He sold because of the its over psyop

>he sold because of the its over psyop

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Keking hard over here. Remember how last time people were in despair and sold low thinking it was over, then started pumping a week later?

Anyone selling now is literally risking that exact situation.

Goldman’a Circle fucking bought polo for 400 mil, is there any faggot here actually serious when they say it’s over?

Please sell for me

sell now guys or regret it.

all pink id's you will never make it

one wallet had an average buy at 8k for 1 billion dollars, conveniently 8k is like a hard bottom for BTC now and we bounce off of it every time since the gox dump

think about that though, a billion fucking dollars of bitcoin. The only purchase was even possible was because that retard dumped from gox. There wasn't enough liquidity even available on the market to make that buy at that price until the gox dump

This fucking whale not only got the deal of a lifetime, but he believes, with a billion fucking dollars of his money, that BTC is here to stay since there's no way he's going to be able to sell a billion fucking BTC without losing 90% of his money currently, system does not have enough liquidity yet for that

if you're selling now you're not just dumb money, you're the stupidest fucking money on the face of the planet

well fuck

Come on man think a little.

Veeky Forums everyone can speak their mind honestly because of no accounts and downvotes.

However on reddit you'll get downvoted immediately if you go against the mindset or say something negatively.

However people on Veeky Forums are already seeing the writing on the wall and deciding that crypto is over and the time to sell is now. The normies on Reddit will only realize this later.

So if you DON'T sell right now you'll get dumped on by reddit. If you really believe in crypto then you just buy back after reddit did their dump.

Finally a thread that actually tells the truth on biz. "Its over" psyop posters will try to bury this thread now

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You are retarded.
He can easily remove his wall and get btcs cheaper.
Wake the fuck up.

normie dumping isn't going to move btc that much at this point dude, we're getting into big investor territory and they don't plan on selling until BTC is the new gold


Its all about herd mentality.
Nothing else matters.

I don't think you even read what I said, he already bought it. what are you even saying?

>let me tell you about that one whale..
where is the evidence?

He thinks you're talking about some "whale" with a dozen BTC manipulating a low-cap shitcoin on Tradesatoshi. That's the fucking cancer that's taken over the board. I really wish Veeky Forums on the other place was better. Need to make a fucking exodus, leave these newfags behind.

You're just a salty retard that sold on the bottom and you dont like the truth getting out. Already you have 4 posts on this thread. Emotional traders, lmao.

In a few weeks you are going to realize you made a big mistake. In 3 months you are going to get BTFO so fucking hard. GET REKT YOU DUMB NIGGER HAHAHAHAH

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Nigger i tethered at 10,7k lol
Show me your evidence?

>tethered at 10.7k

If you're still getting cukt by psyops just remember to do the opposite of any Veeky Forums consensus.

They bought Polo, not Bitcoin.

Best way to make money in this market is bleed the morons trading.

don't worry its already happening, that faggot won't be here another week. Whenever the market picks back up you'll be hard pressed to even notice him in the sea of discord pnd and pajeet shilling threads.

I'm not the biggest fan of Richard Heart but he said it best, not many people understand what the fuck this shit really is, so its pretty normal to see absolute fucking retards shitting up boards like this. They're going to feel like the biggest idiots in 3 years. I met a guy online that I played some games with and he shit on bitcoin all the way from $200 to $20k and laughed at me when I bought some after the gox crash and when I took the time to research it. He laughed at me for mining doge.

These people just don't understand what is happening, and its happening so quickly that it just makes them frustrated.

Love the plebbit spacing there newfriend. Nah, I think I'll go buy some more. The more I have and people like me have, the safer things are. I'm NEVER selling. I don't care about fiat value - I'm in this til BTC's at 1 million each and the legal system, governments and corporations have been replaced by Ethereum smart contracts. Til then, I just buy the dips and hold.

Its over boys.
This thread is reeks of people who didnt tether or bought just now.

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You sold?

Also, this fud is well thought out and gave me a chuckle but the reason this isn't on Zeddit is because of account post history and age. This psyop wouldn't work because of instead of hitting new thread you fags would have to be making new accounts en masse. Then those accounts would be laughed at for being max 3 days old. Veeky Forums is the only place this shit works, similar to LINK threads.

>one wallet had an average buy at 8k for 1 billion dollars
source or bullshit

Looks like its over.
I should have sold.

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Laughing at your pathetic virgins
Someone didnt lock their prices in %^)

Kek, damn straight. They just don't get it - they're just too short sighted to see an obvious win on the table. Smart contracts - holy shit that's going to be big.

I'm still considering an exodus though. My patience is wearing fucking thin, past few months here are just getting worse. At some point it's actually just boring to see the 20 FOMO/FUD threads posted. And while we all trade a bit I'm guessing, BitMEX has created such an insipid set of cancerous fucks it's not funny at all.


>just a psyop
>walls of text

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But it is a psyop



>Veeky Forums everyone can speak their mind honestly because of no accounts and downvotes.
No a good chunk of people here shitpost and laugh at people who take it seriously.
If they can make you sell at a loss or buy at the top they'll be fucking laughing.

whales are just going to FOMO and FUD the prices around 10k (+/- 3K) for a few months destroying longs and shorts bleeding the normies and brainlets dry until the whole thing comes crashing down

glad I do not have money in the market atm

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Well yeah - it obviously is.

>No interest!

There's been massive media coverage, including currentyearman pumping it. They're just priming the normies.

>It's getting banned!

No, it isn't. The governments had their little meetings and decided to let things play out.

>No realworld use cases!

The first National election using a smart contract to prove honesty just took place. So....kek!

>Muh criminals/pedos/terrorists!

....all use the US dollar more than anything else. Criminals gonna crim - the early Internet was the same way.

>No institutional money!
JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs aren't institutional money? Sure.

>Ummmm......sell now, buy back lower!

Kek, sure thing Rabbi. Your mask is slipping.

>sold 4.3k worth only 3 days later

bfebcdd2c30b6ab7ad8b2081aed149c36d5b3d5df584f9f94ab51ef59234a2ae2018-02-21 05:59:33
1LAnF8h3qMGx3TSwNUHVneBZUEpwE4gu3D 4,303.8 BTC
3Cbq7aT1tY8kMxWLbitaG7yT6bPbKChq64 0.03664549 BTC

>plebbit spacing

YOU are the newfag here, user.

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i sold because im a smart trade you nog

all in tether

Delusions are getting worse

So when are you buying back? Personally I have no idea where the bottom is but you seem to know.

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This, delusion is clear sell signal and pic related is when you buy back in.

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This made me think, is it possible to write a semi-effective trading bot that solely uses the prevalence of pink vs green on the Veeky Forums catalog to determine when to buy and sell? It'd be a funny project

kek if any single one of those faggots held they'd be up 6x over even now

>sold less than 5% of his stack
wow you got me

1 billion dollar bitcoin buy was a cia op, they are going to crash the plane with no survivors

I wish people would stop pretending circle is goldman.
They have no relationship beyond that they helped circle get funding. That’s what investment banks do. It is their business.
Don’t mistake that for an implication that goldman owns poloniex.

that's a big order