Wagecucks are honestly pathetic, they call us NEETS pathetic for relying on parents...

Wagecucks are honestly pathetic, they call us NEETS pathetic for relying on parents, but 90% of wagies rely on huge corporations to live, they are the ones throwing their lives away. Over half of their entire week is spent slaving or sleeping, and the average wagie slaves for around 30-35 years usually. What kind of life is that? We have limited time on this earth yet people decide just to make money for corporations? For what? So they can finance the newest BMW or buy the latest over priced iphone and keep being slaves to debt? If you're a wageslave you will most likely never make it even if you become wealthy from crypto your mind is already ruined by the bitterness of being a slave, unless you can change your ways your life will be awful. If you're a NEET with any decent amount in crypto you will make it. Wagies don't even understand money at all, they see it as something they "earn" and something you use to buy what you want. I couldn't care about materialistic things, I only see money as a tool for freedom.

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the pathetic people are the ones falling for the jew meme

played like a fiddle, so desperate to blame someone that you can't see what's right in front of you

enjoy your parents basement

Actually my house doesn't even have a basement, and I do enjoy my comfy 300 square-foot room with attached bathroom. Enjoy wasting money on rent or being a slave to some jew bank by having a mortgage. Buying a home isn't a waste of capital like renting but it's definitely not a very smart use of capital. You fell for the jew meme hard user, i pity you..

Not falling for it you kike trash. We will take your money and fuck your women. Just wait for it.

You're unironically right. At least NEETs aren't willing slaves. Get some skills and start their own thing and they'll be fine. Wagies can get fucked.

You pity me yet you leech off your parents. Make sure to ask mummy and daddies permission before you bring any ladies over, although something tells me thats not a bridge you're going to have to cross any time soon

>living in the same room since when I was 5 and we first moved to this city
>I'm 34 now

What do you do when your parents die and you no longer have a place to live or any way to buy food?

I'm sure your parents love still having your lazy, loser ass still around.

I bet they think of that time, when you were a baby, when they fantasized of all the great things their son would do, the awards, good times, doing well in school, and then leaving home and succeeding in life, making his own way, happy, healthy, and free.

And then they hear your fat ass shuffling to the fridge at 2am, for even more food you didn't pay for, knowing you'll be in your room jerking off to a pillow with a cartoon on it, and tomorrow, the trash still won't be taken to the curb. Then they have to make a note to call your grandparents, and tell them, "no, you can't stay in the guestroom, HE is still living in it."

And they wonder if they should have just had an abortion.

no, my parents love me UNCONDITIONALLY because that's what family does!

You guys are sounding more and more desperate as your imaginary money is failing.

Keep telling yourself that. I bet everyone your parents know have heard ALL the complaints.


My parents are wealthy so I'll inherit a lot of money, all to myself also because im an only child. Why do wagies always use this argument for NEETs? Not everyone has poorfag parents or 4 siblings.

That money won't last forever. Then what?

>mfw semi-neeting it up thoughout my 20, now 30
>mfw portfolios heavier than ever, even tough lazy as fuck
>mfw living in my own place for a decade now with this lifestyle, no poverty, no hunger, gaming, fucking my chubby gf and making gains with crypto
set your priorities... it's not EITHER, OR... it's whatver you make of the situation, you arguing little cucklets

But I enjoy and get satisfaction from my work, I get paid decently and I'm also making money from the side through crypto and being a sleeping partner from two side businesses. I have weekends off to play videogames and hang out with my colleagues on Friday nights. I don't have a girlfriend so I fuck hookers for sex.

Checkmate NEETs

>is a NEET on the good graces of their wageslave parents

>disparages wageslaves

>like their parents


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Your job won't last forever, then what? Obviously all their money isn't in a fucking savings account, I will be able to make more money than I will ever need per year with rental properties/stocks, and other safer investments.

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My parents are retired, my mom hasn't wage slaved since I was born, and my father retired and sold his company 8 years ago.

Wait for what? The african/arab immigrants literally do that already. If anything you're fucking late to the party.

Nobody plans to be a wageslave forever just like your parents didn't. This is why NEETs get so much ire. If you worked a day in your life, the goal is make enough to be comfortably retired. Ideally working in a profession that you find fullfilling and interesting.

You need to be disparaging perpetual wageslaves.

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One thing you need to realise is that mqny people work ineirectly for the vagina jew. Almost everything we do is for reproduction. Since women are all money greedy men have to work long hours, which dont makw qny sense.

Artificial wombs will free men

do you understand that not everyone is fortunate enough to have rich parents?

