Immortality is possible

You can buy immortality if you are wealthy.

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i want this

how much do i need?

if you have to ask then not enough

Yeah its all gonna be fine and dandy until this happens

What’s the point of immortality
>born in different life
Wow just lived 100k phenomenal

i know

i need a target

if you have to ask you wont make it

Stage A + B are feasible, C + D will never work because it is impossible.

My sides. So this is the last stage of crypto mania, selling snake oil, huh?

>activate quantum immortality

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>A video from fucking 2012

clowns, you need to understand the human brain first before creating something that even resembles it. And right now we understand NOTHING. Even then, you would need nuclear reactors to power ONE brain simulating computer (which would be the size of a city). KYS popsci fags.

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also forgot to add, 250 more years before thats even possible.

How many avatars will be living in their parent's basement?

you might be able to transfer your intelligence into a machine, but you can't transfer your awareness, which is hardcoded into the universe itself. So it won't be you, you'll die. It'll be just an artificial neural network acting based on your memories and life experiences

How would mind uploading possibly work? It's just a sci fi concept Luke time travel.

Yeah, this thing is likely hundreds of years away, and the chances of somebody bothering to reanimate you in such distant future are basically zero, think they'll care that you paid a few thousand bucks to some scammy clinic a few hundred years ago? Think any of these present day structures will exist, that your body really gets preserved?

Exactly. The only way is to find a way to keep the brain from going old, and then completely exchange all vital organs for a robotic equivalent. None of us will live long enough for that here. Sucks.

Nice cop out. Just say you don't know lmao

You would need some kind of seemless neuro-computational interface so that cognition could gradually be transferred to the computer and the organic matter phased out.

this sort of shit gives me such a massive existential crisis. Even if it existed, I'd be torn between the terror of living forever and the terror of death.

lol csnt even cure balding or simple cold but somehow immortality is possible

I will make it my mission in life to murder any "immortal" human, if it happens within my lifetime, and I am not able to partake. I doubt I'm the only one.

Sorry faggots, you don't get to become gods without taking the rest of us along for the ride.

The brain is essentially a sophiscated neural network. We already have neural networks. 50 years max until we have artificial intelligence more powerful and more energy efficient than the human brain.

I hate this. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that no matter how rich people are they wills till grow old, weak sick and die, all that money worthless and unable to prevent it
But now? We poorfags will live in squalor and then get sick and die 60 years later while some rich fucktard will remain 25 forever and live in luxury for millenia
fuck this planet, an asteroid can't come soon enough

I agree unfortunately. We don’t have any grasp on what sentience is or why it happens. Fuck we even eat fellow sentient beings, so most of us don’t even appreciate the objective idea of something being conscious much less consciousness itself. It’s like dark matter almost, we know it’s there but impossible to detect/observe. How can we ever duplicate it/copy it.

What a fool you are! I'm a god! How can you kill a god? What a grand and intoxicating innocence! How could you be so naive?


Theseus' ship has so many repairs that there wasn't an original piece of the ship left, but it was still his ship. So long as the brain's RAM is still working, you could probably get away with converting your gray matter into a machine so long as it is done slowly and both new and old parts have a chance to adapt. You would still feel different, but you would still be you. Special care would have to be taken around the base of the brain since it is likely the seat of consciousness.

5 Tezos

Why would it be impossible? There's no law of physics being broken so it should become possible eventually.

Actually now they think the brain in addition to being a complex neural network also is using quantum effects.

Just think about it rationally, a human life is like a game. Do you really want to play the same game for eternity? Immortality would be the ultimate curse.

>be reincarnated as a street shitter in some backwater village nobody outside of a 20 mile radius of you has ever heard of
>have to start all over after getting rich in a previous life
>toil in the tea fields until you die of measles
The odds of being born white are like 1/8


you missed the point. Consiousness is probably a quantum effect, not just a neural network activity. I think the brain is just an encoder that's being used as a transmitter and receiver for non-local consiousness that is hardcoded into our universe, like a consiousness field or something.
Otherwise I can't find any other reason why am I experiencing the universe through time from my point of view, if you get what I mean.
Pretty much all of the pioneers of quantum physics considered the idea of consiousness being a primary force in nature and were into ancient Vedic knowledge. Some of the stuff ancient shamans knew is mind boggling. They knew about the world consisting of energy fields, about nebulas, structure of the universe, multiple dimensions and lots of other weird shit. There are even something that resembes theory of relativity in Vedic texts. If you accept that consiousness is non-local it doesn't seem like bullshit fairy tales made up by ape-like cavemen anymore, like the modern scientist think about it.
If you switch your natural brain for sillicon based neural networks you're not a conscious human anymore. Maybe intelligent, but without awareness. Basically an intelligent soulless machine. The only way is to figure out how to become immortal is DNA manipulation.

>copying your memory and personality
All this does is create a clone of you that lives while you die.

This is nowhere near possible with our current tech. This is complete fantasy nonsense

A more expensive, less rewarding, and more vein alternative to having children.

It's sad

That's just your subjective opinion and interpretation.

For some people immortality might just be a blessing and something that helps them enjoy their existence.

that's a sad way of thinking. why not focus on improving your own life rather than worrying about what others have?

most vital organs can already be replaced. it isn't all compact and perfect but it's possible.

Simply copying conscience isn't enough as most people here seem to have realized:
The priority should be stopping the detoriation of the brain (starts around 20yrs old) all other things can be solved after.

But op, if im a hologram I can't get penis pleasure

What joys would there be if you're in a artificial body?

You sound almost as salty as nocoiners.

"this is like hundreds of years away"

retards what is singularity for 1btc

A cult of technology with no proof behind it.