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Hello fellow Europeans, I believe it is our duty to once again bring culture to the uncultured. We can only clean this place a bit if we get discussion going about projects we consider worthy. I know everyone has some hidden gems they want to invest in the longer term so just shill with quality info.

Posts about coins that rhyme with stink and pink will be ignored

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Investiert in COSS. ScheiƟ Team aber es geht voran.

Euro is rising against USD, we are losing bitcoin value with twice the pace.

that's true, but I am in the group of people believing we can reach 20k euro again this year. I'm not even trading or leveraging because I'm not that good at either so holding something long term is my best strategy.
agreed I will move 2% of my portfolio in coss in a few weeks, not willing to risk more on them

Interesting that 10k EUR appears to be much harder resistance than its USD counterpart. This reminds me of 1000 EUR/USD line in 2014. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst. I guess we can at least try to save bitcoin from American stupidity.

I'm rooting for SKY, really like the idea behind the project

>bring culture to the uncultured
why are you guys letting so much shit seep in through your borders then?

because you dumbasses distabilized the entire middle east and our politicians are cucks.

it's hard to save something from americans bent on destruction
culture and border security are not correlated. populists will gain power and it will stop, at any rate it's just another confirmation that even those who despise us want to live like us.
I'm 15% in sky atm, will wait for further confirmation on progress before going 25%
I think these will be the coins I'm betting for eoy:
Theta Token Theta Token (THETA)
Nebulas Nebulas (NAS)
Skycoin Skycoin (SKY)
Nuls Nuls (NULS)

I'm also looking at amb, icx, snt

Since there is a lot of pessimism what do you guys think, are we going to 30k$ eoy or not?

The only reason i'm on this board is because I want to make it to escape my current shithole filled with abdul and his cousins.
If my country was 100% ethnic I would probably never feel bad about wagecucking.

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>it's just another confirmation that even those who despise us want to live like us.


Rotherham was allowed to happen.

You can't dismiss, sidestep, or downplay that.

no need to downplay it, I believe in a future European Federation. mistakes happen but our future is forward and we can only learn from the past

Mistakes happen, a generation traumatized by networks of shit-colored thugs under police protection, you know, live and learn.

Or is it illegal where you live to call them "shit-colored thugs"?

>implying Ronnie and Chantalle aren't as bad as Abdul and Co.

I can, I choose not to, there's no winning with that kind of attitude, if you adopt a hostile attitude there can be no bridges built
they might not be, but they are my kin

>but they are my kin
nationalists are just as braindead as libtards

this is a positivity thread, sorry for being a dick. And i know what you mean, braindead kin > braindead shitskin.

no worries, that was what I ment. They might be brain dead but they were brought in a certain way at least
I was hoping for a more crypto related topic but it turned into shitskins ruining my home thread

Well, im in JNT since the ICO. Still a very good idea in my opinion.
Also looking into storm, might be pretty cool.

Good thread user. Let's make Veeky Forums great
>Current favourite worthy projects:
And that one security software for crypto that McAfee was shilling on twitter recently. Can we make this a general thread btw OP? Genuinely, this is a good thread for once. I'd like to see how many whitepapers americans have read compared to yuros on here

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no culture (((christians))) rule the euro lands