>tfw wagesy
>tfw comfy interesting job I like
>tfw in r&d so learning new things every day
>tfw nice pay
>tfw nice flat but gonna buy a new one soon
>tfw qt gf
>tfw my parents are very proud of me

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>itt seathing wagies
>inb4 a bunch of (You)s about how they LIKE their jobs and how NEETs will never understand how fulfilling it is to live a life of slavery

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>mfw got a friend to pay absurdly low rent to his jewish owner thanks to a legal loophole, the kike actually loses money for my friend to live there
>mfw 10/10 gf does online sugar babying with rich jews then comes suck my dick wearing the expensive lingerie paid by these new york fucks who will never get a whiff of her pussy
"chosen people"... yeah right
only reason they got power is because the rest of us don't need obscene amounts of resources to reproduce

i once had a dream about how rich i was, then i've wake up, and realized that you need to be smart to be get rich, and it's something that is not happening over the night, so start read about skywire and buy some skycoins

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True Ubermensch

>10/10 gf does online sugar babying with rich jews then comes suck my dick wearing the expensive lingerie paid by these new york fucks who will never get a whiff of her pussy
How does this work? Do they pay her just to talk to her? How much? I've convince my gf to sell her used panties online and we make a killing lmao. Then dump that panty money into JNT and LINK bags

>I teach people how to cheat other people out of money using legal bullshit and my GF is a hooker

Yeah bro you're living the dream.

>my parents love me UNCONDITIONALLY

I love my kids unconditionally, but if they end up in my basement, I'll have to kill myself for failing to raise proper adults. That would be my lasting lesson to them on life.

Cuck, understand that a salaried professional isn't working for "wages," amd has a high degree of autonomy in his job

Meanwhile you're playing video games that you buy with an allowance inbetween fights with your parents

>do you understand that not everyone is fortunate enough to have rich parents?

I thought everyone was white and educated here?

You're going to be cucked in extreme fashion within a couple months dude

I'm in r&d making 80k how much are you making

Imagine being so pathetic you have to make up an imaginary scenario where you win

33k€. Barely manage to spend half of it.

No matter what your job is, or how much you are paid, if you need to work to survive and couldn't quit your job forever tomorrow and be independently financially independent you're a wage slave. Sometimes I'd consider these "educated" wagies to be even bigger slaves to their masters, since many have thousands in student loans that will never go away unless they slave for them.

this post is gold

Do wagies typically have a bad relationship with their parents?

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i've read and read and read and searched and informed and talked to people and researched again and found what i was looking it's skycoin

Excellent relationship with them. They are absolutely proud of me, and they also like my gf a lot. My grandmother also joked about us having kids soon last Christmas.

>Do wagies typically have a bad relationship with their parents?

Likely the opposite because parents wold have raised them to work.

If you want a good life, you need to be an expert in something.

Either you are 1) a genius, 2) rich enough to self-fund, or 3) you need to be taught how to be expert.

Getting paid to become an expert, ie, receiving a wage for time, isn't a bad option absent 1 or 2.

being rich is way more about luck than education. ofc theres correlation between being highly educated/ smart and earning more on average, but when youre looking at single cases, it mostly boils down to luck. i have several mates that are dumb as rocks (couldnt even finish 10th grade) but earn way more than me (i have two bas, 0 student loans).

If you really would be satisfied with your lifestyle you wouldn't try to push it onto others, the fact that you're calling 'wagecucks' pathetic is 100% selfprojection.

Let people do what satisfies them, if they say that working a full time job satisfies them, then that's great isn't it?

they pay to talk, for nudes, many will push for video with face and some will ask for rl meets but if your gf can hold a convo and play to their fetishes they will pony up for faceless nudes and text sessions
r/sugarbaby is a good entry point, tons of chicks but most are ugly so if your gf is cute she's ahead of the red-haired, tatooed crowd
each client is a haggle, perhaps a good third will try to scam. it's easy to negociate an allowance of $100 to $200 a week per guy, for a couple 1h sessions and a few nudes. but you can go much further than that with the right guy using the right story. new iphones, laptops, getting money for rent, and the like
the real money is in findom. cucks will bleed their bank account dry if you go that route, but your gf has to be ok being dominant

>kikes are people
cute, moshe
enjoy picking up 28 years olds blondes at clubs flashing your stack of bills while my "hooker" girl has taken no dick in her life save for mine

heard that for the last 6 years. meanwhile i'm still trying to get rid of her to pursue my passions, but she's too attached. don't project your american twentysomething failed lifestyle onto me. if you want to be a man, stop watching youtube and reading pickup artist blogs

you will never get what you want in life by protecting your cognitive dissonance

Hahaha fucking pathetic neets making these threads to cope with how worthless they are to everyone.

Lets be fucking real your parents hate your lazy pathetic ass to hell and wish youd die of a fucking heartstroke by now.

You couldn't be more wrong When I was unemployed it was depressing as fuck.
Now I work 40 hours per week and I wish I work less. I think 30 hours per week are ideal working hours

Sounds like too much hassle doing sugar babying, just gonna stick to selling her panties

Your problem is that you assume every one around you is dumb and not seeing the same things you are. The reason why professional jobs are competitive is due in large part to the fact that you have mobility and if your boss gives you shit, you can pack your shit and leave without much thought

You acquire degrees and expertise that makes you indispensible to companies. This is different from someone working as an actual wageslave in retail where everybody is expendable

What country?

Civilization as built on "wage slaves", you utter nincompoop.

