>MFW nearly every brainlet on here thinks crypto is done

>Every brainlet getting overly emotional and depressed
>Every brainlet thinking BTC is going to 0
>Every brainlet falling for obvious media FUD
>Every brainlet not putting 2+2 together and thinking crypto is just a passing fad
>Every brainlet forgetting how quickly Crypto can bounce back
>Every brainlet SELLING THE DIP LMAO

Let the hatred and depression flow through you. Sell sell SELL! Doom and gloom! YES! Crypto will NEVER come back, its just a dream!

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>tfw when every permabull hodler like op is getting rekt everyday instead of selling now and buying the real bottom

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Please if you are not a brainlet you have buy orders on every support line down to 7800 in order to get them sweet gains in the next bounce. Cash out then repeat

Do you know a lot about bottoms?

I like bottoms very much.

>be in crypto for years
>post its over threads
>increase buying on the way down

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Oh yeah sure - I forgot it's going to 20c or something. Kek.

Just bought more. Thanks user.

>projecting trading habits onto OP to gain imaginary ground on an Tibetan basketweaving forum
Most its ovar posts are from anons like

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he gets it

Nah, I'm never cashing out. I buy. That's all I do. Oh, I'll rearrange my portfolio sure, and I don't buy in a bull market. But I never fiat or tether. It's done well so far. Little by little, I'm just removing supply from the market. So is everyone else that actually wants this to succeed - BitMEXicans are fucking cancer.

Denial and Cope: The Thread

Not really, I bought some more at 8.6k with 40% fiat left incase it drops lower.
If it drops below 7.8k I might panic sell and set buy orders at around 6k

>crypto is bitcoin to me

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>His shitcoins are bought with fiat
>The point flies over his autistic head and he zones in on a perceived detail.
Never change user

>fellow top

i hope these fuckin tards sell at a loss, the stupid should not walk away with profit. Hey at least these brainlets are allowing me to get cheap crypto. thanks newfags!



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That's a nice picture. I'm going to have to confiscate it.

my body is ready
in kek we trust

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Crypto was overpriced at a dollar. The only reason it took off is because of retards making up shit about how it's going to take over the world (it's not). It's a manipulated piece of shit and since banks don't control it it's never going anywhere except to be the biggest pump and dump in human history.

You're right user now sell me your bitcoins at one dollar