I have a job interview tomorrow Veeky Forums

I have a job interview tomorrow Veeky Forums.
They are going to ask what I have been doing between my last job and now.
How do I explain crypto trading to them?

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If I were you, I wouldn't talk about any of this in a job interview.

>tfw jobs chase me and not the other way around
It's a mixed kind of feel, i really want to take a break for a few months but i also want more spare money to spend on crypto

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just say day trading stockmarket

Good goy , keep investing . Adore your pixelated coins on screen. Keep wage cucking to support your addiction to buying the pixels on screen. What's that? You want to cash out? You can't when the market is crashing and exchanges are over loaded.

This is sadly the fate for all of us....
Op you do not fucking mention crypto. Make up some bs, this is considered gambling for Autists

Oh schmucks you got me pal

>oh? you played with virtual internet coins all day?
>yes....mhm...that'll be all
>thank you for your time we'll call give you a call back

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>hates jews
>believes the can't cash out meme
literally braindead

I understand not mentioning crypto

They WILL want to know what is up with the gap in my resume.
If I say daytrading it could lead to stock questions.
I own a tiny amount of stock and don't know much about it.

just say you've been applying to jobs, for fucks sake how hard are you making this

Sorry goy you were too stupid to pick up my point. Basically no one cashes out. They need more and more. One of the times ppl try to cash out is when the market is so rekt they panic and try to transfer out to cash. The exchanges get so flooded that they can't

The hell is wrong with saying you were trading crypto?

how do I make a resume and fill this gap... hmm...

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Don't explain anything just take your dick out and piss on the managers desk then shove it in his mouth. It will show you're a real go getter.

it's funny when you're pulling in a fatter salary from that

just lie and say whatever is convenient or whatever appeals to their delusional world view

no one will care, and if they do happen to audit you like an autist then find another interview

Say family commitments came up and you had to be out of state

hint that you're trans/genderfluid and will sue if they don't give you the job

Just tell them you got bored with trading crypto and want to work.

say were an independtent contractor you dumb fuck

wagies don't hire neets. if you were unemplyed for more than 2 months, you won't get hired again. normies don't want crypto kids unless you're interviewing at a blockchain project.

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ahhhhhhaaaaaaaahaha i laugh at you crypto scum

"Digital Assets Management"
"Cryptographic Technology"
"Freelance Purchasing Agent"
"values innovation"
"attention to detail"
"quick learner"
"active online community member"
"team player"
These buzzwords/phrases should be enough OP, godspeed

Isn't the problem with saying you did trading of any kind during a gap of employment show that you were a shit trader since you are looking for a job?

tell them you worked freelance as a painter