All of you are trying to get rich now but not thinking about the future...

All of you are trying to get rich now but not thinking about the future. What do you think is going to happen in 20-30 years? What is (((their))) end game? I am very afraid.

All signs point to some sort of massive panic in the future. The way we're doing it now is completely unsustainable. With the recent influx of immigrants who want free gibs, the strain on our financial system is enormous. With the general public's (especially the youth) voting extremely left and progressive, the spending on free gibs will only get worse with time.

In order to fund this then I see no other option except they'll raise taxes on everyone else. But how can they do that? The people are already cucked by massive debt. Student loan debt, car debt, mortgage. The wage rates aren't being raised quick enough to keep up with inflation.

But raising taxes still won't be enough. Social Security will run out in a couple decades, so everything that we're putting in right now we will never see. Money thrown out the window. The average person needs well over a million dollars to retire, and the average person has 1000 dollars in their savings account. These people will all have to work until they die. Because of that, they won't be leaving their jobs and the next generation of young people will have much much fewer jobs to choose from. That combined with automation leaves very very little work. It seems like they will try to force some form of fucked up Communism upon us through massive taxation.

The worst part is I have no idea how to fight back. I'm trying to save 2 million to put half into relatively safe dividend stocks and the other half into real estate. But I'm worried that the middle class will get so cucked that they will revolt and try to vote in policies for the government to come and force redistribution of all my shit. What can we do?
I just don't know Veeky Forums

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It’s nit just the left but the right that is fucking over the world. The left (new left anyway, I’m a classic liberal) is authoritarian cancer, same with mainstream republicans. Only libertarians on either side have a plan to fix the world but they will never get the chance. Shit is tucked and it will go into panic mode a LOT sooner than 2030

I don't have an answer for you friendo, all I know is that I'm going to become rich and save myself and my family by moving somewhere safe. There is no bright future for ethnic swedes in Sweden.

Similar thoughts, OP.
Also you can think of crypto as of next exploit of humans, like social media did by exploiting peoples dopamine system and made literally billions of people stare in their screens for whole day without doing anything valuable, only seeking for likes and shares. Now there is thing which will exploit greed. There will be only 21m BTC ever and world population now is 7.6 billion. It's just not enough for everyone. Alongside with this we are observing how whole system is about to crash in next decades, and crazy shit happening in Asia. As well there is another war about to begin in Africa, where parliament decided that black people could take whites lands and houses without any punishment. Things are getting scary

not our problem, if you chose good crypto you won

Nothing's stopping X ~ ZGens from receiving free education.
I can literally walk into a lecture hall, sit down and startlearning. The profs aren't going to do anything about it.

Borrowing money to pay for education is retarded

The education is no longer valuable without a degree.
Unless you are some path finding badass who can create new without relying on companies to "give you a job"

Lmao bro
Unless you're an elite genius programmer you're not going to be able to find a college-tier job without a degree as a company will receive numerous applications for every listing and they always pick the more qualified person rather than risking it with some degree-less hobo

Limited supply is what allows money to have value, retard. Fiat being printable at will is exactly what’s causing the West’s problems along with taxation. But then again you don’t even seem to know bitcoins are divisible, so you’re either brain-dead or badly trolling.

remember something important, you need to have patience to build good things, so read about skycoin

yes congratulations, you realise the west is doomed if it continues on this path
take solace in the fact that a new class of millionaires in the form of crypto neets arent likely to hang around a cucked tax country where they're second class citizens to foreigners

so that exodus will quicken the fall
t. watching from the sidelines

dont even care cause ill be too rich by then

Start stockpiling water (semi-srs)

Crypto will lead to a global currency. We will all be chipped with something like TKY.

Blackpill: part of Veeky Forums is into crypto not for mad gains but as a result of a 4/v/ -> 4/pol/ -> 8/pol/ trajectory. We talk about fiat money and bitcoin as a red herring to throw the scent off the serious appeal of this technology: in the long term, smart contracts stand to take over government and root out corruption. in the short term, crypto is a hedge against european collapse and southafrican style repossession

only newfags got tricked into running off due to a annual board troll ;)

God will save us all

>tips fedora

Success in analysing markets has to be attached to a journey of introspection where one learns self reliability and discipline, the journey itself doesn't matter and I have faith that every flavor of loser can mend himself. I don't understand why you think this is a blackpill at all, these are connected spaces and there's exposure to considering human capital.

Just let it all go.
Free your mind.

No use worrying about bad times. Think of the good stuff. A cure for cancer, longevity, nanofabricators, Mars colony, fusion power, warp drive baby!

The way forward is we need businesses/industrys that sell products and services to other countrys. Get money from other countrys and bring it back to the US where its spent within our country. Or same thing but for whatever country you live in.

The only way empires grow is by getting resources from other countrys and since conquest is no longer an option it has to be through international business.

It doesnt look like any country is going to pay down their debt though. Everyones trying different strategys to figure out their financial problems.

I'm just trying to make as much money as I can through a small business and web projects and crypto. I can only focus on my own life, looking at the big picture is too draining. My plan is just to get money and then relocate to wherever is a relatively safe/peaceful country with a high standard of living.

were not going to get any of that stuff if shitskins keep degrating living and working conditions.

Buy a gun and prepare for the looming civil war

Oh I think plenty of us are worried about it. The greed aspect of crypto is real, but also a lesser motivation than fear of the future, and the desire to have enough wealth to live anywhere and have security against the unknown.

>their end goal is communism
>their end goal is to share their horded wealth so that everyone is classless and has the same standard of living
The absolute state of [you].
The end goal will be a large purge. They will not share anything with you and the only reason you are even here is because humans are still more economically viable for most work output than machines. Once AI coupled with robotics is advanced enough to replace all human jobs, the arbiters of your world will displace you through poverty and death. There will be two classes, slaves and them. You don't want to be a slave because robots will be used for all mundane things; you will be used for sadistic reasons.
They are currently stripping away all notions of a national self. There will be no real collectivism based on class and nation, only on futile lines such as race and sex. Even on Veeky Forums, you only argue along these lines, and it is no coincidence that you think Veeky Forums has always been unironacally racist.
YOU are all plebeians and their is no place on this earth for your descendents. Living beings only live to decrease their local entropy. Consider your entropy maxed.

You see it coming yeah?
The inevitable collapse. You hoot and holler and bang your pots and pans but no one listens.
You also see crypto coming. You use the same tactics in letting others know about crypto as you do about the collapse.
Pay attention to people in crypto, the same people that got here are the ones that generally have some idea of where this is going.
If you see the horizon, then you’ll know when you’re almost to your destination. The I told you so moment.
Make your first I told you so moment be about your investments.
Make the second be about what the future holds

jesus christ this terrifies me.
Why even pay taxes at this point?

This user is right

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OP what is the excerpt in that pic from? I want to read it


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Hay anan, checks out.