But you keep thinking that sitting in a room shitposting on Veeky Forums is a more worthwhile existence than people who invent and make things.

If all of humanity acted like you...we'd be extinct.

wholesome post

>has taken no dick in her life save for mine

Yet/that you know of

Get a job hippie

Kek user has pissed off a bunch of chained wage slaves, they're in denial and can't see the chains on their wrist

Muh civilization meme

Yeah civilization is really depending on a bunch of people selling shit at mall kiosks


3/4 of what we produce is wasteful and useless and catered to women anyway. your job is literally just a way for you to survive and your rich boss to become even mroe rich.

>life has no meaning unless you contribute to society
That’s true though, in a different sense. For me any job other than in innovative technological sector is a waste of time Repetitive jobs are cancer. I want to contribute to society and future, but I don’t want to sit behind my computer all day reading same papers.

What am I if i live comfy for on a 20 hour work week?

never met a single person happy with their job and life who'd rip into NEETS, it's literally always done by self-loathing wagies who hate their own jobs; as for women caring so much about money its pure self-hating wagies projection, women actually care about looks and emotional connection (same as men)

t. a NEET landlord with his own apartment

(though admittedly I wouldn't be a NEET if it wasn't for my mental issues stemming from a fucked up childhood since I kinda enjoy being around people so it'd be cool to have a job I like but thats almost impossible to me to achieve since im unstable)

What do you do for living? Isn’t it a bit boring to be a NEET

My stomach churns when i think about what a neets parents have to put up with.

Ah yes, the eternal wagie.

Still a wagecuck, just a less cucked one.

>What do you do for living?

I rent out 2 apartments (so basically I do nothing since it's just some paperwork once in a while or dealing with normal home issues like renovation)

>Isn’t it a bit boring to be a NEET

It's very boring so I spend most time playing multiplayer vidyas, reading, in gym or programming (but I'm not good or motivated enough to get a job - companies really want you to be passionate and have a professional-tier portfolio nowadays for even entry programming positions, I lack the drive)


I’m not really a wagecuck, I’m working in biotechnology because I’m interested in life prolongation. Even a NEET can’t be free, he doesn’t have a right to choose whether to live further or not once death creeps on him. I’m trying to change that.

Whenever I go NEET for longer than a week I go spiraling into a depression. Don't know how you guys go for years without doing anything. Also most jobs requiring skill or education aren't as awful as NEETS think, but they'll never know.

>I’m working in biotechnology because I’m interested in life prolongation.
Nice, where at ?

im a neet myself, but dont harass wagecucks for building society. just be quiet and enjoy neetdom while wagecucks build everything

Rich neet has always been my goal

But you really cant depend on inheritance, personally my dad has threatened he’ll blow the cash on hookers. So you cant say for sure, he has donated the house to my name though so thats a good thing

so what i dont like my parents either.
for 3 months i got into a program to make neet wagecucks and that was depressing as fuck. Im a neet again and feel free again.

Wageslave and neets alike are both pathetic cucks. Hilarious thread of two different forms of peasantry going at one another.

Wagecucks are pathetic but neets are even more pathetic.

Being cucked by your parents or being your parents pet is the pinnacle of degeneracy. I would rather work for a man and be paid for my work and spend it how I will than request handouts by the people who bring me into the world. Bosses only hold power over you while you work, parents have power over you at all times. That kind of leverage being pressed over you after you've become an adult is sad at best and a living example of the worst kind of life to live at worse. To live not as a man who has their own freedom secured by their own ability but to be constantly on the cusp of annihilation at only a wave of someone else's hand.

What leverage do you hold over your parents? None. They have done everything for you in your entire lives and you have nothing to return. Stripping resources from your parents as a child is to be expected but to continue doing so well into adulthood only robs your parents of any semblance of contentment and security they felt during your rearing because they felt they were good parents and instead replaces those feelings with a crashing realization that they have raised a failure. That their efforts were a waste, they cannot face that reality as it would ruin them. All that time, all that effort for something that mocks their efforts.

Enjoy your anime user, I'll enjoy fucking women on a bed I own in a house I bought. I'll enjoy traveling the world. I'll enjoy the greatest gift of life for a price I pay with blood, sweat and tears. It may have been stolen from us due to the nature of the world but I'll earn it back while you try to sputter and spurt your way through a sentence that denies that truth.

OP is a faggot of the highest order.

You're right ofcourse. I can tell my parents resent me now. But I'm terrified of the outside world and nobody would hire me since I can't socialise with people.

If you're serious, start small. Find part time/freelance work online. Little to 0 socializing and at least you'll be gaining skills so you can do it full time and forge your way to freedom.

God speed dude

There's so much to experience in life, places to go, people to meet that you simple cannot fucking do without money. How the fuck you gonna fund that multi-month trip to Japan, the Mecca of all NEETs when you get fuck all money per month?

Google earth my dude.

fucking heartily kek'd

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Google earth won't take you into the shops in Akihabara to buy all those waifu pillows