Are BTCP holders making the BTCP FUD threads?

>Bittrex releases coin
>FUD commences
>BTCP drops to 40, moves back up to 60 in an hour
>retraces to 50
Are BTCP guys accumulating?

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>Are BTCP holders making the BTCP FUD threads?
>Are BTCP guys accumulating?
no, they're bankrupt.

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>screenshots himself in BTCP threads
>saves for later in his BTCP folder
>makes emotional posts about BTCP
>implies he isn't accumulating

buying for anything above $5 is literally throwing your money away and even that's questionable because there are much better low cap projects out there.

Would anyone who's already not all in on this piece of shit pay $60 for it?


Bittrex are not listing
They are releasing the air dropped coins so people can go dump them on shitty third world scam exchanges

Its a literal shitcoin and has nothing going for it
Anyone who bought into it is an idiot. Zclassic was $2 and pumped that high... fucking tards

>Would anyone who's already not all in on this piece of shit pay $60 for it?
If that's what it's selling for.

Nothing new here retard, they announced this before the snapshot.

shill me on why i should buy this coin mr bagholder

>BTC brand but private and scalable
>GPU minable

why wouldnt i just mine or buy BitcoinZ
>bitcoin brand
>GPU minable
>7m marketcap - much more room to grow


Not to mention around before Bitcoin Private!


The Z at the end implies it isn't Bitcoin.
>missing the most important ingredient

7m marketcap indicates far fewer shills will promote it and what do you know, no one is.

everythings gonna be okay OP

just gotta hold until they get on a decent exchange- Binance would be good. it will definitely get up to 100+ if binance announces.

if not well then.. you might have to wait a while to drop those bags

Just mine ZenCash

>it has btc in the name
Pajeets are so pathetic

literally what
no bitcoin fork = bitcoin

BTCP was basically a fucking airdrop / rebrand of ZCL with the supply of bitcoin added on top

Try to understand the concepts of branding and marketing
How many threads did you see about bitcoin z this week?

i do - i most certainly dont mine BitcoinZ. I was just trying to make a point. BTCP serves almost no purpose. It came to late to the "fork" game after hype around forks died (diamiond, super,etc) + bear market. if this shit happened pre BTG it wouldve been at least top 10.

Fucking pajeet shills. I've seen this shit before. Fuck off back to your dirt hole with your 20 billion shit coins.

None of those forks generated anywhere near the level of discussion as BCH or BTCP.

I'm excited to find out whether zcl or btcp will fall to 0 first. It's a coin toss right now.

>Coordinated FUD

See a psychiatrist

I understand it has a cute name. Bear market doesnt give a fuck about it though. woulda been great 2-3 months ago.

Im not shilling BitcoinZ you brainlet. Its literally a worthless shitcoin. I was trying to prove a point. KYS

Bear market not really relevant to the future of a coin since everything goes down together.

Im fudding because I hate myself for falling for it. 10 dollars EOM.