What do girls want

what do girls want

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the bbc

who cares?

guys that don't want them back.
take notes.

no responsibility, yet luxury that comes from leeching off someone with responsibilities, without having to "be with him forever"

to have fun

Nothing, the jews have made the modern white male strive for females via their disgusting propaganda outlets (hollywood) instead of self improvement.

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>that tattoo
So he inserts his hand down my throat and tries to stretch the fingers? Stupid.

A loving husband, precious kids, a beautiful home


big british cock???????????????

no woman wants a man who needs to self-improve

choke you like your bdsm ceo/vampire romance movies

Yes but only after she's completely used herself up and become valueless

emotional variety

t. Virgin.

Yes they do.

an 8 inch dick made out of dark chocolate, that ejaculates money

Women are much like niggers, they have an obsession of shoes, they're only capable of living the present with no conception of past or future and they don't rely on logic just emotions

As long as you can trigger strong emotions (not necessarily good emotions) on a woman and you aren't ugly as sin you can keep her on your fingers

The hard part of a relation is keeping it fresh, if things get even a bit monotone any random joe will trigger stronger emotions just because he's something new, they're basically permanent children which will always want the new toy

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ding ding ding

this guy gets it. Who the fuck cares. its about what you want.

that you even ask shows how much you get stepped on once a woman gains your love.

which sounds like women get your love easy


that's all they want. Stagnation in your life is the most boring thing for a woman. They want to have a man that's passionate about SOMETHING. Could be literally anything as long as you have the thrive and want to improve

A daddy figure who abuses them but kisses them after

not business. leave