What does it mean to "lock the prices" on a crypto wallet?

What does it mean to "lock the prices" on a crypto wallet?

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You.....lock... the.. price. DUH

It's a joke.

If you make the mistake of buying with a bank transfer on coinbase, then you get to lock in teh price for a FUCKING WEEK while you wait for your coins to show up.

Yeah but what the fuck does that mean?

I want an answer that doesn't involve the word "lock"

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>the absolute STATE of Veeky Forums

Yes but I hear about people talking about locking in the price on hardware wallets.

Also I buy with bank transfers on coinbase. What's the big deal?

It's just a meme...like Jason parser

it means if you bought bitcoin for 18k and locked it at 18k then you can't sell your btc you purchased until its worth 18k again, so if it's now worth 2k for example you cant sell it even if you wanted to

You make the price stay at whatever it is, so if they go down you win. If the price goes up you lose. its not that fucking difficult to understand what locking the price means retarded faggot.

it's obvious you're trolling about the locking in thing.

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WRONG. Another fucking retard doesnt understand the price lock

How the FUCK is that even possible? That's literally possible? What in the ACTUAL fucking fuck?


Yes you press the lock button on the wallet. Hardware wallets take care of you bro


are you that fucking stupid? do you really think that because you "locked" your price of btc at 18k then you can now magically sell it for 18k still even if its worth 12k?

You're just another brainlet who didnt lock his bitcoins

op dont listen to this retard

OP this guy is salt as fuck he lost money because he didnt spend $100 on a wallet to lock his bitcoins. These people try to FUD hardware wallets because they fucked up their lives

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>owning btc
and you call me a brainlet

OP ask yourself, does it make sense that if you locked btc at 100k, and now its worth 10k that you can still sell it for 100k just because you "locked" it....no it doesn't.

If you lock it all it does is prevent you from selling until it reaches the price in which you locked it at again i.e prevents weak hands from panic selling

Checked. Buy one of these OP

trip 000 because thats how many bitcoins this cunt has after he panic sold at 7k because he didnt lock his coins at 18k

>not owning a hardware wallet in 2018 with price lock functionality

Holy shit so you mean you just let you coin fluctuate with the market pricing? No wonder you crypto newfags are so jittery about tiny movements

t. locked at 16k

come to collingwood and i'll roll your faggot ass and shove a boxcutter up your ass dumb cunt

OP really

Hahah guys I bought a mercedes for 50 grand 5 months ago, and I locked it in at 50 grand. It is missing two wheels, has no windshield and the taillights are smashed in and is covered in dents. I dont want it anymore, so I'm gonna sell it. Thank god I locked it in at 50 grand and it is still worth 50 grand, anyway bye gonna go sell it.

You're going to roll my "faggot ass" ?? Would you care to explain why you want to roll my ass please? You have no credibility at all with this shit you're coming out with and not knowing about price locks. Just embarrassing yourself there really. You might as well just use the boxcutter to neck yourself bud!

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yeah and this brainlet OP is gonna fall for it

Cant even understand a word you're saying now.

OP this is what a stress induced seizure looks like because they didn't price lock.

You know how you lock the price? By selling it, you fucking moron

haha i'm dying 10/10 fud

"if you lock it all it does is prevent you from selling!"

nice meme

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Decentralized data sources, the perfect companion for Link.

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It means you sold at a certain price. Using a crypto wallet is putting your money into "cold storage". So people started talking about freezing the value of their coins at a certain price and the cunts took it from there. Don't worry, this isn't as annoying as the plush pepe memes.

Holy shit you are a newfag. Have you never owned a hardware wallet? Price locking has been around for a while now, there were anons locking in their btc at 18k and 19k.

It's the same as locking in the age and weight of a new gf.

I locked my BTC at 18k get fucked faggots



it means "hidden thread" and "Added to filters

So no one actually knows

Alright Veeky Forums look. Im a newfag, been on here for about 6months.im starting get a sense that in threads like this all the oldfags including even OP are completely in on the joke and anyone who tries to explain to OP or even in fact calls OP a newfag is themselves a newfag. For some reason it feels like there is some unwritten code amongst anons where you just "know" whos trolling and whos not. Can an oldfag please explain this to me and then delete their reply.

lol u didnt lock ur bitcoin at 18k ???? kek sage

you have to use segwit if you want a locked price on your wallet

I have a trezor with a btc locked at 18k.

The process for selling a locked coin takes about 2 weeks because you get your money from trezor.
When you lock it, they essentially back your coin with fiat and hold it in a bank. Once you decide to sell they can give you your money and they get the btc.
Locking coins give companies like trezor mad amounts of dough. Just think of those who had locked coins at 3k and went on a holiday only to see the price at 5k or even more.

It has its ups and downs as we have seen many nons over the past showing or selling locked coins for 15k +

Anyways. I have several of these coins locked but need some liquid.

Selling a locked btc at 17866$ USD for 6000$ CAD.

It's a pain for me because I have to first sell the coin to trezor (2 week process) and then transfer usd to cad. If someone just had cad I would gladly take the hit because I need cash like yesterday.

you've crossed the line into the know
now never mention anything like this ever again and play by the rules you pretend to now understand
fucking newfag


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Stop talking about things you are clueless about.
When you lock your Bitcoin when the price is at 12k on your ledger for example it triggers a smart contract and then you can sell these BTC anytime for 12k no matter the market price.

I will happily buy the trezor from you, if you provide proof.
Please contact me on the address [email protected]

Found her. Laura Dore, AKA Sweetie Cyanide

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I have several BTC locked up at $18k. If yu want to have them I trade them for Ether.

"What are Futures contracts?"