Serious discussion. Should I go all in?

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no you will risk

I'm guessing this is about to shit the bed since it has been shilled constantly lately

only fagots go all in
are you a fagot op ?

As a holder is does make me worry. However I've noticed a pattern in the way the shillers talk. There's about 4-5 people who are the ones constantly shilling it.

Its going downhill since december. Up to you really. Personally there is better coins out there


its one of the least shilled coins with the most professional team

duh, like every other fucking coin you dimwit.

Happened to a few coins I had. Usually you get a bunch of Pajeets who hear about it, buy and start panicking when it starts bleeding out instead of le moon mission so they come here because they think Veeky Forums makes a difference.

>its one of the least shilled coins with the most professional team
It's getting 2-3 threads a day recently
Yeah, It's kinda annoying, It'll be okay in the long run though. The projects still solid, even if shills are panicking.

Depends. Do you want to be rich?

you wanna accumulate at least 10k OP

>There's about 4-5 people who are the ones constantly shilling it.

its actually just me using sockpuppet accounts

I've got 5k, not sure I'll be able to accumulate that much until at least the summer is over. And that's assuming the price stays relatively the same. Am I really not going to make it? :c

Pls retards go shill something else.
This is a boring coin for normies. No pageets allowed.

> using sockpuppets for anything else than cum.

except its at atl.
Veeky Forums is sometimes right

$5 EOY. If that sounds enticing go for it but don't expect much more than that

>It's at an atl so worried holders shill to try and unload their bags

I can't think of any other reason we're getting so many shill threads for QASH recently. I don't know why they're so worried because it'll do decently well and they should have known it was a long term hold. I guess the opportunity cost of missing out on moonshots is too much for them

Why i would buy this shitcoin instead of Datawallet?

well the market is in a slump and people are trying to figure out what projects actually have a future.
those who didnt know about qash before find out about it

And decide to make daily+ threads about it...why?

what else is there to post about?

Im very confident that qash will deliver the gains. Just trying to help out some fellow bizraelis. Believe it or not theres some people here that are not just larping and shitposting 24/7 although i do my fair share of that aswell.