Splitting dinner date bills

How does /biz handle women who are liberals but yet demand that you pay the bill on dates. In before "just don't date liberals" because I live in boston.

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Don't live in Boston

this desu

alternatively, just be a fucking man and say "we're splitting this, right?" before she has a chance to say anything. if she insists you pay it all, laugh and say "not very feminist" then delete her number and never see her again

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jesus fuck poorfags

Quit bitching and pay the bill. If the woman is demanding that you pay you've already fucked up. Enjoy dying alone.

Why would you meet someone who “demands” stuff like this.

And of course a gentleman pays the bill on first date. Fuck liberfucks.

I’m in Western Europe and I have not been in a situation yet where a simple “let me take care of this” doesn’t resolve it.


If she was a tradition woman id be glad to pay

i usually pay on the first date. i usually get play on the first date. you win some you lose some. up your game OP and you won't give a fuck about splitting the bill.

It's about principle.

just pay the bill you faggot

if she demands that you pay the bill then you demand that she sucks your dick

pay the bill
you dont pay for the food
you are actually paying for the pussy

It’s a shit test dummy. She wants to see if you are man enough to stand up to her little stupid requests. Firmly say, we’re splitting this, end of discussion. You get to keep more money and it’ll turn her on a lot to see you have a spine.

Are you some sort of idiot who can't cook on your own? What sort of cuck pays for the privilege of eating food prepared by another person?

>pays the bill on first date
>I’m in Western Europe
literal Eurocuck

>dating stupid hoes
>not just banging them

If you have to spend a few shekels to bang pussy in good condition then it’s worth it.
But if you’re actually trying to gf some hoe who is against “patriarchy” but will gladly take ur money and expects you to be a gentleman then you’re a dumb cunt.

>spending money on a woman that is not the mother of your children
Don't spend a dime until at minimum you have fucked her in all holes. Stick to bar dates with no food involved and only pay for your own drinks. Dinner dates are for after you are married to a fertile keeper not for random thots.Bonus points if you have enough game and charisma to convince her to pay for you, and yes it can be done.

Hello MGTOW-fag

It's sad. I want to help you retards but I don't think there's any help to be had.

>liberal expects a handout
I don't understand what you're trying to get at, op. Everything seems normal to me.

being this ameritarded

I'm a woman and I've always found that if a man doesn't just grab the bill and pay it with no questions asked, he usually ends up being a meek little beta boy that no woman wants. Ever.

We want a take charge kind of man. It doesn't matter if she's conservative or liberal. All women want a man who takes care of shit.

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I don't ask a woman out unless I like her enough to pay for everything. I just calibrate where I take her to how much I like her.

I don't give a fuck what she demands lol, and I never had any women who demanded me to pay or something, I just pay and drive her to my place.

And men want woman who don't act like children all the time. Life sucks.


why do women raise boys to be the betas they despise so frequently

Aren’t liberals more likely to split the bill? Feminism and all that?

If you’re traditional / conservative who cares what she thinks? You’re the man. You pay. Everyone has their place.

Then you can make your next move based on how she acts.

I have my dates pay for my meals. If you don’t do this, you are a failed man.

Conservative women will expect you to pay moreso.

Be a man you faggot

Selfishness. Women don't love the man himself, they love what he does for her. They love being fucked ruthlessly by an alpha, they love being doted on and supported by a beta. When a woman raises a son to be her servant, she's basically committing a form of non-sexual incest.


i just wish a woman would even speak to me outside work....

You pay the bill to show her you are more powerful than her and are able to provide security without being coerced.
It's a very simple step in the mating ritual.

Protip: if the issue of 'how we are splitting the bill' ever comes up, don't expect to get your tip wet.

Protip#2: if she 'insists' on paying part of the bill, you probably aren't getting your tip wet either, because she doesn't respect you, or the mating ritual

this. fucking virgin neets making a big deal over paying a bill on dates.

>you want to pay for me you little shit? You think you're better than me?

it was my privilege

say you have to use the bathroom and then exit through the back

Pay for her goddamn dinner on a date.

You'll eventually go 50/50 if you get into a relationship but that WON'T happen if you try to go dutch on the first dates. You'll look like a poor loser.

This is right. Leave your liberal/conservative ideology at the door and realize you're dating a human woman.

You get her to pay for you. I did with my current gf of 1 year. Worked out splendidly. She buys me shit/pays way more than I buy/pay for her shit.

user a real man never fucking let's someone split the bill, being on a date or out with friends, this is why you will never be an alpha

How do you explain my situation then?

exceptions always exist
in your case, your female for some reason considers you to have a higher sexual marketplace value than herself, and she is concerned that if she does not provide for you, she will lose access to your perceived value

my guess is that she's a thirsty hoe with issues, and that she is using you like some sort of comfort blanket

good for you if you are satisfied with her

I pay the bill. My gf gets the bill next time. Super simple stuff.

Oh hell yes. Happiest I've ever been with a woman. She's Asian and I'm white, dunno if that plays into it. She cooks and cleans for me, buys me clothes, pays for trips etc, and she's cute and smart. I think I just lucked out honestly. First Asian girl I've dated. I give her lots of love and affection in return but almost nothing material. I didn't buy her anything for valentines or our anniversary and she didn't bat an eye. I just took her on a hike/picnic and she was overjoyed. We met hiking during a meetup.com event. Keeper I'm thinking. Considering marrying her even though I swore I'd never marry.

