The founder of Skycoin, Synth is involved with another scam coin called AML Bitcoin

The founder of Skycoin, Synth is involved with another scam coin called AML Bitcoin.

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anti money laundering bitcoin, nice.

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Skycoin is going down. The biggest scam in Crypto after bitconnect.

>21 like
Looks legit to me

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Go on the sky telegram and ask about it OP. Interested to hear what he says

I got banned for asking questions

Someone please do it, I'm really curious on this one.

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What's funny?

everyone already knows sky is a scam

Not everyone.

I'll see you faggots from Mars.

Skycoin is legit even if the faggot synth needs to be cut from the project like chaff from wheat.

Dude is absolute poison, why he was chosen as the voice of the group I'll never understand.

Lol he will never be cut from the project. He is their cult leader, they worship him. He hires toxic people like Bradford, Sudo, and Jonathan. This coin will die. Get out while you can.

And miss out on a coin that is the future of the world?

Not fucking likely.

Look, if there was a project even half as close to becoming reality as skycoin is I would jump at the opportunity. Unfortunately that is not the case. Their github progress doesn't lie even if their glorious leader does.

nice, finally quality fud

i have 3k skycoin and im actually curious about this

ive always had trouble trusting people without a jawline

I'm so jelly. I have 100, I want to make it sooner rather than later but with so few coins it looks like I'll be working until close to retirement .

Imagine being this delusional. Ethereum is the coin of the future.

Imagine being this much of a brainlet.

I'm talking about the future of the internet you fucking mong.

Believe it or not Ethereum will not be the only coin of the future.

>miss out on a coin that is the future of the world?
How can you be this delusional? It's wash traded during any price increase and the tech behind it is all smoke and mirror complicated techy vocabulary so you think it must be revolutionary. Screen cap this, will go down like confido

The amount of work put into the github literally shows it is nothing like confido.

I've screen-capped this so I can tell you to apologize in 5 years. Please don't kill yourself by that time because you missed out.

is this the same as the abtc i got from achain fork


Veeky Forums doesn't even deserve the gains they could get from skycoin.

why are the skycoin shills so quiet? they can't answer?

Apparently it's not.

Where did you find that? You wrote it?

holders playing the spread is not wash trading. I've been watching/scalping regularly since late November/early December.

because we're real people with day jobs, not your paid shill fantasies

u mad? there's over 6000 on telegram, none of whom get paid to post on Veeky Forums

Skycoin's Telegram, a user's friend wrote it

In one hand, searching from Synth's real name gives interesting results. I really like his answers in Quora, and his opinion here

On the other hand, the AML bitcoin thing looks scammy as fuck and is actually the opposite of what Synth would be defending, so I am really looking for some official answer. Hell, a drop in price of SKY would be welcome, I still believe in the project.

AML Bitcoin is a joke, not a scam. You cannot buy it anywhere.

Synth himself knows about this and said a while ago that "they're going to do a TV show about AML Bitcoin"

Nooo it was supposed to dumpppp

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Skycoin is so great, I heard the original Bitcoin devs started Skycoin to solve Bitcoin's problems. It's got nfinite scalability and zero fees too while decentralizing the internet, how can you not be all in? I know I am.

Yeah I know probably the #1 project right now in crypto