How are you all holding up? You didn't sell did you? 150,000 Link reporting in

How are you all holding up? You didn't sell did you? 150,000 Link reporting in.

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sell? heh. this is nothing.

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Also 150k here since ED. No point following the price movement, just following the news. I imagine Veeky Forums will tell me when it passes $10 anyway, which is the first milestone I'm looking at.

when will my 10k linkies make me a millionaire?

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12k here

this coin is honestly such a snoozefest
is anyone excited about this?
i was excited about ethereum, interested by bitcoin
chainlink is so damn boring

4 months of a stagnant price reflects that

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I'm excited about smart contracts in general. Couldn't really give a fuck about b2b and b2p even though it will make me rich. p2p is where the real juicy shit is at.

25k here

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Hodling my Waifu closely.

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when LINK hits $100 of course

Just got my stack up to 6k. Waging away because I don't want to swing trade and lose so it's going slow. I really hope I make it. It's never enough and time is running out.
I don't want to have to worry about money lads. I don't even want to worry about work. 1000 EOY is a dream. But I don't see it manifesting into reality unfortunately. To really make it I think you need at least 20k

>tfw only 1k link

It's ok they will be just as stinky as everyone else's : ' )


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Stagnation? Obvious accumulation is obvious senpai.

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I can't wait to double my stack when this tanks into the dirt later today. check em

This is the goal. To work, but not because you have to.

Checked. Failed.

weak post. your arrogance is punished. LINK 1000 eoy

Link $1000 + staking EOY


never, but it will make you a hundredaire some day lmao

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If I made it I'd stop working and volunteer on my own time. Make a woodworking shop, build a beautiful overhang to get married under and make furniture for the home. Detail the trim of every room. Read and write all day. Learn instruments I've never touched. Visit a few countries. Anything but wageslave to get out of the house.

This. I'd try and make a living out of writing and stand up comedy. Travel. Just stuff I've always wanted to pursue full time but can't. Money just opens up doors. Makes life easier.

14k link reporting in
What rank am I?

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Same position lad. Worked 50 hours last week. 60 this week. I WILL get 10k linkies