Just went all in on IOTA

Just went all in on IOTA
Ask me anything

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does that pepe plush actually have a dick

Smart Refugee Cities

i dont care what the /pol/tards here think....im PROUD TO BE TRANS


Kill yourself. IOTA is literally a meme

You might make money in the short run but its a retarded long term investment.

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Yeh bro
Now open your mouth

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Short term investment
All alts are memes for trading to gain more bitcoin

Literally the opposite

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Did the crash cause any facial deformity or was it just brain damage?

IOTA barely took a hit in btc value during crash always bounced back up to floor
Only recently bought in at 18k sats and doubled up at 14k
Drop and test pump indicate moon soon

Literally dropped my bags today.
IOTA is a beta testnet pretending to be an actual product. Which is fine, except people are paying money for it. It's an interesting project, but the team is too unprofessional to achieve their goals.

>team too unprofessional
Of all the negative things to say about IOTA this is my favourite. Burgers your culture isn't the world, nothing these fucks have said has been out of line in context. Clearly they are professional enough in the boardroom to get partnerships with the big movers

how does it feel to just lose all of ur money

user you're smart.
you see the writing on the wall.
Let all these fucktards miss out.
don't shill them. They've made their minds up.
just keep acquiring. And get it off exchanges...

Only bought in recently
Thanks for the kind words user
They will fomo in soon

Yeah, they are so professional each times someone finds a bug in their code it's not IOTAs fault.

IOTA is definitely one of the worst tokens ever developed, period. It's literally a dumpster of glitches, bugs and it will always be.

enjoy your bags. all cryptographers say it's shit. come-from-beyond is the laughing stock of crypto and david is a pr nightmare

>he thinks professionalism is about being polite

Name a crypto that works 100% the way it should with no fud. Every coin is still a speculative investment
Whales spread fud to push prices lower and make weak hands sell and when they can't squeeze it anymore prices go up



Eh, no. Bad programming skills != FUD

What value does the token have? If machines are using it to exchange data why are these machines buying it from me
>machine to machine VIA NEET