Waste of capital

ITT things normies do that are a waste of money.

Live with your parents, renting is easily the number 1 waste of money for most people currently
>having a car in any big city.
>having a "luxury car" that's useally financed/leased.
>alcohol, drugs ect.
>buying a new phone every 1 or 2 years.
>buying clothes every month.
>going to bars or clubs.
>insurance of any kind.
>going to doctor/dentist ect.
>getting haircuts often.
>paying for something like netflix/music ect when it's free online.

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> when it's free online
Hey buddy i think you got the wrong door, the communist hole is three blocks down.

you sound like a really cool guy

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I can only imagine someone millions of dollars in debt after their house burns down and they have no insurance who also has cancer and no teeth.

dude the debt society we live in seriously pisses me off

There's no way to signal you're actually high status when any moron can just lease his mansion / lease his porsche / lease louis vuitton etc. for his girl who is only with him because of his other leased shit (and she's too stupid to realize it's all leased)

yet another reason why consumption spending and signaling with consumption is degenerate--you don't even have to have the money to spend it!

The even more inane thing is there are people so fucking stupid that they see people with these things and think they are rich! e.g. Tai Lopez, who after getting a massive following for larping, ironically becomes rich off his new following

so retarded.....

Check, check
Buy new phone every 3 or 4
Only buy clothes at a cheap, good quality place, twice a year
Bars check
Fully insured, more than country requires
Therefore I can go dentist and doctor whenever
Haircuts once every three months
Download everything but have a cable subscription for when the game is on :)

>tfw give my money to the nicotine jew

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>lease louis vuitton
please tell me this isnt actually a thing.

>live with parents
>no car
>don't drink at all, no drugs either
>paid £100 for my phone 2 years ago
>last clothes I bought were some work socks 3 months ago
>rarely leave the house, except for work
>live in bongistan so no need for health insurance, parents have house insurance
>dentist costs ~£20 every 6 months, haven't been to doctor in years
>get a buzzcut every 3-4 months, costs £6
>only media spending is a new game every couple of months, usually something on offer on steam

Am I living the dream Veeky Forums?

Type it into Google.
And never underestimate the emptiness of normies.

>i financed a new civic cuz theyre nice
>i smoke $160 of weed a month
>i stil have my 2015 iphone 6
>havent bought much clothes snce i got in crypto
>i go to bars once or twice a month i like draft beer
>i have car insurance and health
>getting checkups and cleaning prevents health problems in the future retard
>look better with a haircut, look like a bum otherwise
>i use my friends netflix shit

>insurance of any kind.

Insurance is needed for the worst-case scenarios.

renting isn't a waste of money, you need to consider the cost of paying a down payment on a property and investing that money instead

getting in debt to make money is the essence of capitalism. its been happening since holland was a global trading power (muh tulips).

cost benefit wise its not profitable for the subscriber.
the only problem is he has one life, and would spend any amount of money to save it regardless of his worth.
insurance is a scam

Everyone thinks this way until something goes wrong and they're tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

like i said they didnt do thr math because they wer willing to spend more than they were worth

OKay but how does someone without insurance get back their house if it burns down in a fire?

keep the money you didnt spend on insurance

>insurance of any kind.
>going to doctor/dentist ect.

fucking lol

no rly.
how does an insurance company make money? they charge more than they pay out.
that means the average subscriber, over the lifetime of the contract pays more in fees than in insurance claims.

So even if you saved $10000 a year from not paying insurance for 10 years you wouldn't have even close to enough to fix the the problem I proposed.
He gets it.

all that means is youre not worth that much but are still paying for it

They pool the premium money and invest it. It's been like that forever. Obamacare made them more cash from premiums, but they're still making most of their profits from investments.

And no, they're not going to invest in crypto.

homie you dont have to tell me, my gf is an actuary. I know 10x better than you, and she knows 1000x better than you

I guess so. I really hope you're worth that much.

No, they count on the fact that not everyone will actually have the risk happen. You truly are stupid in that regard.

if they could do that alone they wouldnt need to sell insurance

ur right on insurance, i know im an aesthetic mover so i dont need to insure shit really, im above the statistics

yea. on average

No, they invest the premium pool. Jesus fuck, google it. They discuss it openly.

Last year, two homeless guys ran in frommt of my moving car at 10 mph and complained of back pain. I was legally at fault and billed my insurance company $200,000 for their medical bills that I would otherwise have paid out of pocket. Don't be without insurance.

my iq is 162. your insurance company doesnt care about this super important variable. I'm not gonna pool my money with low IQ's. It's all about the risk reward ratio boy. yes you can get very unlucky. but so be it.

Wat? Thats a thing?

Lol, you could've just drove away and ignored them. Homeless people are too stupid to write down a licence plate number to track you and even if they called the police somehow the police wouldn't really care about them and probably assume they're lying. There's no need for insurance. Stop trying to justify your bad decisions.

>Investing is the only thing they do and it has been the sole principle of risk calculation insurers have done since the beginning of insurance.



Your high IQ wont save you if life decides to fuck you over at some point.

