Tfw have flown around the world 3 times and am only 30

>tfw have flown around the world 3 times and am only 30

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muh dick

what is it with this travel meme bullshit? Why do people pretend it's some profound, transformative journey to visit shitholes around the world? Everyone I know that has 'traveled' is the same same asshole they were before they blew their money. Is it just a status thing? Something to bring up in conversation?


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>fell for the traveling meme


>fell for the stay in one spot meme

Are you a roastie? Cause I understand why a roastie would want to go BACK-PACKING around the world.

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Don't fall for LE TRANSFORMATIVE JOURNEY MEME. I've traveled to many places and i'm the same fuck as ever but i had a lot of fun

wow. Deep shit. Did you pick-up that bit of insight during your last trip to Pattaya?

>lived, fought, and fucked in 25 different countries
>have to pause for a moment and consider my words carefully when somebody asks "so what do you do for a living? :)", since "shooting muslims and making love to rich and lonely asian milfs" seems far-fetched at best.
>smile and say "oh some government contracting things, boring stuff - so what do you do?"

has anyone noticed people that fall for the travel meme (or bug as the normies call it) become really really insufferable when they get back?

they are insufferable because they have to cope with the reality that pretty much everywhere is the same multiculti metropolitan hellhole, a disease ridden midden-heap, or a tourist trap
genuine experiences that are actually off the beaten path are so fucking rare and precious, that the type of retard who would ever want to talk about their travels would ever be able to find them, or if they did, they would be traumatized
they act smug because its the only way for them to deal with the crushing reality that the rat race is the same everywhere, and all they accomplished was spending a few thousand dollars to be pandered to by some poor fucking third worlders, and maybe barebacked by a smelly, drunk australian chad in a crowded hostel room
don't hate them
pity them

It seems like it's a status symbol. If you love a part of a country and you decide to go and live there for 3 or 4 months, every couple years and you immerse yourself in the language and culture, that's perfectly understandable and I imagine it'd be quite enjoyable. But these assholes that literally spend 2 days (max) in one place before moving on and repeating the process, what are they accomplishing other than earning bragging rights?

Did you pilot the plane? No? Then shut the fuck up. Buying airline tickets is not an accomplishment, faggot.

Trips for truth.

It's supposed to make you cosmopolitan and put you out of your element. I'm just down to eat new food.

It's a status symbol for WOMEN. Men go to other countries to get shit done, women travel to take selfies and make their friends jealous.

I enjoy travel. But I don't brag about, nor do I share any pics of it on social media. Its just a way to break up the monotony of my hellishly boring existence. Seeing roasties with their "wanderlust" bullshit makes me wanna eat a shotgun shell.

I know so many people that literally work for the better part of the year so that they can sink their savings into a vacation to some exotic place. It's almost like traveling becomes the centerpiece of their personalities.

muh dick

Only 30

Also, OP, unless you've been into the southern hemisphere you've never "circled the world". I went NZ to Portugal via the US, and back via Singapore. Thats a proper earth circuit.

This desu. The only time I ever tell people anywhere I've been is if it comes up organically in conversation.

Smart people know to buy experiences rather than things. The end is coming at the hand of the Zionists and when we are all in internment camps only memories will remain. They can't take those away.

What about fast cars? It’s a thing, and an experience that you can use everyday

reeee i dont know who is doing the jewing anymore

Attached: 1473657537359.png (560x407, 13K) honestly think that's impressive? What kind of shit thread is this?
That's embarassing. I did that shit by the time I was 10.

Agreed, done my part of travelling and.backpacking and at the end you're just a fucking tourist.

It was a lot of fun though and travelling thots are easy as fuck.

yeah but your parents who are Chinese CEO's got rich on the backs of Chinese sweatshop workers so that isn't much to be proud of.

It's mostly people who are so uninteresting that they have to go to exotic places to appear more appealing.

And this is viewed as a good thing?

Seems like a lot of fucking unnecessary effort to me.

Our waking life is the main story we made up for ourselves. Some people like their own story to be "slice of life", some people likes "adventure", some likes "drama", and some likes "hardships to success".

