Tfw there are new fags still hoping for a recovery

>tfw there are new fags still hoping for a recovery

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why does anime do this?

We are at capitulation already.

Kek, 14k eom

like in february right?
hahaha you faggots are cute
1 year bear market AT LEAST

After the crash, btc did hit bottom at 6k, and went to 12k. Average is 9k or 10k for more than a month. The trend is btc staying in the range of 9k (+-3k). Neither bear or bull market.

Good thing for altcoins.

Noses are fucking ugly.
This is like the 5th time I've been in this position. Bitcoin will go back up.

there will always be a recovery somewhere. I have no idea when the bottom is, could be 8.3k could be 1k, but BTC will always be back.

BTC is digital gold, it will only go up until its at least gold's marketcap

also to you suicidal biztards, I'm only telling you this because the only people sticking around are different from the normie influx crowd from the fall

don't kys over money, you can always make it back. Unless you took out a loan LMAO you're fucking screwed

You guys realize some user posted like a month ago that Bitcoin would stay within 17% of $10,000 for the next 5 months, right?

So far, amazingly, Bitcoin keeps going to $8350 or so and then $11750 over and over again. He was so accurate it's amazing or he actually was a whale moving this and everyone here just ignored him.

His post has to be in the archives or something.

Unlike Gold which actually has uses, butcoin literally doesn’t do a fucking thing

>BTC is digital gold, it will only go up until its at least gold's marketcap
unironically this - forever

exacry, people are just crying because they want to buy at 6k but fact is we're going sideways until summer. can still make 10% day to day though

I use butcoin to purchase goods and services, and I use it to transfer tens of thousands of dollars worth of value from place to place in minutes on sunday - try doing that with a bank after hours or on the weekend.

that would be good for alts in my estimation.

oh yes sir let me try to buy something with gold

oh wait I can't

if it was valued for circuitry a gram of gold would be less than a dollar

I turned about $3,000 into about $310,000 in crypto alone, starting in 2016 but this "crash" has put me back at $170,000 or so.

Maybe I should be happy or something but I've been fired from 3 jobs now and this feels like all I have in life so it hurts knowing I lost almost half of it. I really, really fucking hope this shit goes back to all time high. I've studied trading and successfully traded before in this market, but I still held all the way down thinking the crash would be relatively painless and it would go back up and I should just hold and focus on other things.

I'll hold for 10 years if I have to and I've been on Veeky Forums upwards of 7 hours a day virtually every day for about 2 years, and before that other boards for the past 11 years or so but the point is I fucking need this.
>It's just money
I feel like I need to get out of here.

Yeah bullmarket is permanently gone like how no normies even browse Veeky Forums anymore.

Crypto will now just grow at a stock market pace. 5-10% a year.

if there's any alts that are going to move during a BTC low end consolidation, its going to be legit projects only, nothing stupid like TRX or IOTA

I really doubt this would happen but I guess it could

>Obvious newfag! BTC never recovers!

dude chill it will be back, 3k to 310k and you're that upset with a 50% pullback? That's beyond greedy dude. I turned 1k into 15k and I'm down to 6k now but I'm not really surprised or that upset, I knew this would happen from the start. This market is hallmarked for gigantic gains and gigantic losses, you can't get too emotional about the number on the screen. I'm in this game for more than just the money anyway, I'm in crypto as a political statement and for the tech too, as delusional as people may make that seem. But it didn't just keep growing from a dollar to 20k because of pure bubble hype, it seriously has the potential, and in many ways already is, replacing central banking. Alphabet men have already knocked peoples doors down over this shit but there's nothing they can do, its all too decentralized

It is just money though. Reinvest some in safer markets dude, be crafty. Don't just roll over and die because the value of BTC is going down, that's pathetic, especially since you've made an investment more successful than 99% of the population in the last 2 years even after this crash we're going through

basically chill the fuck out. This shit will be back

I make like 30k a year and have almost no career prospects. So that $130k would take a long time for me to save and get back. Yet it just keeps going down...

LMAO "grow like the stock market"

YOU FOOL.. the stock market has actual value unlike piece of shit crypto that is vaporware with no product and even the ones that do what they purport to do are only useful for illegal activities and only used by darknet criminals. muh anonymous muh decentralized muh satoshi nakomoto even though its really the NSA with another way of keeping you schmucks in line you FUCKING IDIOT WAKE THE FUCK UP


It's just pocket money anyway

yes I get that pain too, you feel like you're losing more money everyday than you're even making. I can't relate as much to you since you have such a big portfolio, but you're easily forgetting the days you were making more than multimillionaires every fucking hour.

once again, take profit. Chill. You're never going to make good decisions if you keep looking at the money you have through a lens like that

W-we're still parabolic!

You fucking faggot, that was literally me just making shit up. I can't believe you base your entire life on that kind of thing.

>a random person making shit up is better than all TA I've seen in the last 5 years

you can't make this shit up, or I guess you can LOL

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>its just a psyop d-dont sell guys!!