Great tip about going without insurance I also recommend saving money by fleeing the scene of an accident

Yep, your car insurance covers any bodily damages to people you might cause when driving a car. hospital bills, surgery, that sort of thing.

Are you fucking kidding me? My brothers friend got 5 years for hit and run. I'm not doing that shit.

normies do all this shit for a perceived edge in sexual market value.

>Tfw all these things except rent
>Tfw still financially better off because no rent

pretty much any optional cost shit like
buying new clothes, smoking, etc
some money spent on entertainment makes sense but a lot of normies are out there getting drunk every weekend

What is the purpose of cash if you intend on never spending it?
Do you simply wish to die with a million in the bank?
Frugality is an important aspect of saving money but don't forget to live. And trust me, there's certain things you can only really do while your young and it's missed opportunity to avoid this things for the frugality meme.

You're retarded.

Insurance is important, health insurance even more so. If you get both of these, you can have medical routine and preventive healthcare for free, allowing you to spend way less money in the long run. Same for home insurance with security systems in your house.

Same for a car. If you live in a big city you don't need it, but if you have family outside the city it's better to buy an econobox than to lease everytime you want to see them. ALso better when you have to haul shit around.

>luxury cars
>new phones
Totally agreed

Depends where you work or the standing you're expected to have

Depends on your activity. If you never move, it's better to buy asap of course. If you are bound to leave in a few months, probably not.

>spend less money in the long run
only if the country you live in has tax s5ubsidised healthcare.

Depends; what's your income/occupation?

>only if the country you live in has tax s5ubsidised healthcare.
If your country doesn't have tax-subsidised healthcare your health insurance is even more important since it's the only thing beween you and bankruptcy due to medical bills

or you dont get sick

>or you dont get sick
Oh excuse me I'll just not get cancer what a brilliant idea why didn't I think of that.

Easier to say it than to do it. You don't decide when you break your leg, nor when you get cancer.

>muh cancer
if living is too expensive, just die

So you are full of money, but you have to spend it in retardedly high bills, then die ?
Ridiculous. You can afford being cheap on luxuries. Health insurance is not a luxury.

you dont spend moneu becuasw you dont have it.
you die becuase your life isnt worth that much

Well, I'd rather live with most my money than die miserable like you.

you can have all the cancer you want

You will get it too, don't worry. Unless you die younger than than, from an infected tooth you refused to have cured because it was too expensive.

>full time worker bee renting a shitty small gay fucking apartment with someone else
>one parent is dead the other lives on the other side of the country in the middle of nowhere and is NEET
>all my ""friends" live at home and spend the little money that they do get working mcjobs while studying meme degrees and going out every weekend

why the fuck do these people waste every opportunity they get when they could work and save every fucking cent they get and put it in crypto with no repercussions.... these people all need to be thrown into the bog

>live with parents
>no friends, no gf, never go out
>no car
h-ha ha normies am I right

Compared to owning a house with a mortgage, renting saves you a fuckton of money. Not to mention on average housing prices increase below inflation every year
>Luxur car
>Alcohol, drugs etc
People upgrade too frequently, but it's kind of essentially to have a decent smartphone in modern society now.
Yeah this is huge. I know people who probably spend two thirds of their disposable income on clothes alone
>Going to bars
Yes, insurance is a massive scam and is never optimal.
Lol OK bro gl fixing your own broken bones and treating yourself for cancer. Pretty sure the medical/dental costs from skipping routine checkups would outweigh the $80 it costs for an annual checkup
GL getting anywhere in society with unkempt hair
It's pretty negligible. If you cant afford spotify/netflix you have no business investing anyway.

SO yes OP, buying things like alcohol, going out, nice cars, and fucking music is probably "sub-optimal" but do you really want to spent your entire life alone in your house, sober, driving a shit car, having no phone, with your teeth falling out and your hair down to your ankles in silence?

The absolute fucking state of Veeky Forums. I don't even have to read the rest of this thread to know it's full of normies desperately trying to defend throwing their money away.

ITT Veeky Forums crypto millionaire LARPers reveal they are actually NEETs living at home living off of their 100 dollar allowance per month

>rent $550 includes water/sewer/trash
>electricity $40
>paid off truck worth $6g
>just went sober :)
>I use my phone until it breaks and buy the android that reddit suggests at that moment
>go to goodwill for my clothes and snatch up good brands to resell on ebay
>sober so no need for clubs or bars most people that go to them are losers anyway
>car, renters ins $500 for the year
>I eat healthy and exercise so no need for the doctor most people diagnose themselves.
> cut my own hair
>pirate anything I watch or youtube is fine.

>People upgrade too frequently, but it's kind of essentially to have a decent smartphone in modern society now.

Why? I use a 15€ phone for calls and messages and have a 150€ Samsung tablet for any app (threema, telegram, some games) i want to use.

desu For me its less the money than security. I already had a few smartphones but decided against it, because there are to many things coming together.

But as I said, what do you need a "decent" smartphone for?

There have been studies showing that older model phones cause people to be perceived as un/less attractive. Also, I've been to job interviews where people assume your phone has a mortgage calculator, google maps, internet browser etc.

I really do think paying rent is stupid. I know that not everyone has the opportunity to live at home, but still.

