-Volitility

That is correct.
First ever ERC223 token to be mined this way.

The supply of PHX tokens is tied directly to the Ethereum balance of the smart contract underpinning the 'EthPhoenix' decentralized application and mined using a novel, generalisable technique we refer to as proof-of-volitility

1) Model on which a queryable values from a smart contract can be used for generating Ethereum tokens (proof-of-involvement).
2) A specific instance of proof-of-involvement describing an algorithm which dictates proportional token generation according to the stake held by a participating smart contract (proof-of-volatility).
3) A smart contract detailing an ERC223-compliant Ethereum token active on the main network which can be mined a hitherto unused techniques an existing smart contract as the unerlying generator (PhoeniXCoin).

Its live now.

The release only occurred after an elaborate riddle was finally solved after a dev dropped clues all week.
The underlying contract is:

or come enjoy the futures market to earn 30x multiples, then dump into ethphoenix.

get ready for the new era of mining Veeky Forums
whitepaper link:

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so i have to hold epx to mine phx?

right now yes. By buying into EPX you can immediately start mining PHX

Now to explain the futures markets called a little more, also a world first.

>There are 6 pots, Zerobear, Bear, Minibear, Minibull, Bull, and Infinibull, representing different ETH ranges the contract balance could be at the settlement time.

>Payout multipliers depend on market sentiment, but have ranged from 1.3x (An obvious, easy bet) to 50x+ (completely unexpected manipulation).

>Manipulation occurs by token holders (EPX) during what is called the bog hour. This is the hour right after betting has stopped...but the pot is still hot i.e. yet to be won. The game isnt over until settlement and then the winners get the payouts. IN this hour window, people buy and sell EPX to move the volume in contract to favor the bet. Creates high volatility which generates dividends for EPX coin holders, making a very nice passive means of earning eth...for life.
Contract will go forever, physically cannot be stopped. Wild bones wild ride is in effect, are you on?

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Wait, but hang on, if that's an ERC223 token what's to stop me trading it on Forkdelta or something? Or using it as collateral on Ethlend?

Yeah, but no betting on this today - the eth balance popped like 80+eth today - not even close to the betting ranges! lol

NOTHING! that is the goal here, we can mine PHX and then sell it to traders or gamers and then we can buy more EPX with the ETH.


We're getting close to 400 ETH in the contract, someone just dropped 5 to bring us to 389.

>get in at 240 eth
>its 390 now but i'm still below initial investement
>our graph is totally linear
Yep, fuck off, once it hits 400 i'm out.

sir, I bought in on Feb 2nd, and i just broke even today. over 1 month later. Weak hands will lose out every time, and since I'm even money now, all future weak hands (including you when we hit 400) will be paying me pure profit.

So you're saying you need 1,5 months(more now since token costs more and there are less money) to break even and only if there will be constant stream of money? Even fucking stocks are better at this rate.

it's better than holding ETH, I also have been reinvesting all my dividends so I have more tokens than i had when i made my initial purchase (which i believe will be worth a lot more in the future) which will net me even more eth. If you dont have "fuck it" money then don't put any into this. Weak hands will be punished, strong hands will win in the end, even if it takes 1.5 months.

if you honestly think this isnt mooning you are fucking ignorant or working with powh. Just created a form of of mining. Like holy shit.

Not to mention the contract has had over 2600+ ETH in and out, its going to have much more. So its far beyond a simple 2x or 3x because im making money on others selling plus my token value goes up.Thirdly, when other sells it burn the tokens from existence making my token more rare.
im over 8 eth on a 5 eth initial investment a month ago so you can fuck off. Products speak louder than shills.

also, not everyone will experience the same route to regaining their 20% back. I bought it at the very top, the coin was dumped from 500 ETH to 160, so the value of the coin dropped a lot for me, almost 50%. If the coin doesn't drop in value and keep going up, you will get your 20% back faster just because the coin value is rising.

Do you even fucking math, bro?

90% of the eth people spend is held in the contract in case people want to dump.

Which one of this are you? Yeah i can understand why you want more people to stay in before you dump it on everyone.

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i have 3.6 tokens, im a poor fag just like you man.

There's no devs left in the top 25 holders T_T

>Yep, fuck off, once it hits 400 i'm out.

Kek, good one! The divs alone since my first buy (at 140 Eth I think) have covered ALL my fees, and the increase in price is just gravy.

Learn2Math Ponzibot.

>Even fucking stocks are better at this rate.

Yeah, ALL stocks go up 100% month on month. Kys brainlet.

>Just created a form of of mining. Like holy shit.

Know the funniest bit? Where they're going to point the Futures contract at Ponzibots contract as well. Fucking hilarious! We'll be making money off those cucks as well.

right there ya bitch. I wish i was top 25.
Good job ignoring every single point both replies made with your ad hominem, weak tea post.

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Dude this shit is literally just getting started. There is some awesome projects in the works that will heat this contract to never seen before highs in this space.

How much do you have? So I can short when you sell?


Is there any games already in the works?

>short with 20% fees
don't worry, only 0.3, i won't be crushing your pyramid with that i guess is the main game everyone is getting hyped for, it's supposed to be a mix of cryptokitties and pokemon.

Is it actually a game or is it gay trading card shit?


Oh yeah, I created an Etherdelta orderbook for this shit:

So get to selling guys!

And here's a link for Forkdelta:!/trade/0x16ea0dc095ed8c32eff23bf0d5f31cdfc50a10fd-ETH

i heard something about open world in the works, not sure of the legitimacy of that information but these developers are INSANE, so i would NOT expect something like pepe cards or cryptocities, etc.

Obv need to actually contact the devs for them and IDEX to get a proper listing, but you can use this for now, just bookmark it.

It's an actual game.

>so i would NOT expect something like pepe cards or cryptocities, etc

I've been gradually working on an in-browser (using WebGL) Runescape-esque MMO, but with a more ARPG (think Diablo) spin. Obviously most of the actual game engine won't be running on Ethereum (that'll be for anything where security is needed, the rest is all p2p using WebRTC, Websockets, Service Workers and IPFS as a backbone for asset serving).

I was wondering how to handle the in-game currency, might look at this now!

>don't worry, only 0.3, i won't be crushing your pyramid with that i guess

Kek, GG EPX then



That chart though holy shit.

A 7.1300 ETH hellfire was just added to The Phoenix! A 7.1300 ETH hellfire was just added to The Phoenix! A 7.1300 ETH hellfire was just added to The Phoenix! A 7.1300 ETH hellfire was just added to The Phoenix!

my body is ready

This shit is blowing up!!! FOMOOOO

what are you waiting for user? call now


The fire rises

This sounds really cool! Please share screenshots when you can