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1.6k...I need more before anything happens.

I even signed up for clinical trials but they don't pay out till July


>only 30k


Don't care what price does tomorrow. You guys ain't getting it. Consider the circulating supply 11k less


When moon?

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$600 more coming tomorrow. I swear, if this goes above 60c before that I'll spam this board to death with pink wojaks.

started with 1k then traded it all the way to 12k during the crash. then invested in some shitcoins and now im back below 3k rip. i still have money in an other coin tho that i believe so it's not my whole stack

Ahhhh pulse send me some bros


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why u begging in a designated linklet thread u cunt

1.5 k, 30%
Wanted to hit 2k before today but no fiat available. Any other linklets going to dump if no partnerships?

My plan is to play with ~500 Link starting tomorrow, holding 5.5k. As long as I have 5k I'm fine with trying to trade my way up in even more with the risk of losing it all.

whew and i thought my 11.2k were bad thanks linklets

whom is this cum madam

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Send link and I'll tell you.

5 linkies for her sauce

8,416 link. Buying more with every paycheck until 11k or 2 dollar link.

You do realize withdrawal fee is $5

Not terrible but yes still bad

2b sauce

>just hit 3.5k
>gonna buy another 1k as soon as gemini releases my ETH
This better not fucking pump yet.

What's going to be announced?
Can someone update me, been out of the loop the past month.


400 poorfag here

probably nothing

It is likely that sergey will let the partners announce the partnerships.

That’s how they will be announced. They’ve said that since the beginning

>finally have enough fiat for 10k
>it'll take another week for Coinbase to approve a bank transfer and Gemini is taking its sweet time verifying my account

If it suddenly moons without me I'll be the most cucked man alive.

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You're lucky, it'll probably dump after the SXSW presentation as is customary. Probably a couple months left to go before mainnet is actually serving clients (like TSLA), at which point the price will singularily explode after edging since October 17

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btc atm nigga

I'm the Linklet-est of them all
>Mfw only 25.99 all these fucking bills and I just got a job last week. Literally

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I think that mainnet will be live today, just got a updat from github were they were fixing typos, in a thank you message to all contributors....

Don't worry it won't. The main net isn't coming out for months. No moon until then. Don't buy right now, it's a waste. This shit is gonna drop back to 30 cents in a week or two.

>Only 800 stinkies

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You guys realize that all "I only have x amount of LINK" posts are basic shilling, right? The idea is that it normalizes buying more and more. It's quite literally a psyop to get people to fomo in.

I'll be going now

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My man
I don't hold req and vtc but
>1800 nano
>13k link