What do you guys think about Babb?

What do you guys think about Babb?

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How much btc for her to become my gf?


fucking queers

from the leg pose alone I can deduct this individual is of the male gender

and they clearly look like a dude in a wig too. at least look like a girl if you want others to play along.

you mean shes trying not to sit on her nuts?

idk why but trannies seem to like sitting like that
I think it hides their benis/makes it seem smaller

he/it please.

>I can deduct

Unless babb is blockchain-assisted faggot genocide, I'm not interested.

Wrong pajeet

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Not by his face?

Trannies should be thrown off tall buildings or stoned to death

>tfw Veeky Forums exacerbates my gender dysphoria
Maybe I can be a girl next life. Some of you were okay. Fuck pajeets.

I'd cum down this things throat

oh and yeah kmsing right now.

still looks like a fucking dude in this pic too.

where the one without the line


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gimme one where i can see the dick ffs

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I see Weimerica.

>waahhh waahhh gay rights! its not like it affects you! just let them do what they want!!!
years later....
>faggots relentless posting their disgusting shit EVERYWHERE and injecting their degenerate agenda into every aspect of our culture

This is exactly what you were warned about. Give them an inch and they will take a mile.

Good, Good, keep working hard so we jews can win when you've caused a proper division among your race

There is no such thing as a fucking "white race" you dumbfuck kike. Anglo-saxons will rule the world again, and you won't like it.

Good larp. But the most cucked race on earth (all rape babies by scandis, French, spaniards, Russians and even ottomans) will not survive the coming era. Keep fighting your fellow man over trivialities like sexuality and religion while we wait

Oh my god I want a trap gf like this so bad. Just imagine cumming in her hot, tight little ass....

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This fat fuck his fucking her tiny boi pussy.
How does that make you feel?

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