How is this even possible ? Do they literally wake up...

How is this even possible ? Do they literally wake up, pick up their phone in bedside table and start panic selling on the spot ? Every freaking time ffs

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bemp it

this is normal behavior

just wait two more hours when all the slower ones wake up

Stop spreading Jewish divide and conquer propaganda.

hi /pol/

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hmmm i wonder who could be behind that posts

Biz told me to buy high and sell low though?

that´s our #1 rule

Mutts serve their kike overlords so well, it’s disgusting. No willpower third world shithole.

it's called having a stop loss you memey faggot. of course you will buy higher than you sell if the market takes a plunge and triggers your stop loss.

These smelly glass wrists burger patties are cancerous to earth. Kill them all, the world would be a better place without these obese fat fucks, fucking have shit particles in their ass from the last burger they ate and a dent on their index finger from pressing the market sell button. Avg IQ 47 as well fucking cancer REEEEEEE

Asians pump, Americans dump.
You could draw a comparison with their industries. Asians are builders who manufacture a lot of stuff. Americans are consumers who spend a lot at retailers, where they also shart.

I'm sorry guys, my 'Buy McDonald's' keyboard button is right next to my 'Sell Crypto' button, I actually hit the wrong one pretty often lol

Shitholes BTFO

we call the shots here

>la críatura del abominaćion

makes sense

It always dumps over night because China then we panic sell in the morning and buy at night

Daily reminder that /int/ flags prove almost all orc posts are from assblasted thirdies, not yuros

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>using stop loss in crypto

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Repetitive, low effort posting. Suspicious even.

I always wondered who was posting these.

I don't look like this! And I don't panic sell! USA USA!

Hmm... except the dump happened overnight during prime europoor hours


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from 0% white countries

anyone know where i can get a shirt like this

same place you can find these

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It would be hypocrital if they were from yuropoors.

dude blame the fucking eurofags
we passed off to them fucking LINK at 58 Cents and they crashed the entire fucking market like the weak handed arab cucked bitches that they are. seriously eurofags you should all KYS

Kek, they were all (((convinced))) they should daytrade and lose their stack, as the only successful traders are top 5% and bots. Fucking BitMEXicans are cancer. Build a fucking wall I say.

Why does the Amerimutt meme guy look like a Jew?

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american are so worthless

Because they are also %3 jew too

Because dark jewish blood runs through it's veins. They were humans once, taken by the dark powers, tortured and mutilated. A ruined and terrible form of life.

la creatura de la oscuridad de sociedad

“Literally wake up”

As opposed to waking up figuratively speaking. Dumb fuck.

>literally wake up, pick up their phone in bedside table and start panic selling on the spot
There's more sentence after the comma you brainlet
Literally in this context is in regard to the process of immediately checking and selling after waking up as opposed to waking up, preparing for the day, checking prices, considering actions and placing orders
Not as opposed to figuratively waking up... Jesús

Sauce? Asking for a friend

13 minutes for the obligatory "11am dump"

How do Americans even have coins to sell if all they ever do is sell?

look at this little pussy crying because his meager crypto holding dropped another 5% waaaaaahhhhh who fuckin cares your gains were all going to go to supporting muslims while they continue to rape your ugly wife anyway poor eurocuck

>being this upset we decide where the markets go
Euros when will they learn?

the only thing the chinks build are cheap knockoffs of what we build you dumb faggot they haven't created anything original ever. you're probably typing this on a macbook right now aren't you pussy?

I wouldn't have minded if you were correct, but that is the shittest grammar nazi I've ever seen. Not only was it incorrect, but it was over something so unnecessary