My gift to the LINK MARINES

Since LINK seems to be /comfy/ sitting above 6k once again, I decided to make a present for my fellow linkies. Hope you enjoy it men, and godspeed!

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nice fud

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Can't believe you paid her for this KEK

>$1 EOY

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she got like 10 cents lmao

I didn't pay her shit LOL some other user requested the voice recordings, I remixed it and she said she liked it so I told her to show mouth.

I made this because is funny to me

this was nice, thanks user

This didn't happen to ETH
Biz is going to destroy Link before it can even take off.

Hahaha, I thought that was you. Someone sent her like .32 ETH or so.

kek I don't think anyone's gonna see this user

This one is still the best gift OP

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This is bullish for chainlink



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Should have said "one thousand end of year" instead of "one dolla"

desu I only made it say "one dolla" because the damn roastie garbled "thousand" so it's incomprehensible by itself.

Blame the whore i guess =/

Ah okay. I still enjoyed it either way.

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good to hear my dude

any of you faggits who liked this crap and wanna send some LINK, send it here


It's pretty bad desu

thanks man

I enjoyed this, thank you fampai.

t. 70k stinky linky

Yo niggaz aint know no word up on da streetz nigga.
Yo Yo Yo hear me out en sheeeiit.
Is likes Dissin is Disrepstecting an shit niggas ya'll get me.
Like a dollah is like straight up $1000 dollarz yo feel me playa.

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This makes me bullish

glad you enjoyed famalam. don't be afraid to send a few LINK my wanna show support.

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i fukn laffed

ur a terrible producer do you know that?