If you're not all in Bitcoin Cash, you're really screwing up

If you're not all in Bitcoin Cash, you're really screwing up.

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Think I'll hold out for garlicoin cash, more promise

Trips of truth! But honestly, I hope no one buys, because I want to accumulate. Let this BCH bear continue as long as possible. I don't want the left wing fags on this board to profit off of BCH. Let them rot.

Why do people hold Satoshi as a GOD? Never made sense to me. Do we always have to do everything as he said? Pretty much sounds like a religion.

>Why do people hold Satoshi as a GOD?
I don't think anybody does. I mean a lot of the BCH folks think Craig Wright could be Satoshi but almost anyone who thinks Craig is Satoshi wishes he weren't. The issue here is that the Bitcoin Wiki used to say that Bitcoin could scale to thousands of transactions per second on-chain, but now it says otherwise. The Core developers are scamming someone here. As an old-timer I feel scammed because I was told Bitcoin was one thing, so I bought it, now the Core team is erasing the Bitcoin I bought. When Gregory Maxwell here says full blocks is the natural state of the system he is standing opposite what Bitcoin was created to be. That's the problem. Us old-timers were sold one version of Bitcoin, now the Core team is making it something else. If you new money people want a POS/POW hybrid Segwit coin, then go for it, just quit lying about the past and censoring us. Bitcoin Cash is the original vision of Bitcoin, right or wrong, its the original. Quit pretending otherwise.

>yes goy let us take care of bitcoin™, you don't want that stupid Bitcoin Cash oh I mean Bcash

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Everyone wise knows core are cucked

Its only a matter of time but I agree with Satoshi is irrelevant now, imo

Only idiots think Craig is Satoshi.

>Craig Satoshi muh
>Roger Ver is literally Hitler
>bcash hahaha I mean bcrash
Anyone who runs this playbook should be v&

He's top 3 on the list of possibilities. If Craig isn't Satoshi then the only way to justify his Bitcoin fortune is if he is a launderer who owns Bitcoins connected to thefts like Mt. Gox and randomware. Either Craig is the Mt. Gox thief which explains why the contracts point to him owning old Mt. Gox wallet addresses, this view somewhat explains his involvement of Bitcoin Cash as it would mean Craig launders large amounts of money requiring lots of fees to be paid so when BTC fees got high he forked to created BCH. However, if Craig is not the Mt. Gox thief / ransomware launderer he almost has to be Satoshi, or Dave Kleiman was half Satoshi and Craig was the other half. Because Craig was bankrupt going into 2008, never worked again, and is now super rich. So if he isn't the Mt. Gox thief / ransomware launderer then he is Satoshi. There is no middle ground. I was super disappointed when that Kim Nillson dude figured out Craig claimed Mt. Gox addresses but never followed it up to see if Craig was involved with the theft.

It's highly likely Craig is Satoshi, anyone who thinks otherwise is a fucking idiot.

I forgot to add that Craig also never claimed to have the private keys to the addresses on the contracts. He was extorted by a hacker who leaked the documents for him. The Mt. Gox addresses on the documents the Kleiman estate revealed could be forged by Craig to obfuscate his trail, or the guy who hacked and extorted him could also have been the Gox hacker who put their own addresses as his. Or the documents could be completely incorrect and/or fake. Nobody really knows, and since the documents weren't released by Craig, but by other parties, we know even less than the documents seem to tell us.

Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin.

not even gonna explain
//game theory

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there's nothing stopping Satoshi from irrefutably proving his identity and if he and his shills want to take advantage of that identity to market a new product they have an obligation to do so or fuck off with the insinuation altogether

bcash doesn't scale, bitcoin doesn't scale
you'd need blocks hundreds of megabytes in size to meet the demand currently handled by the world's top payment processors today, right now, and that number will only grow as time passes
new technology is needed and bcash supporters have shown they're allergic to that
bitcoin core may well fail in time, but if it does it will be replaced by eth or another innovative alt, not cash


Literally stopped reading there, there's nothing you can say that's worth reading if you can't even call Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash.

What people don't understand about Satoshi is that he was the guy that hit the target no one else could see, but after he pointed it out to everyone, better programmers have hit targets that satoshi couldn't hit, because Bitcoin's design is shit compared to a lot of other coins currently on the market, if BTC was released today, no one would even buy the ICO.

So yeah, we should praise satoshi's vision, but he was not a genius programmer. I doubt that, whoever he is, he doesn't think there are better projects out there.


btc merchant adoption is shrinking bch adoption is growing.
Btc's replace by fee makes 0 confirmation transactions 100% unsafe.
There is not a single reason to cap blocks at 1mb (non mining nodes do nothing).
Segwit destroys the mining nash equilibrium incentivising the collusion of miners to change the UTXO without owners signatures. m.youtube.com/watch?v=VoFb3mcxluY You can only trust jihan and roger to not be doing this right now.
BTC is vulnerable to a chain death spiral BCH is not.
Why introduce segwit before a blocksize increase when lightning network requires 133mb as specified in the lightning network whitepaper?
Why introduce segwit at all when it is not necessary for second layer solutions?
Lightning network will not be decentralized because to make decentralised routing in a mesh network is NP hard.
Why would anyone want lightning network when it is not a decentralised ledger? the whole point of bitcoin is to scale on chain as that is what makes decentralised uncensorable money which can free all the people in the world from the financial repression of central banks.

When are fucking retards going to learn that BTC can't scale? You can buy the bcash or other memes, but at the end of the day BTC is a shit show and crypto marketcap would go up 5x if ETH surpassed it.

Just because the lead innovator of a new technology said something, doesn't mean it is dogma that must be followed.

so this is the bagholder general i assume?

i bet you late adopters don't even trade the ratio, just cover your ears and look at the fiat price.

I think Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash need to die so something else can take it's place.


na you're looking for the ad hominem general