Cities to move to after college?

What are some of the greatest cities to move to after college?

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I dunno but it's not fucking Austin Texas.

philly, san diego, vegas, montreal in the summer.

but i prefer most major cities outside bugerland

I was thinking of going here
what's not to like?

I moved to southern France, because why the fuck not before you get a girl, dogs/kids, mortgage, real world shit.

Been here for 5 years and as of now I've got 2 dogs, a fiancée and getting married in September, looking to buy a house, lol.

Go move somewhere where you don't have a whole lot of responsibility and try living there for short periods of time (maybe 6 months - 1year). Do odd jobs to get by, but don't stay too long that you start to screw yourself out of a job by being irrelevant.

Is this bait? You couldn't have picked worse cities unless you said san fagcisco or jew york
half the city is a nigger no-go zone, even worse its the half with all the historical buildings
>san diego
You can unironically contract hepatitis B from the sidewalks because of how much shit there is from homeless people. The city was either contemplating or is in the process of chlorinated all the sidewalks due homeless drug addicts shitting everywhere
Theres fucking nothing here unless you want to blow a few thousand playing slots
>Canada in the year of 2018

Town and cities with 50k-150k population with higher age median.

I'm working in London after graduating last year 5 years here and I'm off to silicon Valley or Berlin

I live in silicon valley. Don't move here. Just don't. There are so few women and you will be able to live in a run down studio apartment with mold and lead paint in it for $3000 a month.

Are you a McCombs student?

Also, move to LA, Seattle, or Austin. Seattle and Austin are growing tech centers, and something big seems to be happening in LA (Peter Thiel just moved there). The difference between Austin and Seattle is Austin is white and Seattle is asian. I would choose Seattle because I like asian girls, but Austin is looking pretty nice.

Briefly, do not move to any major liberal city in the US. I wanna say it is safe to move to any major conservative city like San Antonio or the wise for instance. Phoenix is also a good spot.

I am a biomedical researcher, so no.

Austin is a shithole, just move to Dallas.

You aren't the same one who said do not move to Austin to begin with. You are saying MOVE to Austin. Fuck Austin. Fuck SXSW. Fuck Liberal Pussy Leftist Cucked White Yuppies. Like forreal, the only white people–and well about 50% of white people–that I hate are cucked liberals.

All the downsides of living in Texas, plus liberals.

Even living in the fucking Texas border is better than living in Austin. You can still find a fair amount of conservative Mexicans along it too not being as cucked as Ausinites.

nyc is the best city in the world and anybody that disagrees are poorfags

Hi merchant

> Probs going to do this.
Where did you move too / what did you do for work?

Don't move to a city.

move to Bamberg.