Is there any reason to use anything but these two?

Is there any reason to use anything but these two?

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add kucoin and no there isnt.

If you have to ask you don't deserve the moon missions to be found on shit exchanges

Gemini is a much better fiat on-ramp than Cuckbase

brown pill me on chinknance. why should i trade there? place seems rife with p&d shit coins and just got hacked like last week.

I can't use coinbase so I use

ITT: Autism

Its a professionally ran exchange, they handled the last two hacks with class, have a nice easy to use UI, have a large selection of coins, and they are outside the iRS jurisdiction

binance=large cap alts
kucoin=mid cap alts/shit coins
cryptopia=shit coins
etherdelta=recent ICOs

these are all we really need

yeah i forgot my key for my TFA on binance and now im locked out

and chinese support has been unhelpful

So im on bittrex for the time being



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>too dumb to use etherdelta

yup...came here to say this. i love gemini. cant stand using coinbase and their bullshit there is a "mining fee" for transferring bitcoin to..can you believe it... a BITCOIN WALLET. you are charged a MINING fee for transferring BITCOIN to a BITCOIN WALLET

How are you possibly going to get your TRTL's without tradesatoshi or tradeogre.

This board has missed out on huge money not being on Bibox.

>Still using a DEX taken over by scammy chinks
>Thinks he is smart for using etherdelta

I'll put you out of your misery now,
IDEX has been the best DEX for about a month or two since etherdelta got marauded.

Why not go to poloniex? They have a real good lending program there.

Autism: the post

Gemini would be more popular if it didn't take half a bull-run to get verified.


>Gemini is a much better fiat on-ramp than Cuckbase

it's not better for instant buying from bank accounts.

>Not flinging $10 bills into garbage shitcoins
why live

They are both shit. One doesn't allow Euros and the other is run by Chinks. CoinMetro can't come soon enough.

IDEX has some fucking issues, bought link at 0.47 usd market and was charged fucking 0.59. fuck them and their fucked up website

Trade out Coinbase for QuadrigaCX and you've got the optimal snow mexican exchange set.

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Sounds like you're a fucking newfag man


Small withdrawal limit and not being able to get in on moon missions early

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1) Coinbase for instant debit card transactions when price dumps or bumps. You start with a $400 daily limit but after a few transactions it will go up. The fees are ridiculous but the speed allows you to get in quick and ride the waves instead of miss them. Transfer to GDAX for lower withdrawal fees when you want your coin to go somewhere else.

2) Gemini if you want to wait. Lowest fees but can take 3-5 days for transaction to clear. When you want to sell, even if you bought on Coinbase for quick action, sell on Gemini.

$500 sell of BTC is like $2 in fees. Compared to $15-20 fees on Coinbase. It's literally cheaper to sell on Gemini and pay the wire fee ($15 for my bank) to have a 1 day transfer than it is to pay Coinbase fee and wait 3-5 business days for free ACH transaction to bank account.

3) Binance for alt coins. They have great customer service (in my experience). Handle OH SHIT moments really well, the recent "hack", offering a bounty for the hackers, etc. Have good social presence and listen to their customers. I'm shilling so hard.. idgaf. Only downside is the withdrawal fees can be high. Check the fees before you buy a coin you're gonna hodl so you compensate to get the amount you actually want. Shill done

Etherdelta is where money goes to die

Kek, pretty much. Any doubts I had about Binance were WELL allayed after this last incident.

Good info about Gemini, thanks friendo.

Ahahahahaha bullshit

Link has no volume on DAI.

Nice try faggot, and even in your larp it would have still been your fault newfag.

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Why use coinbase when you could use gdax

Why is that better than CB?

t. frostback


What about Kyber Network?

coinbase is an israeli jew scam exchange.
go for kraken if you want serious people

Soon coinmetro will take over.

Soon there's only one platform you'll use.

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I use Binance for trading and Kraken for getting fiat in and out.

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hope you did not invest there. Full of promises they can't execute


what are alternatives to using ether delta for trading ANY tokens?

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Bad FUD is bad