JP Morgan needs Blockchains to be able to talk to each other

>Between the two extremes of distributed ledger projects and public blockchains like ethereum, there is a "fuzzy grey area in the middle" that Baldet has termed "mutualized infrastructure."

Who's going to fill this grey area???

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Icon obviously. there private blockchain is working with every single big instiution in korea including samsung, biggest banks and gov agencies.

the company behind it which also owns one of koreas biggest exchanges is worth 4b$ real dollars and not crypto marketcap dollars.

Holy fuck have Wanchain tokens STILL not been released?

ICON only does value transfer, AION does both value and data. AION will win, easily the best tech and team. No question.

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>t. brainlet who didnt read icons whitepaper

The article specifically mentions Cosmos, Polkadot and Interledger. Can they compete with the big 3 from the interoperability alliance?

I have read it in depth, AION is far superior and although I hold both ICON and AION I am way more bullish on AION’s potential. It was AION who founded the alliance between these three, their team lead by Matt Spokes are God’s in comparison to the ICON and WANCHAIN kids. AION and NUCO have actual live private blockchains and not just partnerships.

none of those has a private running blockchain like icons team which is already working with banks, insurance companies and hospitals.

these coins might have good tech but are all ideas.

you faggot didnt read shit lmao. theloop isnt a partnership you brainlet. its who fucking created icon to connect everything with the private chain

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aion is the weakest of the 3 and wanchain hasnt even been released. theyll all do well but icx and wan will do better.

Ideally ADA would solve this problem but in all honestly Ethereum is so ahead of the game, I have no idea if ADA can even compete at this point just due to sheer being left in the dust.

Look at this shit



AION is out making a name for themselves while ICON literally does nothing. Nothing.

NUCO and AION have created private blockchains for banks and businesses all over the world already and now they are bridging the middle space.

AION is top tier fucking next 1000X and if you want to grope the balls of ICON which is overbought chinese shit then be my guest.


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It actually has Wall Street dudes on their team for starters.

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>he thinks that just because ICON doesn't chose to upload crappy selfie videos that they aren't doing anything