No matter how much you make

You die

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Do you, user?

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You're still gonna be somewhere after you die. You think it's just good luck that you are perched on the edge of time right now? No way.

Time is infinite and given infinite time anything can happen, including you being recincarnated somewhere.
You literally never die.

You're on the right track, but reincarnation is stupid. How are you "you" if you're someone else with no memories of ever being you? Though, given that infinite time concept, you always have time to be reborn as yourself and live the same life over again and again and again. Plus, since you have no concept of time when you're dead, it's practically instantaneous.

> A person dies only when no one remembers him
Thats why you become the next hitler and be historically immortal

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>tfw I will never be a Rhodes scholar at a prestigious think tank paid to shit down the minds of every politician, CEO, and professor

Your mission is to crystallize your consciousness during your life time, it's the only way to survive death.

Thank god, can you fucking imagine having life go on and on and on forever? I don't think most people actually want to live forever but I would like to live however long I wanted to though.

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well actually, I wont die, I plan on uploading my consciousness to the net

Vitalik thinks otherwise:

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I believe in God and the afterlife so it's not too much of a bother to me

yeah but if you mised out on crypto like im sure you already hve op, then you'll be dying long before as you cant afford any of the expensive research :)

You can buy immortality if you are wealthy OP.

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The game is to make as much as you can before you do.

isn't that wonderful?

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what you believe and what will actually happen are two different things

The only reason I'm in crypto is because I need enough money to be an early adopter of mind uploading.

You're using a very human-oriented definition of "you". Of course you'll have no memories of pervious existances. You might not even be a human. At most all that transfers is your awareness of existence and nothing more.

Then it has nothing to do with you. It's just another consciousness.

Pretty much. It will be "your" consciousness in the sense that from "your" perspective it begun as soon as your previous consciousness ended.

No, you're only "you" when you're you. It's an entirely separate consciousness. Don't be so egotistical as to think that you can be other consciousnesses that have nothing to do with you.

So what happens to your current consciousness? Disappears and never comes back again forever while time is passing at an infinite rate? That makes no sense. Why would our current consciousnesses exist in the first place? They don't have to and yet they did because billions of years passed before they "appeared" without us having to experience a single second of it.

Your current consciousness disappears when you die. It's reconstructed when the events that lead up to your birth are recreated.

I agree with that. It's sort of like the conservation of energy. You can't destroy or create it. I think the same applies to a consciousness.

Also bare in mind that the whole universe may be cyclical. Perhaps it all repeats with different (or even identical) parameters. If identical then we are re-living the same life over and over again.. I hope that's not the case.

There is only one conciousness. The neurons in your brain works as an atenna to pick up the signal of a part of the conciousness. When you smoke DMT you get in a much broader signal. See global conciousness project.

woah dude that is so deep man wow never thought abot that before

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I am thankful and happy to be alive, I live every day as if it were my last. You should too

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I'm willing to consider the "one consciousness" theory as something plausable, but I don't buy the neuron antennas BS.

That's the point I'm getting at. The universe is cyclical and we keep reliving our lives over and over again in an identical manner. Since there's such an infinite number of parameters needed for us to exist, it means there's pretty much no wiggle room for anything to ever be different. We're mortal immortals doomed to the life we live for all of eternity. Shit sucks, but there's no reason to not make the best of it. Everything good that has ever happened in your life will happen again, even if it does come with the bad.

>You die

This becomes less valid daily.

I don't know why it would necessarily have to be identical though. There's the multiverse theory so it's possible that other universes exist as we speak. Why would we be trapped in one that's stuck in a loop? There's plenty of other possibilities.


Satoshi is actually a network of peaceful intergalactic civilizations who keep their peace with the almighty concensus algorithm. That very algorithm was presented to humanity to prepare us for the entry into this intergalactic empire.

When they arrive, 1 BTC will grant you immortality. 1 ETH will grant you 10 000 years of healthy life.

Stay mortal, bro.

It's only identical when the universe exists in a way that our own consciousness is created. Think about just how unlikely it was for your dad to impregnate your mother at the exact right time so the sperm that created you fertilized the egg that created you. What if they never even met? What if their parents never met or gave birth to them? What if our species never came into being? What if the Earth wasn't inhabitable? What if our solar system or galaxy didn't even form the way it did. There's just too many variable leading up to our existence for a single thing to be out of place in any way. Now I'm sure there's an infinite number of universal cycles in which these things occur, but we will never consciously experience it. If the multiverse theory is correct, then the entire thing is in a loop, including every other universe, not just our own.

>So what happens to your current consciousness?

It is lost forever. I really don't see why people have such a hard time accepting this. "You" are just an arrangement of atoms that will disperse post death, never to reassemble again.

>implying a digital copy of your brain is you
user I...

Like Alan Watts said, going to sleep and never waking up is no stranger than waking up having never gone to sleep (being born).

I used to think exactly like that untill I got to know DMT. Did dozens, maybe hundreds of trips. It feels so crazy to be in this familiar place, filled with conciousnesses. I know the most logical thing would be blame the DMT..but its so real, I cant make that shit up. least try once

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First time I read a post that mimics my view on death, user

Does this perspective have a name?

I dunno. I never heard of anyone else having this type of belief, it's just my own rational thoughts compiled together based on my perception of the universe.

Dont give a flying fuck if i die, i can die happily right now if i'd have made it so that my kids & wife & grandkids etc. can live happily without thinking about money. I dont give a rats ass about myself, i just want to give my children better life that i had.

I used to think like that too.
Probability has no relevance here. We're talking infinite time and infinite possible arrangements. This means literally everything can and does happen, including our consciousness reappearing within different environments.

While there's infinite time and infinite possible arrangements, that doesn't mean every arrangement you can imagine is possible. There's infinite numbers between 1 and 2, but 3 isn't one of them.

10/10 explanation gonna remember that thanks

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True, most likely not every arrangement is possible. Even in a multiverse theory there's bound to be some sort of overall governing rules (such as logic).
That said, there's still an infinite number of possible arrangements, just like in your example.

So what if 3 doesn't fit in there? It never did and never will, so building on that analogy your consciousness is not 3. It's somewhere between 1 and 2 isn't it.

Furthermore, we've already proven in quantum theory that there is no hidden variables (see Einstein vs Bohr debate) so even our current universe is not deterministic. In other words it wouldn't be the same at this point in time even if you were to reset it with the exact same parameters it started with the first time.

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That is why you have religion.