Big chainlink conference tomorrow. Whales accumulating today

Big chainlink conference tomorrow. Whales accumulating today.

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Mar 14, 2018
3:30pm – 4:30pm
21:30 - 22:30 GMT +1

wait for the sweet conference post dump

Someone here clearly didn't learn from Bitcoin SuperConference except this time it's even bigger

whales accumulating to dump?

My body is ready

Whales been accumulating for days.

Stinky linky has been pumping all week

I'm leaving work early to be at the speech of our lord & savior. AMA

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>Bitcoin SuperConference

Sergey literally announced the release of the simplified testnet of course it pumped.

In this conference Sergey is going to be giving a ted-talk-like speech and preaching to a bunch of normies shit we already know.

Wait 2-3 more months faggot why are people here so impatient? and yes I hold almost 10k link

You have to record/stream it

I will record at shitty qualities.
Sound good?

Will there honestly be anything of value here? I hold 50k Link but I’m not at all expecting the price to pump. He’s just talking to normies about the product, not revealing anything substantial. Let’s taper our expectations a bit.

>whales accumulating in the top of a pump.

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Sergey could standbthere an order Uber eat Big Macs. The fact he is in stage with docusign chads and crypto goddess should pump the price to $5 on that alone

>Whales accumulating a day before a couple fefence instead of redistributing the day before a conference
Buy the news sell the dump right? You Linkies never learn.

Bruh. I hold 100k link and I don't give a shit about the price until early to mid 2019

Do it just in case no one else does

What if I told you we're not at the top yet?

heyo OP
quit being a dumbass
we seeing a dump tomorrow bigly unless Sergey announces a partnership

It's exactly this sentiment that's going to keep ChainLink pumping all the way up to the start of this conference. "I sold before the conference last month and it mooned. It's bound to moon again this time too!"

Last time, it was Sergey's talk. Announcing big things about ChainLink was par for the course. This time, it's Sergey on a fucking panel talking about a topic not even directly related to CL or SmartContract. It's not the kind of venue where you announce new partnerships or whatever else. It's going to dump back to 5k and I'm going to laugh having dropped all my bags at 6.5k

>he thinks this is a pump

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>not even directly related to SmartContract
well the panel is about smart contracts and that's all LINK is used for
Sergey finally updated his picture

Link never reached its ath in sats since August. Not even in the December bullrun. Wake me up when it passes 11k sats and I will tell you then link is ready to moon. Until then it's sideways movement if things are fine and slow bleed if btc shits the bed

dumping after conference.
not knowing the cross population uber-mensch monied network effect of sxsw.
I swear never listen to /biz.

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I agree, but he could mention something on the sly on how one could utilize smart contracts through his platform and announce something in the process that wasn't just theoretical.

>muh sats
quit thinking like its 2016 and Bitcoin is the only thing that matters

>i wanna buy at 11k sats

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c h e c k e d

Satoshi value is benchmark for performance dude
End of story

Fucking nice quints, friend

>skinny sergey

I feel bad, does Sergey have body dysmorphia do you think? He seems incapable of accepting his new manatee bod.

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>shilling link to a bunch of normies
there's your pump

my god

that would be like comparing a stock to another stock, it's ridiculous

>mfw sell-the-newsfags get burned

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we're all witnets

This isn't a sell the news coin. This coin is starving for news. Anything will send this over a dollar

feels good for those of us getting justed as of late

>anything will send this coin over a dollar
yeah just like the announcement at the superconference

Poorfag here with only 1200 LINK. I put every penny used for investments into LINK

Will I make it? How much will it be worth?

Satoshi value is important becasue I don't like to measure against fiat;. I like to measure against what I'm making in my crypto money. I like to know if I'm outperforming the most standard investment in crypto. I also like to pay attention to Gwei value because this is money that was otherwise in ETH initially. I like to see that I'm outperforming where I would have been.

Comparing a stock to an index maybe..

Make sure u guys buy in before it dumps tommorow

Partnership announcement. Literally any legit partnership at all because people have been waiting for one so long.

that wont come until main net

Its going to pump like a motherfucker tomorrow, I can feel it.

The fuck did I do, god damnit. I wanted to sell and buy more later on for the cheap.

Everyone else is feeling the same fomo as we speak. That is why it will dump when no real buys come in. Enjoy it.

Sergey and the team already said they won't announce any partnership whatsoever and they will let the partners announce it when they feel like it. Literally anti-hype. I think this approach may be because of NDAs but most likely is that Sergey want the partners to feel confident about the project before the announcement.
Unlike most vapor wave around crypto Link is substance over hype. They won't associate Smartcontract to any big partner until that partner is ready to do so and most likely the potential partners know the ball is on their side. Big players may be already all in in link in their minds as a Dos with other projects being distant seconds.. Since the team won't give us nothing to play with Link Hodlers have the uneasy certainty that a moon announcement can be pulled at any second in a time frame from right now-five years from now.

C-checked senpai

way to out yourself as a newfag

checked and erect

you just have to remember what can be covered in an hour with these 4 panelists that wouldn't eventually lead to some mention of ChainLink. it's almost spelled out for us. why in the living fuck would these 4 people go through the trouble of doing this panel if it didn't benefit them in some fashion? Sergey was the last of the 4 to put his name on a purchasable asset. just look at the ChainLink ducks being lined up into a row. i'm not saying this is the singularity, but this is about as far from insignificant as you can possibly get.

no linkers are going to stay so, they won't even FOMO on principal alone, it's literally all a done deal. you're about to hear the future of your stake in this lottery ticket tomorrow. may fortunes rain down upon us.

Keep following the thread, linkies. The whole sweater's about to unravel.

So Sergey... We're curious. How exactly is SWIFT using ChainLink and how is Azure tying into it? We would really like to get some details on the commercial functionality of the technology?


This is good for people that want to accumulate right?

"We were very happy to help SWIFT make their own oracle. Next question?"

Except you can buy stocks with regular money, not another stock. All cryptos are tied to btc, even eth to a large extent.

Czeched & Heil Hitler
Link $1000 EOY


Don't start selling until 200 per link. Hold as long as you can for something closer to 500-800 in a couple years. Don't sell more than 500 hold that shit for the long haul or stake it

We're counting on you Marine!

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Do you guys honestly think LINK can reach 4 digits? The project is amazing and all but that seems beyond optimistic.

Only if it rains mass adoption among the big players in a standardized network. Sort of like windows. But it could be that huge yeah.
Also to this guy consider just forgetting about it for 5 years as well

3 digits is beyond optimistic.

>Sergey and the team already said they won't announce any partnership whatsoever and they will let the partners announce it when they feel like it

the sxsw talk is with tom gonser of docusign, so the partner will be there to announce it


What's stopping you from getting a job right now and buying more?

Actual use takes us to 2 digits
Speculation to 3
The smart contract bubble takes us to 4

Fingers crossed

Lord Jesus, I hope they make some sort of partnership announcement.

I can almost guarantee you that the price will shoot past a dollar and head towards two.

If not, I can see a 10-20% dip and stagnation until some sort of news comes out who knows when.

too late to check this?

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