What will happen to the price? It is dumping as we speak

What will happen to the price? It is dumping as we speak.
Will Tesla partnership be revealed?

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Link 0$ eoy

My expert analysis says it will go up or down

I have done hours of TA and I agree.

Can confirm

I feel like a hoe now after that sweet pump and brutal dump..
Shit is brutal.

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Nothing the market is literally collapsing rn

He's going to announce he has given up mcdonalds and is on the grind now

Mar 14, 2018
3:30pm – 4:30pm
21:30 - 22:30 GMT +1

link is holding strong

His talk is about replacing lawyers with smart contracts. Tesla won't be mentioned.

Should have sold yesterday but I'm still in the black since I bought at $0.49

I’m more interested if Sergey will bang the roastie

what does Teeka think of Chainlink. This kingmaker guy seems to be speaking about link, or so I hope.

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>What will happen to the price?
It doesn't matter

>Will Tesla partnership be revealed?

Why is biz shiling link this hard? It's just another token out of hundreds of others. Many tokens are shilled here by pajeets but they are paid shills and they do small amount of shilling everywhere but here link is shilled 50 times more than any other token which means that it is not only paid shills who are shilling it
So why?

There are no paid shills in link you mongoloid negro

The devs are holding literally hundreds of millions of dollars in LINK tokens. Then spend most of it on viral marketing

>after that sweet pump
There was no pump you retard.

read the whitepaper and you will understand.

link 1000$ eoy

Thanks just bought another 16


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Sir Gay hired a guy called Ass Blaster to shill it on /biz. He was so successful at this that he started a cult.

In around 5-10 years link will cost 10k usd. That's for sure.

Holy shit fucking saved lmao


Nothing is sure except death. Not even taxes.

Taxes are an Unknown Quantity if you're paying with XMR