For human beings, life is meaningful because it is a story. A story has a sense of a whole, and its arc is determined by the significant moments, the ones where something happens. Measurements of people’s minute-by-minute levels of pleasure and pain miss this fundamental aspect of human existence. A seemingly happy life maybe empty. A seemingly difficult life may be devoted to a great cause. We have purposes larger than ourselves.

Well deserved trips
Greatest story ever told was the tale of an ordinary man growing old

>Daddy took ME traveling when I was but a child
Eat a dick trust fund fag

Why do you shoot Muslims
Are you mossad


so tired of kikes

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I've done this probably 10 times now and I'm 27. This is dumb

>Brags about arbitrary accomplishment the leaves nothing behind
coincidently 30 is the age women hit the wall...

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It's an excuse to do shit you wouldn't normally do because it would ruin your reputation. Especially for women. Traveling women become complete whores. The whole enlightened traveler meme is just mask to pretend it was anything but debauchery.

>look at me, i can buy plane tickets and then do the same thing as any human with disposable income in the western, civilized world
good on you, kiddo. now, that you've blown through your entire crypto stack by "traveling the world" for a whole of 3 weeks, in total, (i bet) you can start your real life with stacy and her boyfriend tyrone, their three kids you feed with your beta bux while you tell people fantastic stories about how you "travelled the world" when you were young and had a "fulfilling life" while holding back the midlife crisis induced tears, desperately keeping up the facade...

you're living somebody's else's life. you know that, right?

You think I give a shit?

>I'm not like other girls

>for the stay in one spot meme
americuck detected

I get that everyone is different and some people prefer stability and strive for social status. However you can enjoy your shitty career that you're trapped in because you have to pay for student loans with interest applied. I teach chinks english online for $25 an hour 12 hours a week and do whatever the fuck I want. The last two months I've been doing some free diving in Borneo, the only thing i have to stress about is trying to beat my depth from yesterday. Heading to Indonesia in 4 weeks to volunteer on a coral replanting scheme.

The travel life kicks ass


> eating sand every day
top kek

kek look at this poorfag mentality

i promise you, if you had a tenth of the btc i had you would be travelling the world too

is actually how Americucks think?


kek could you be any more assblasted that people here actually make money and live a life outside of posting cuck spam 24/7?

you are a total joke

Wow you bought plane tickets?


Lifestyle marketing is like currency to boring people pretending to be interesting

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whats the best country to visit?

>Haha based Islam am I right bro?

I wish I could live like this

Yet, doing such activities and not broadcasting it likely means you are interesting, ironically. Amazing difference self-awareness makes.

Not if the activities are the same ones marketed to you and everyone else with disposable income. Interesting people have unique hobbies or interests that they pursue on their own through organic means and they don't talk about it. Like the person that collects stamps, builds furniture, dances, paints, writes or goes bird watching without advertising it via social media for positive feedback.

Me too. But about 50 times. And I’m over 40.

Being an airline pilot kinda sucks

Do you drink?

I hear pilots are overworked and underpaid

writes about uniques hobbies.
doesn't mention one unique hobby.
In fact no hobby is unique, tell me one which only does one person on the entire planet.

Why is everyone else so miserable about people who like to see other places. I also like to travel, why should I spend my entire life on some square kilometers on this world when there is so much interesting to see in the whole world.

Heavily. Most do
Depends on the airline. At my outfit, we aren’t. But getting on something like Southwest or a narrowbody on UAL.... then, yes.

Is the life of a pilot like in the movie flight? Coke party with the stewardesses all night long, then wasted to the next destination. I hope not haha

>being butthurt
>emotionally charged text
>missing the fucking point entirely

Roastie detected - go back to plebbit you dumb nigger

Are you a stewardess?

I like Laos. Its like Thailand 50 years ago.

i dont see what the fuss is about, i can get a plane ticket to anywhere in Europe for less than €60 return, i enjoy it, except France

Just tell me one of your 'unique' hobbies and it will be fine lol. Your answer is full of hate, I only asked questions.

Not anymore. There’s random drug and alcohol tests that would ruin your career if failed.

