Uhhh guys. Remember that ark chick? She’s being suicidal. You guys need to calm her down

Uhhh guys. Remember that ark chick? She’s being suicidal. You guys need to calm her down.


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Why is she suicidal?

She's just an attention whore.

Oh okay. Never mind. She’s got some nsfw shit on her account if you guys want to see them. No noooods tho

Don't kill yourself. Marry me instead, you're cute, I would lick your ass and vegena all day beibi.

Post it on reddit not here

I'm gonna get downvoted there.


That's too bad

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OP, is mountainjew your account?

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Got what she deserved for believing shills. Should have sold her pussy for money, better returns than that shitcoin.

> suicide watch

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Want to know why suicidal rates are different from Men and Women? Because Men get shit done right.

Nope I don’t post on that trash. I was stalking to see if she posted tits or ass yet

at least her ark will be taken out of circulation


she's ok looking. She's probably been bullied a lot in high school. I would take for a ride

Lol she even fishes with a pic. Fuck this chick.

There's only one ark chick

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I hope she fucking does but we all know women never actually kill themselves lol

Just another deluded arkie at the end of their rope

this shit thread was worth it just for this
sage for attention whore (if you are lurking, please kys)

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Why crop out the after pic and only post the before from her weightloss post?

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A close female friend of mine killed herself a few years ago. It really fucked me up and it’s a loss that will stay with me forever. I’m not offended by your dumb comment or anything, I just hope you never have to feel that and it doesn’t happen to anyone you care about.

Yeah that comment was a bit harsh. Go ahead call me a pussy.

attention whores are so fucking tiresome and predictable.

You gotta be fucking kidding me?
I know 3 women who have killed themselves.

female suicide=legit mental fuck up, usually borderline and/or histrionic personality disorders.

male suicide=destroyed by the world, incel, no one cares about him, logically realizes that death is the only escape.

Every woman I've known who has killed themselves has been because of BPD shit. Dont ever get into a relationship with a girl who tells you she has this. WALK THE FUCK AWAY. Its not worth it even if shes a 10 and youre a 1

what do you say if you don't kill yourself after posting something like that

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>Veeky Forums being edgy as usual


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This isn't reddit mate. Fuck off

Stop giving attention to attention whores. Or else they’ll never fuck off and leave. I hate thots so fucking much

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Doesn't even show tits. Everything on there is just attention whoring. And now she's "threatening" suicide


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