Strong support at 8700 guys. Now's the time to buy the dip

Strong support at 8700 guys. Now's the time to buy the dip.

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Just canceled my order at 8500 and cashing out. Fuck this shitshow.

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lmaaoo you wish bottom is 5k

Thanks just bought the dip

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even though I am le hodler and will not touch my stash I unironically believe we haven't seen the correction yet. Best case scenario we're in capitulation and we have another 3-4k to go down. Worst case this was the bull trap and down we go to 2k. We'll see higher ATH but not until we've neckt ourselves from depression.

delusional. this user is correct

> not until we've neckt ourselves from depression.
so when does this happen?

>whales in at 5-6k
>whales out at 11k
>whales in at 8400
>whales out at ______

do you really think its going down this hard?

yes. no interest in crypto, no new money coming in, longterm log trendline is about to be broken, we're going back to 2k.

next candle is crucial

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right now
*kicks chair*

you got me diamonds right now m8


you fucking wish you little shit. Unfortunately I don't think we'll even be breaking 8.3k

I hope we won't break the 6.3k previous bottom that's all.

If anything crypto has showed us, it's that there's no rules though.

12k. whales are taking no less than that.

2k you are fucking hallucinating.

R u fucking crazy?

Why on earth would whales go in higher than last time when there has been nothing but bad news and bearish sentiment? To bail your portfolio out?

short it see what happens

Shorts approaching ATH, Longs approaching ATH... Whoever loses this is going to get squeezed so fucking hard.