However, at some airlines you can get long stretches of time off. It’s not unusual for me to get a full month off at a time, and of course you can do whatever you want on your time off.

But as far as guys drinking screw drivers in the galley....ya man, it ain’t the ‘70s anymore.

been to all the places I wanted to go so far..

spose could visit a couple more

not even 30 HUEMUETUE

>full of hate
Jesus fucking Christ just leave you dumb bitch. I've driven into the middle of the desert and hiked a mountain to go down an abandoned mineshaft to blast a piece of rock in order to extract an extremely rare mineral that phosfluoreses for fun. It doesn't matter what you do you fucking mong; it matters what motivates you to do it and whether you seek positive feedback or approval. Is the cognitive dissonance getting to you. Go ahead, talk more about nothing while everyone rolls their eyes ya dense cunt.

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You traveled on the backs of overworked stewardesses...around the world...THREE TIMES. Bourgeoise pig.

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because instagram

Very little sympathy for the cookie chuckers in the back.

Yes it’s a shit job in any country. But it’s also just a “waitress in the sky” gig. Most of the gals do it to see the world (or even just their country) while getting paid (jack shit). Quite a few end up marrying a pilot too and quit.

It’s a shit job but it’s also as easy to quit as Denny’s.

women show status by their distance from productive work. a worker cannot do pointless travel. a worker could not wear high heels

>a worker cannot do pointless travel. a worker could not wear high heels

I don't know what you mean by this. Define "worker"

The problem is not traveling the problem is you are a vapid bitch. I was traveling in asia for a while but i went there for plenty good reasons one of them beeing love not because "aww muh gawd i wanna see interesting places"

The sentence itself is so vapid that im now on disability for beeing a complete retard. Fuck you.

>banging thai traps


you hate her, let it go man, I used to hate them too for being pathetic wretches. Now I see they are beholden to forces they cannot hope and bear to comprehend.

Why do you think these “modern” women all feel compelled to do the death dance of shiva at night clubs and why they refuse to have babies and instead take many dicks? Because they understand, in a way better than men, the absolute degenerate and decayed society we find ourselves in.

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money, their god is money and status, they are miserable wretches entirely beholden to their god and in the thrall of “”””modernity””””

Goddamn Famke Jannsen was so hot. I'd suck a queef out of her fuckhole

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im about your age (28) OP and already flown 5 times around the world. not that great

Its a lot of fun. Anyone who does it for some sort of trans-formative spiritual experience is probably a hippie or someone who thinks they are better than everyone else.

It does not make people who travel bad in general, try it out. you may enjoy it unless you are a poorfag in which case focus on making some money first.

I like Thailand its like Laos but 50 years ahead. plus beaches.

Not really sure why you think this is impressive unless you're a Pajeet.

>tfw have flown around the world 30 times and am only 3

where the fuck is this from
i'm pretty sure this gave me a boner every time i saw it as a kid, my dick remembers it faintly

The reason I like to travel is to explore. Humans are made to explore, it's in our instinct to explore the unknown.

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The Faculty

The Faculty

>Is it just a status thing? Something to bring up in conversation?
yes & yes. It's also a good way to detect an insecure shallow douchebag

I travel and dont consider myself vapid. I travel because I love pre roman empire history, and america has nothing like that. I like being able to look at ancient things, in person, that were made by humans, more than 2000 years ago.

I don't really care about exotic animals or skydiving or food or anything like that. More of a travel autist

Thats because as social creatures we like to share experiences.

Maybe if you werent a basememt dweller you would be able to relate

who the fuck is the girl in this webm???

>Produced by
>>(((Bob Weinstein)))
>>(((Harvey Weinstein)))

How much dick was that dude slangin' back then, even?

filename you mouthbreather

Every brown country I've been to (lost count) has been shittier than America in almost every way.

It's fun to fly to a nice cheap warm spot in the winter, but that's about it. Everything else sucks just a little bit.

posts like this are why i come to this shithole website

I know you might not be able to say too much but how did you get into that ?

what third world shithole is this poster from i wonder

any white person from europe would not go to a thirdie shithole like borneo