>y-you must support the industry

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This discussion about insurance is retarded.

The rule is very simple, you should only pay insurance for things that really fuck you up and you dont have the money for in cash to pay up front:

Example: you take insurance against fire in your house, because you dont have 200k in the bank to build a new house.
You dont take glass insurance because if you are not a complete moron you have 1k on the bank so you can pay just fine for the broken glass. You dont take insurance for a broken washmachine, but you take for a wash machine leakage in the house that can ruin your house for >10.000 dollar.

In europe people can also not claim you if they walk infront of your car (in any case it is covered by normal health insurance so whos fault it is or who has to pay for it is not an issue), but you burgers have such a backwards country that I think it is wise to take insurance for health claims like that (liability insurance)

Eurofag here is so I dont have to choose between my wallet and my health good luck with that LOL

Yeah, it's a pool to reduce the severity of highly harmful but unlikely events. Evaluate yourself which pools are necessary and which aren't.

>Not understanding the value of maintaining good health, appearance and social life
>Not knowing how to exploit others through connections

>building your life around the vagina jew

wew lad

If you don’t realize the benefits of dressing nice and keeping yourself well groomed you are probably a dumb teenage NEET. When I started getting regular haircuts and dressing sharp
The way people treated me was like night and day. Not to mention the attention you get from hoes is nice.

>buying media

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lol it's not just about that dude, everyone treats you differently based on your perceived attractiveness, heterosexual males included. If you're not doing your best to look good, you're doing yourself a disservice and will be at a disadvantage in society

Its actually only in one direction.
>if your screen is cracked or you have an older phone, women perceive you as less desirable
>if your screen is cracked or you have an older phone, men do not perceive you as less desirable

Loans. Mortgage. Normies are obsessed with it. So obsessed they buy a depricating asset (car) for 130% it's current market price.

They spend money on alcohol in clubs. It's good to have fun, but if you can't afford it, it's stupid.

Tattoos are expensive as hell and my normies friends loves them and keep saying "on my next paycheck I'm gonna add to this tattoo" and they live a year spending shit on tattoo.

Guess I'm a normie cause I love getting my hair cut, having my teeth taken care of and cocaine. Kek what a fucking brainlet.

Oh I didn't know that.

Still, I think being more desirable to women is something a man should want to be.

>I'll fuck up my brain and cardiovascular system with cocaine

>teeth are important but gotta take care of those


>media will be produced without incentive
Obvious b8 thread OP, not even marx was this commie

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This guy fucks.

uhhhh buddy I paid $3.5k for a $300k house at 3.2% interest. That's called margin. I made a 100x margin trade that my house value will increase. Yeah I have to pay a maintenance fee for that insane leverage but unless my city gets glassed I'm going to come out on top.

biz talks shit about mortgages because no one will give them one.

>not cutting the cord before 25
Why dont you breastfeed aswell? its cheaper than tendies


Laugh all you like m8 but it's clear you've never tried it. If McAfee cab live til he's 80 or some shit blowing mountains up his nose I think I'll be ok for a while with a small vice every so often. Now go get your fucking haircut, I can see the lice.
t. Person who used to have very long hair, it makes you look like shit unless you're Jason Momoa

Lets not forget
>paying for gym
Waste of capital

>Having sex
Waste of time

>Cleaning up after yourself
Such waste of time when you could be cryptoing

I've tried it, I prefer MDMA

I'm guessing you're really outgoing and muscular. Clothes alone won't do that.

>mfw parents own multiple properties and i live in one of them
Poorfags btfo

>no rent
>pay electric bill
>pay groceries
>work min wage
>spent $1300 on a pc build
>spent $1500 on a motorcycle
>drive a shitbox
>flip phone
>no alcohol or drugs, im 18
>clothes twice a year
>never go out to clubs, rather ride my bike instead
>liability auto and full medical because fuck hospital bills
>haircut twice a year
>pirate everything
>$2,300 saved after 6 months of working at McDonalds
How i am doing

You forgot
>underaged virgin

My father died and i'd sooner become homeless than live with my mother
I agree with you on other shit somewhat but planned redundancy is a thing in electronics, that's how tech companies stay in business

You arent 18, you are 16

>risking serious jail time for a little money
Jamal is gonna destroy your anus in prison

I don't know user, I'd be drinking if I was some red neck in a truck living in a $550 apartment

whatever you say faggot

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I do live in ohio but am no redneck
I can't drink because of a head injury I got and developed alcoholism from the TBI. Started blacking out whenever I drank and it just got out of hand, no reason too either as I just feel like shit whenever I do drink and I just waste money whenever I do because I couldn't stop drinking. I live in a cheap apartment because I quit my job to go back to school with my gains I got from the bullrun

I’m not outgoing in the sense I try to spark a convo with random people and every good looking woman I see but yes I’ve been lifting for 5 years. Go get Veeky Forums, get educated, get some nice clothes and always be trying to improve. Become the man you want to be, it will build confidence and once you realize you are a genuinely cool person the opinions of others don’t matter near as much.

What's the problem with long hair? As long it's clean and well kept, it's cool as fuck.