What did he mean by this

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kek i remember this, it actually caused eth to dump a little.

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ETH powered straight through it, was merely twitter soys sperging about selling their investment

>quads confirm eth will plummet to $200

Only a soyboi could ever stand by while this cuck says using heroin is more harmful to others than having child pornography. I went straight to neo when he said this, @$23usd. So I won regardless.

He really said this?

Yes. Look it up for yourself.

He's too smart for people. Nobody understands what he's trying to say

What would happen to ETH if butterin gets charged with child porn?

if you're a good demagogue you can easily argue, yes. He didn't mean to say that's true though

>Posts pro-childporn tweet
oh no

Instant 10x.

>holding Neo

Sides in orbit ready to dock with international space station

>He's too smart for people.

That is his sales strategy though right? Just confuse people with stuff so they think you are smarter then you really are so they hand you money. Even if it is mostly meaningless shit.

Yet you do?
He isn’t too smart. He is autistic.
He has trouble with human conversational skills, better yet he has none.
The kid might be “smart” when it comes to computer shit but that doesn’t make him a decent person. In fact this line of thinking he portrays shows the exact opposite. He’s a shitstain cuck.
Holding child pornography perpetrates the most vile industry the world has ever seen. I wish death on all these sick fucks who condon this sort of shit.

he's got too much time on his hands, some gf would solve that

If it wasn't a topic that nobody should touch with a pole, then of course one could argue about the effect of possession of either

>you have cp on your pc therefore you aid people in raping kids
>you have an AR-15 in your house therefore you aid people in killing niggers
Dumb pedohysterical hypocrites
>mfw googled “pimpandhost img”

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the only people you'll find trying to make a big deal out of this are just closet pedos, terrified of actually having to have a rational discussion because they might say somethign incriminating about themselves.

No, i never understand this tweets. I'm saying that i don't know what he meant but i highly doubt he would publicly advocate for child pron

He's an autist, he can't experience empathy, so the cp is just an image without a really bad story behind it

he didn't mean shit, I presume he wanted to argue out of boredom. Read up demagoguery. Get him a bitch which he can fuck 3 times a day and you won't see these tweets from him again.

can I get a girl if I look worse than Vitalik

He barely tweets anymore. I think he learned his lesson

t. Brainlet.
Imagine being this stupid.
Having a gun is not a crime unless it’s stolen or you’re a felonfag.
Having CP is a crime, and lacks any virtue whatsoever.
You just defended CP hodlers.
t. Just defended chimos.

That isn't what he said, faggot soys just wanted to something to squeal about

oldfags, was Vitalik being a pedo legit FUD when ETH was shilled here?

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Execution and torture videos have much worse stories behind them but nobody cares. Also there's nothing wrong with sex. Fuck this place anyway.

His argument makes sense, he's just trying to be radical for whatever reason (probably just his Autism).

Doing heroin imposes risks on other people:

1. a heroin addict may overdose (taxpayer money)
2. disease that can infect others
3. addiction which can harm for many reasons

possessing photographs does not necessarily impose risks on others.


1. person has photograph and does not share it etc.

It's not even really comparable. He's not saying CP is good or bad, or anything about kids being exploited etc. We can all agree CP is awful and harms so many people.

All he's saying is owning a photo and presumably doing absolutely nothing with it is less bad than doing heroin based on risks to others.

It's easy to misinterpret maybe if you're a brainlet or you react emotionally.

This. A wholesome post, finally.
Which alt coins should I buy, Oracle?


you're a great example of a closet pedo btw

Making CP is morally wrong, therefore owning CP is morally wrong.
Making a gun doesn't hurt anyone, therefore you can own it without feeling bad about yourself.

What’s morally wrong about owning cp?

He means he wants to fuck children because he's a pedophile but can't say it openly

Morality isn't involved in his argument. Assuming you're not off on a tangent

so many pedos here, unbelievable

Holy fuck. Crypto is kill.
It’s over boys.

based autistic money skeleton

When did you first start browsing this site?