>How does /biz handle women
We don't.


That may play into it. I dunno what type of asian she is, but lots of them have white-fever, and think its an amazing thing to catch a white man. I'm happy for you, and I hope you treat her well and do something special for her on occasion. Getting a woman who puts effort into keeping her man happy like that is a pretty rare thing.

>We want a take charge kind of man
>''Pay the bill, bitch''
>le trigger vagina

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I'll pay the first date, no problem, after that it's 50/50 or one treats the other.

but the problem is you dont know until youve paid

i can relate. my gf is asian aswell, and she is such a loving person. ill protect her against all and forever. 6ft spanish hot guy in vietnam

by that logic is demanding you split the bill an express sign of rejecting her?

My gf and I do't split but I pay this one, she pays the next, and so on.

I wouldn't even bother being that direct. When the server asks about the bill, mention to split it and continue on with the conversation. If the cunt you're with gives you a look, remind her how strong and independent she is.

She's from Hong Kong. Yeah I treat her well, even if I don't get all spendy on her. It's weird because always heard Asian girls are just gold diggers and just want to grab your wallet, I even joke with her about it.

if someone like YOU is at my table i will rather you think the worst of me than spend another second of my time with you

such a shit attitude, id gladly even stand you up with the bill and run away

vile whore

>id gladly even stand you up with the bill and run away
You just proved her point. Meek little beta bitch boy

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How is that meek or beta? Do you at all understand the words you're using? What he's describing is the complete opposite of complacency.

Just pay like a man.

>wants a man to take charge
>man takes charge by telling the bitch to pay for his meal

Seriously though, how entitled do you cunts have to be that you think strangers should pay for your mere existence. Jesus. You're nothing more than a leech with a fish hole.

mirin' brah, don't fuck it up

>girl you have met trough friends, or work, and you're getting to know
Why not ?

I won't, her parents might though. They aren't keen on the gwailo.

>not going to the bathroom near the end of the meal then ditching the woman leaving her with the bill.

Stay poor

But the wage gap

I have a Asian qt too, she usually pays for shit, or at least we split sometimes but sometimes I just forget. It's awesome because I'm clearly the man in the relationship but they have a way of doing some manly shit "paying for bills etc." while also still relegating themselves to the womanly role and cleaning, cooking etc.

I swear I can be the male and the female in the relationship sometimes. It's awesome, my girls from Taiwan so maybe it's different.

Well shit thats different. Everyone knows taiwan numba whan

>wanting to date these independent cunts
How about you pay for the fucking meal and then make her suck your dick for a living?

Yeah I know exactly what you mean.

I like being babied though and people doing shit for me. They just want a strong man (confidence not necessarily literal strength) with a half-decent penis (mines honestly nothing impressive) and they treat you like King's because they're still in the old world mentality. My girls Mom for example is a stay-at-home Mom, you don't see that shit very often in the West anymore. The gender roles are clear and explicit and everyone is just happier for it

I kind of want to do this just once.

>How does Veeky Forums handle women who are liberals
I can't speak for Veeky Forums but I can speak for old /b/ and /pol/ on this one.

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i don't change for women, I remold them into what I want if they fight me I kick them to the curb

Never been on a date. No girl will ever like me.

that's a total girl thing to do. girls date guys for what they want them to become, guys date girls and hope they never change.

how many times have you been broken up with vs you breaking up with them

Generally what I would do is lose interest and sabotage the relationship. It's an even split between me breaking up and them though

Have her pay.

if she doesn't offer to pay, you're not chad.

>How does /biz handle women who are liberals but yet demand that you pay the bill on dates.

Perfect use case for a smart contract. You consent to pay for a meal, she consents to sucking a dick.

Meal is paid for, funds are locked in escrow, if your dick isn't wet within 24 hours, funds for the entire meal are credited to your account, otherwise, why are you dating a liberal chick that demands you pay?

Alternative scenario, if she's a normal female that you might want to have children with, pay the bill, she'll be happy to know you aren't the average beta, and maybe you'll be able to pursue a relationship.

Has anyone who isn't really jacked and outgoing been on a date? I've convinced myself that anyone who isn't is hopeless. I gave up on any hope of dating a while ago.

t. cuck supreme

I'll do when I'll see a real woman. not an adult child.

It sometimes works if I met them in person beforehand, but any foray into online dating has beat me over the head with the knowledge that I'm irrelevant at best. Stay away if you want to maintain a shred of self-worth.

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>I can afford to buy free things for roastie cock-sockets...like a man

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If a woman is traditional I will pay the bill no problem.
If a woman is a new gen (ultra feminist, women's rights advocate, strong independent) then she can split the bill

read "surely youre joking mr feynman" for the answer.

Actually, just read it regardless.

Why should you give a fuck about her opinions? If I date a woman I pay the bill, and if she's not happy with it she can go bck to her place alone. You're the man, you get to decide. Women want someone to take them in charge, who makes decisions for them. She'll adopt your political opinions.

Women use to cook, clean, make babies, raise babies, virgin on their wedding day, mend a home. These are the women I pay the bill for, but I understand those days are long gone

Entitled bitches like you who want the benefits of a traditional woman, but don't do any traditional stuff are just holes.

>Pump and Dump only